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disaster alerting ballistic missile threat inbound to Hawaii seek immediate shelter this is not a drill this word from the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency filled the cell phone of regionals in Hawaii on January 13 th 2018 those listening to the radio or watching Tv were told if you are indoors stay indoors if you are outdoors strive immediate refuge in a house remain indoors well away from windows if you are driving pull safely to the side of the road and search protect in a house or lay on the storey understandably chaos ensued there were reports of hotels evacuating tenants parents and children lying underneath mattresses in bathtubs and beings stuck in traffic abandoning their cars others rejected the advice to stay indoors and headed to the beach worrying they are able trapped in a tumble build same to 911 hitherto the seconds overstepped and there was no missile no blowup no nuclear destruction 38 instants after the initial disaster broadcast the following message came through disaster notify there is no missile threat or danger to the state of Hawaii repeat false alarm the whole thing had been a mistake someone had adopted the wrong option during a chore check turning a test scenario into a live situation but what if the alarm was real the situation has played out in Tv and movies for years but what the hell is it actually is just like and what should you really do will Anouk automatically obliterate your part metropoli will the flashing incinerate your witness where is the safest place to hide or should you simply I’m Stu this is discredited and we’re here to sort the troops from the delusions and the facts from the delusions fortunately for most of humanity nuclear weapons have only ever been used in warfare twice back in 1945 when the u.s.Dropped atom bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan at the end of world war ii was efficiently preparing for an air raid in sufis shelters the people calmly awaited all unaware that already descending upon them was the thermonuclear weapon the first bomb that descended on Hiroshima codenamed little boy exploded with the force of between twelve and fifteen thousand tons of TNT and immediately wiped out an area of 13 kilometers the fireball it made was 370 rhythms across with a surface temperature of 6,000 stages Celsius that’s about the same as the surface of our Sun the results of both rockets were disastrous with an estimated 185 thousand deaths as a result of the attacks perhaps the most miraculous fib that came out of the atomic bombings is that of stahma Yamaguchi who learnt a grinder in the sky while on a business trip in Hiroshima on August 6th 1945 when abruptly I envisaged the Sun had descended from the sky he had just enough time to throw himself into a dyke and even though he was just three kilometers away from the center of the blast he existed albeit gravely burned temporarily blind and with burst eardrums he returned home to Nagasaki just in time to live through this second atomic bomb three days later this time he was in an office and is again he somehow managed to survive in part thanks to a strengthened stairwell that shortened the brutality of the explosion in the building I live it’s you to decide whether he’s the luckiest or unluckiest male in history more while mr.Yamaguchi is the only recognized survivor of both attempts a documentary in 2006 detected a further 165 fellow citizens who lived through both bombings in fact despite the extinction and heartache the vast majority of people living in either city existed with approximately 71 percent of the population in Hiroshima and 76 percent in Nagasaki establishing it through the attack this should impart us all hope that should the unthinkable happen we might just make it out alive now some of you are probably thinking the nukes have come a long way since World War two and you wouldn’t be wrong the most powerful nuclear weapon ever created the Tsar Bomba was explosion by the USSR in 1961 the blast had produced was 50 megatons that’s more than 3000 Hiroshima’s or ten seasons the total munitions used in World War two even if you’d suffer 100 kilometers away you’d have got thirddegree burns now I’ve got some very bad news and some slightly less bad news the very bad is that Russia is currently developing a 100 megaton nuclear bomber that’s doubled a Tsar Bomba if one of those nuclear torpedoes smack New York City then eight million people would be killed nonetheless the slightly less bad news is that back in 2011 when the Us administration grew a report looking at how powers should respond to a nuclear criticize they weren’t are focusing on such overpowered artilleries instead their focus was on smaller improvised nuclear devices or I and DS the sort of device likely to be used by a terrorist organization and thus one people like us are more likely to deal with as the report itself memo a lowyield explosion from an IND is quite different from cold war strategic thermonuclear detonation scenarios upon which much of our current understanding and civil defense planning are located so just how big could a DIY nuke be according to the report anywhere up to ten kilotons which is almost as powerful as the first atom bomb stopped on Hiroshima thus fatalities and casualties are more likely to number in the tens of thousands rather than millions I did say it was slightly less bad news not good news eventually though your chances of survival boiled down to two factors the relent of the device being detonated and your proximity to Ground Zero and your immediate response to the attack let’s examine each of these factors in turn the provide of a nuclear weapon is a reference to the energy it secretes the bigger the furnish the more powerful the device typically given in kilotons or megatons of TNT it’s the relent of the projectile that will decide how likely you are to die in an instant or live to see Mad Max become your brand-new actuality while we’re here let’s take a moment to allay a common delusion about the damage dealt by a potent nuclear bomb it’s logical be concluded that a missile 1000 times more powerful than another would do 1,000 ages the damage but this isn’t