7 DAYS SOLO SURVIVAL WITH NO WATER. Can you survive on only drinking coconuts for 7 days? EP 46

7 DAYS SOLO SURVIVAL WITH NO WATER. Can you survive on only drinking coconuts for 7 days?

YEA DAWGIES welcome back to another one!
In this video, I head out on a 7 days solo survival challenge with no water. The purpose of this trip is to see if you can only drink coconuts for 7 days without any water and see if you get sick? I’ve heard that drinking too much coconut water makes you unwell so I thought id put it to the test myself.


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When it involves solar powered light, the solar camping light is very functional. As a matter of fact, solar lights of all types are so easy to use, shop, and arrangement that you might take almost any of them with you when you travel no matter if it is for camping or for various other kinds of traveling.

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Top 10 Wild Camping Tips and Tricks

Take from years of wild outdoor camping I have drawn with each other the top 10 listing of tips and techniques to use to make my wild camp that bit a lot more comfy: 1. Load your resting bag at the base of your bag (it is the last thing you will need). 2. Put your resting bag inside a water tight dry bag, there is nothing even worse than a cool wet moist bag …

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How long can you survive on coconuts?

You couldn’t survive more than a few weeks without coconuts, especially if you drink all the coconut water out of each coconut, unless you only eat/drink half a coconut a day (to be safe). Otherwise you would die of a heart attack caused by the high levels of potassium in the coconut water.

Can you survive on coconut water on an island?

They need serial food sources to survive for a long time. Coconut water would keep your body hydrated, but you still need nourishment.

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