2006 Seattle Urban Survival Story featuring Cody Lundin

as emergency situations play out various regions of the world earthquakes wildfires and avalanches were reminded once again that we ourselves are not immune from tragedy emergency preparedness experts have been telling us for years to have plenty of food and liquid on hand both of things totally thumped the fan what if we have no food or water what if somebody dies in your home in the middle of a disaster recently Lowell Deo went out with survival leader and writer Cody Lundin he tells us what to do when all blaze flouts release I “ve never” felt more petrified going to the supermarket some people shop for affords some shop for satisfaction but Cody Lundin and I are browsing for survival the Cody I’m looking at a knot of cat nutrient is this how we’re going to save my life not initially but eventually I do recommend the Fancy Feast the author of the freshly secreted volume when all inferno escapes liberate substance you need to survive when adversity strikes says the difference between existing the next crisis and succumbing could be on the aisles of the nearest grocery store I accompany chlorine down there let’s go talk about irrigate disinfection from bleach that will help make water safe to drink two plastic bags that will help you administer a body rat captures that could provide your next snack Cody ain’t your father survival expert what’s the first thing we’d have to do to survive the person is children regulating body temperature so if Cody looks familiar you’ve probably examined him belief survival deceptions on national television testifies like today in Dateline NBC this is power and you make it gaze easy not your scrap yeah now I like a gaze hard-boiled but Cody is leaving the wilderness behind him at least for the day he’s in Seattle get me ready for the big one okay here’s what I’m talking about sodium hypochlorite 5.2 or 6 percentage regular household bleach no chlorine is the Wunder substance you need to have close by in case of the next earthquake volcanic eruption terrorist attack or anytime you’re only available water beginning is contaminated and how I would use “its for” a one quart bottle which I happen to have a quart bottle right here I use be prepared I use two to four descends per quart of this and let it sit for 30 instants now if it Cody says a slight bleach fragrance in your liquid won’t kill you you need that aroma to know that your ocean safe but don’t throw that bleach away just yet and this is multiple you retard we can disinfect after a body in the front ground you know you can use this in your portable potty in the backyard come again we can disinfect after a corpse in the front yard Cody says when trouble strikes expect dead organizations your survival could is dependent upon how you get rid of them ah plastic bags worth or load and amber let’s check these out what do the work requires with plastic bags plastic bags I signify numerous exploit again check this out here we have this brandname freezer bags I can improvise these as mitts again if I move in a dead body or dealing with fecal cloth because of alternative sanitation I can actually store liquid in their own homes the Cody says don’t save brandname freezer luggage have thicker walls and provide better protection oh and get some lawn and grass pouches while you’re at it we’ll tell you why in a bit look at this here we have this entire picnic sphere of nonsense newspaper plates paper bowls article cups in the meantime Cody discovers some items that will save you treasured sea what’s going to happen in the event of disasters place when you’re devouring funny food or canned food or whatnot irrigate might be at a premium irrigate belongs in your organization first to regulate core body temperature it takes a lot of water to do meals especially in my country because I’m from the Arizona desert so time having some picnic supplies on hand where you can get rid of the plates and not have to use prized sea that were likely to or was not possible to cleansed it’s worth its weight in gold again so what goes on those layers but check this out rice and beans rice and beans was not possible to glamorous but they jam-pack terminated proteins and carbohydrates for vigour they’re easy enough to soak and cook over a backyard quarry and they’re cheap but this is free food and what is this you know two three bucks for this this can feed a family right here for two three days depending on the amount of beings their own families but survivors can’t live on rice and nuts alone next on the roster are tuna and King Oil so okay here’s a brand I always get don’t wait wait wait that’s in the pouch that’s not going to keep as long let’s try one of these cans I know what you’re thinking who remember to stash a can opener not a problem as you’re about to see besides this can and some cooking lubricant are now going to molted some light on your desperate statu okay so meter for checkout nearly so looks like the last thing on the inventory is mousetraps so I “re just saying” I do feel a lot better good the blood pressure’s down let’s learn how to use some of this substance recollect those lawn and grass garbage bags turns out you can use them and bits of old newspaper to determine great awning yeah that’s pretty good that’s what you crave it’s very warm so why is that it’s dead air space that breeze gap keeps the coco hot keeps the koolaid freezing its separation and remember that can of tuna I didn’t want because there’s not a can opener in sight no problem if you have a rock or hunk of concrete to break the seal we use the curb right outside the QFC and two minutes later okay let’s see if it’s ready there might be a little bit of grit nura grub but oh la la and here’s the neat thing make the empty-headed can the prepare lubricant and some corded nappies and you’ve got the makings for the purposes of an occasion candle Cody Lundin says preparing to stay alive isn’t that hard less than seven percent of Americans are prepared for disaster less than seven percent are ready for something happened to this country he says a little preparation now save the lives of you some embarrassing decisions later on remember the rat captures okay rats a lot like duck except with a delightfully nuts flavor I think he’d certainly take it mice on the other hand but this is serious stuff Cody says if you don’t have traditional meat you need to survive and that entails knowing how to prepare a rat kill the rat surface the rat just like you would an elk or whatever and then gut the rat you can eat all the organ fleshes you want to check for the the kidneys and the lungs make sure the rat is healthy get rid of all the intestines you lacs check rat poop up in their own bodies then merely concoct the rat on a stick over a volley and don’t worry too much about infections like hantavirus the barrage should kill that Cody knows you may not do everything he says that’s fine he just wants you to decide right now what you will do to keep your family alive this is basic common sense things that every family should know or have on hand to mitigate a disaster


Why was Cody kicked off Dual Survival?

On the show, Lundin demonstrated various survival skills by wearing all-weather shorts and walking barefoot. On February 17, 2014, Lundin announced on his Facebook page and website that he had been fired from the show due to disagreements over safety issues.

Is the TV show Dual Survival real?

Silver has provided several examples in the file that show that “double survival” is much more written than “real”. For example, Silver wrote that “Dual Survival” often portrays guests with little access to food and water.

Who replaced Cody Dual Survival?

Meet Matt Graham, Lundin’s successor, who was introduced briefly on Wednesday’s episode. Living alone in the Utah wilderness for six months of the year, Graham is a world-class javelin thrower, skilled longbow hunter, and endurance athlete who has studied judo, tae kwan do, wushu kung fu, and jeet kune do . . .

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