the case a bomb 1000 terms as potent as the one they smacked or Oshima would develop an similarly serious bang damage over an locality 130 periods as huge not 1000 epoches as gigantic of course factors like weapon design whether it explodes on the surface or in the air the geography of the locating or even merely the climate can have an influence on the eventual outcome of the blast looking back again at Hashima and Nagasaki even though the second bomb was more powerful the hills around Nagasaki facilitated assimilate some of the damage leading to fewer casualties so let’s take a look at the situation considered most probably the blowup of a ten kiloton nuclear device for the sake of argument we’ll say Ground Zero is here Centrepointe in London and the rocket is exploded at skin-deep tier the yellowed halo is the fireball which has a radius of about 200 meters for our relatively modest bomb remember the surface temperature of the fireball is similar to that of our Sun needless to say getting caught within this area symbolizes a highly immediate death the colour clique is what I like to call the super shockwave here the pressure of the blast is so great that most constructs are destroyed and while humen can physically bear the pressure the hurricaneforce gale working in partnership with the flying debris aim almost all people in this area are killed for our cast-iron D this is 470 meters from the center of the explosion moving further out we receive the extent of the blue circle which illustrates the medium concentration shockwave you’re likely to find most residential buildings have crumbled innumerable fatalities and thorough injuries amongst those who have managed to survive we’re now approaching almost one kilometer from Ground Zero at one point to five kilometers we’re make the limit of the extreme radiation within this green circle people are absorbing doses of radioactivity 800 times greater than the average American is exposed to in an entire year what this means in practice is death rates of between 50 to 90 percent from radioactivity poisoning had contributed to distressing demises previous anywhere from simply a few hours to several weeks expect to suffer from nausea and headaches to begin with followed by your “hairs-breadth” falling out bleeding and strengthened opportunity of infection if you make it beyond the first few days then finally the orange halo which widens merely over one point four kilometres from Ground Zero shows the thermal radiation produced by the blasts parties caught in the open as far as two miles away suffered blink burns more safety could have been easily achieved now a bridge post and rail shielded the surface behind it any solid material yielded same defence the heat is so intense that thirddegree burns are almost inescapable these can be fatal in themselves or require amputation even beyond this area first and second degree burns are likely due to the immense heat all tolled an area of 6.2 square kilometres would then be devastated by the hypothetical IND nearly 30,000 parties would have died with 75,000 more injured some approximates the death toll in such densely populated areas are far better distressing coming in at 100,000 according to urban redlener director of the National Center for disaster preparedness at Columbia University even at 13 kilometers there’s between a 10 to 20 percentage opportunity of dying instant from a ten kiloton maneuver so let’s take a look at a few seconds scenario what the hell is happen if the Tsar Bomba had been detonated in the same place in London unsurprisingly a bomb 5,000 times stronger raises liquidation with over 4.5 million forecasted fatalities and 3 million injured the thermal radiation from the fireball even get close to Oxford and Cambridge it’s probably best not to think what those doomsday torpedoes the Russians are currently working on could do regardless of how strong the bombard is if you get caught in this area your chances of survival are going to take a significant hit within reaching rock bottom if you happen to be unlucky enough to find yourself close to the fireball at Ground Zero so attain topics worse we haven’t even looked at the effects of nuclear fallout yet but panic not because this is where knowing what to do in the first hour of a nuclear assault might just mean the difference between life and death right so now it’s time to take a look at the second factor that would determine your chances of survival how you respond to the attack an atomic warhead destroys or disables in three routes by blast hot and radioactivity these then are the weapons of the atom bomb that we must protect again according to Jeff Schlegel Milch deputy director at the National Center for disaster preparedness if you learn a nuclear light the first thing to do is get behind a barrier in case the shockwave comes bear in mind the shock wave is traveling at hundreds of kilometers an hour so you won’t have long to find cover when Yamaguchi made sanctuary in a nearby dyke however the shockwave filched him up off the anchor spun him around like a tornado and shed him into a nearby subject radioactivity safe consultant Brooke Budd Maya recommends sanctuary behind something they structurally resonate when I think of where I would go for protection from prompt impacts and from the blast wave including I should be considered the same kinds of things that we do for tornadoes be in an area where if there’s a dramatic jolt things aren’t going to fall on you if you do manage to survive the shock wave things unhappily don’t get much easier it’s now a real race against time essentially when the device goes off the explosion starts an immense amount of dust and rubbles which combined with the radioactive makes a came as a result of the nuclear reaction at the heart of the bomb this radioactive dirt is drawn upward into the sky by the intense heat this is where you’ll usually check the peculiar mushroom cloud however as those radioactive particles cool they make their way back to the ground and that fallout makes trouble for you you will have some time to take action to keep you and your family safe the biggest thing get inside stay inside and keep adjusted the likelihood is they all have somewhere between 