Feds Crack Down on Survival Preppers

if you’re a fan of reality TV shows you’ve probably caught at least an occurrence or two of doomsday preppers it’s a show that follows these so-called Preppers around with cameras and documents how organized they are for possible trouble now you might be surprised to learn that there are over three million Americans who consider themselves Preppers of one kind or another not all of them subscribe to the spooky sound doomsday theme many of them are just preparing for a dominance outage natural disaster terrorist attack or fiscal turmoil now in a corporate decided they announce this kind of thing risk assessment emergency preparedness or disaster improvement the various planneds that President Obama is calling for from companies and their data security but when it is necessary to you and your dwelling and your personal care some agencies in the federal government departments don’t believe that you should have the same titles to stockpile important elements or prepare for a potential problem in a recent rule the EPA targeted pedigrees that use wood burning staves now not every prepper operations a wood-burning stove but many of them do and the EPA says that that could hurt the environment the recent involves state that older stoves don’t meet certain standards and they cannot be traded or modernized but instead there is a requirement yielded inoperable destroyed or recycled as scrap metal but the federal government is targeting much more than really wood-burning stoves that’s just the tip-off of the proverbial iceberg in a clear act of hypocrisy 180 positions they’re likewise targeting Preppers who operation clean efficient energy the cleanest kind of all fully off the grid vitality working innovative devices like compost toilets and self-sufficient water supplies a person in South Florida was ordered to reconnect to the power grid or they would have victim from his home another man in Oregon spent 30 days in jail a few years ago because the local court found guilty of violating a ninety-year-old law that doesn’t allow you to set up a quote illegal water pond the illegal approach collecting rainwater and defrosting snowfall from his own roof in New York State officials there are dragging children out of the public academies transmitting them dwelling with a suspension word why because their parents opted not to use vaccines but when educational opportunities rates in the New York Public School System well the nature they are perhaps they’re doing those minors a indulgence merely don’t expect the state government to issue a refund on that owned taxation the money that pays for that child’s public education so now it performs the feds want you to rely alone on them in the case of a national emergency despite the fact that FEMA has neglected countless meters in recent history

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