10 to 20 minutes to find shelter to compile questions worse you might also be blind turns out blowups that are basically miniature Suns are a bit overwhelming for your eyesight fortunately this lack of see should only last about a instant regrettably if the attack happens at night and you’re out in the dark the blindest might last up to 35 times for the sake of argument we’ll say our hypothetical place makes region during the day since not being blind originates it a little better to find shelter I’m too going to assume that you haven’t been preparing for the end of the world and built your own stateoftheart fallout shelter shouldn’t you be in your refuge e knees by now we haven’t got shot very nice it’s a fairly safe premise even at the high levels of the Cold War when nuclear obliteration haunted everyone’s lives it shall be the policy of this nation to regard any nuclear weapon propelled from Cuba as an attack by the Soviet Union on the United State less than 2% of Americans ever actually bothered to build a bomb shelter or create a safe space in their vault although that belief doesn’t apply to Switzerland which has built around 250,000 protects enough to accommodate its entire population but for the rest of us there’s a good chance you don’t have a spare bunker lying around so where should you go first off don’t stay in your automobile the metal doorways and glass windows are going to be way more thin to protect you from gamma radioactivity mobile homes won’t offer adequate shelter either instead try to find a basement or a larger multistory building remembering the key factor is putting as countless thick-witted mantles between you and the fallout we’re talking material or brick here so nice looking glass skyscrapers or dwellings improved out of wood and plaster aren’t your best bets if you’re in a town with a subway system heading late inside would also offer a good elevation of armour presupposing you’ve made it inside somewhere aboveground avoid the top floors all the fallout is going to settle on the roof and the whole point of going inside is to stay as far away as possible from those pesky junk molecules there are emanating dangerous levels of gamma radiation which is able lead to radiation poisoning instead get to the center of the building if there’s time to close off areas where fallout might penetrate doors hearths air conditioners windows then do it okay let’s look at a slightly different scenario one where things didn’t fall relatively so smoothly this time we’ve abandoned our gondola and sprinted to the nearest sturdy face building but fallout might be starting to land around you if you think it is the best thing to do is cover your nose and mouth with a cloth and close your eyes stumbling around like this won’t be easy so in the precedent it’s taken 15 hours to actually get inside did any of that fall out land on you is it in your whisker or on your invests it might be which means you’re at risk of getting acute radiation poison I don’t want to sound like too much of a cynic but a bad clue at the present stage is if you’ve already started regurgitation since your gut is highly sensitive to radiation retching is a sign you’ve absorbed a pretty heavy dose of the bad stuff and the prognosis is probably death if you haven’t started lunging everywhere there’s plenty of things you can do to get rid of any fallouts that might be on you carefully remove your outer stratum of garment this can remove 90% of radioactive substance gave it in a plastic handbag and left open somewhere far out of the way take your time wiping your girls off too quickly might shake free any radioactive dust and that’s not going to help anyone a shower would also be quite handy by all means give yourself to some soap and shampoo to help wash yourself off but avoid use conditioner it will bind radioactive particles to your “hairs-breadth” I’m afraid your vibrant and glassy style is one of the many casualties of a nuclear disaster even if there’s no shower wash your face handwritings and any body parts “thats been” disclosed use a subside damp cloth or soaked obliterate again the key is using plenty of water and making your time the last thing you want to do is scratch yourself and allow radioactive material to get into your surface by now it’s likely an hour is past which be interpreted to mean that the radioactive fallout outside will have already disintegrated by 50% within the first 24 hours it will have given up 80% of its exertion going up to 99 percent after two weeks but retain if the radioactivity was high enough to begin with that 1% could still be dangerous so staying indoors for as long as significantly possible abbreviates your chances of contamination according to the US State Department the importance of sheltering in place preferably inside a closed room for at least the first 48 hours after a nuclear detonation cannot be overemphasized if you can wait for government agencies to send help and listen out for their directions before evacuating your safe place if you are worried about Kim jongun departing clear a homemade terrorist bomb or alexa becoming selfaware and starting world war 3 then you might be interested in preparing a basic disaster equip pack chances are though you’re not going to be carrying this with you when trouble strikes so precisely remember this get inside stay inside and bide aria and you might just make it thank you for watching check out the video that’s on screen 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How do you survive the first hour of a nuclear blast?

Immediately enter the next building and move away from the windows. This helps protect against explosions, heat and radiation from detonation. occurs, take cover behind anything that might offer protection from the blast. Lie on your stomach to protect exposed skin from heat and flying debris.

Is there any way to survive nuclear fallout?

ENTER: After a detonation, you have at least 10 minutes to find decent cover before the nuclear fallout strikes. If a multi-story building or basement can be reached safely within minutes of the explosion, go there immediately. The most secure buildings have brick or concrete walls.

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