Doomsday Last Shelter Survival : Basics and Tips! (BEST GUIDE)

alright alright alright this is acer ofspades team TSE state 268 we are number one I am finally finally able to drop adoomsday basics and tips video guys this is my first doomsday I want to give youa quick disclaimer I’m giving you everything that I’ve amassed over thelast 24 hours everything that I learned I’m a veryfast learner so what I’m going to say is going to be very very helpful but youmust understand it there going to be some vast improvements made as time goeson and I am taking a lot of information that I’ve collected from hours and hoursof research watching other videos anything I could do to bring you guysthe best information so before I even get started let me give a very veryspecial shout out to my really good friend limbo in state 51 for reallyhelping me out and give me the basics to start off I want to give a special shoutout to Jo P cafe Meister is absolutely kicking butt the way these guys didtheir formation which we will show on video is probably the ideal way of doingthings if it’s not we’re gonna find out together as time goes on when we do ourfirst battle but for now that’s probably the best example of what I would suggestanyone do so shout outs to them for doing such a great job and then also theinfamous get Taurus I already quit the game I don’t really know if he stillplays anymore I don’t know much about it I’ve never met him but I watched a lotof his videos I suggest everybody still support him he’s incredible a lot ofthis information I’m got from him but more importantly I’ve enhanced a lot ofit too so this is gonna be an incredible video guys let’s go ahead and getstarted okay first things first when doomsday first starts the R 4 or the r 5needs to build an alliance center the way that they do that is they all hitthe Alliance button on the right side here right above menu and then you wouldhit the buildings tab right next to war and next to help here and at that pointit’ll pop up different Alliance centers you would then pick the first one youwould build-it it will immediately alert youwith special prompts letting you know that it’s been built and that you have afree teleport to do that any other member at that point will have freeaccess to a free teleport to teleport near the Alliance Center while on thisbutton if you go ahead and hit the location marker on the right side of theword Alliance Center one here it’ll immediately take you on the world mapshow you exactly where it is and then highlight it so that you can beginbuilding things so after you get that free teleport you’d want to go I’d say afew kilometers away from it and build towards the center first and then startsetting things up what you’re going to want to do is focus very veryimportantly on the formation of the buildings that is indeed the mostimportant ours is very scattered we had no clue what we were doing but this wasthe best we could do for our first shot with absolutely no help and no onetelling us what to do however like I mentioned earlier the individuals overat Jo P have put up a formation that has wonderful direct barricades of the sametype of buildings going all the way around and they have one plot in betweenwhich is super important because in order to attack in doomsday you have toattack each and every single square so that extra square gives them a littleextra time and makes them six or seven layers deep before you can even touchtheir alliance center and then of course they’ll have all types of defenses andthings going up so again shout outs to Jo P guys you’ve done an excellent jobyou made the video now what you’ll notice right away is that the buildingsthat take the most durability which would be the guardian areas here theguardian things anyway those guardian buildings have the most durability andthen so on and so forth with the attack buildings with a mixture of the virusplants as well as finally at the end if you find any the wonderful processingplants I haven’t seen this formation in action yet but this is definitely thefirst tip of building up a proper Alliance Centerso you guys know how all these buildings got here you’re going to start off withthe ability to build four different buildings and while on the worldmap likewe are you’re gonna have build at the bottom right and you’re going to hithonor the only ones that you’re going to be able to build are the ones that arecompletely unlocked and ready to go if it says three or four on them and youhave not built in alliance senator three or four then you cannot plant those theones that are locked are locked because you have to meet certain requirementsand the ones that say one of one are the ones I’ve already built now we’re gonnajust focus on processing plant as well as the virus research facility becausethose are the two most important and as we already talked about the assaultfortress and the Guardian fortress if placed correctly will make your AllianceCenter have the best defense against attack this is my processing plant righthere what you’ll notice is you view it it will tell you what your score is howmuch it process is how much power it has gives you the option to relocate it andThroop garrison capabilities but level up will tell you that if you have acertain amount of composite materials which we will go over you can increasethis level as long as you also have the RSS and if you increase its level itincreases the processing speed and the amount you process at a time theproduction tab on the right side here will show you exactly what i haveproducing right now what i’ve done is i’ve taken some of the infected harvestthat I’ve gotten from plots that I occupy which we’re gonna go over all ofit and it is slowly converting it into food that is clean on the right as wellas the anti virus capsules on the left the other building that we’re going tofocus on right now is also the virus processing center it’s level up we’llneed those virus samples I call them anti virus capsules as well as theartists that’s necessary for it and if you increase its level you go from 500to 600 it increases 100 infection immunity each and every time and we’regoing to go over how important infection immunity is as well any units killedduring doomsday are healed over a long period of time depending on how manyunits you had infected or wounded and you can use the regeneration serumto speed that up but most of the time especially if I’m going to bed I justlet it go so it can continue and more importantly if you view it it will tellyou it’s honor amount the power and event score that it has the greatest tipI can tell you about the buildings guys so far just level them up to theirabsolute maximum and keep in mind the level 1 versus level 2 of the same typeof building are much easier to level up so even if you can’t level up processingplant in level 2 or virus level 2 you can certainly level up level 1 if youhave enough file so just keep that in mind that you do have multiple buildingsto level up constantly keep them at the maximum level next we’re gonna go intothe doomsday tab now we’re gonna start on the right side on that tab and you’llhave four tabs specialty on or territory season let’s go ahead and go throughthem the specialty tab you’re going to noticeyou have three different symbols down here the one in the middle is the onewe’re going to focus on because that one is for construction the other two willcome much later on however construction is what we’re focusing on right nowbecause we need to build a nice strong base and give ourselves the ability toget as much plot occupancy as humanly possible the one on the left is forresources which will continue to do after we need more of them and the oneon the right is for combat but inside of this and huge tip I highly suggest youstart going towards the left everybody has a difference of opinion on this butwhat you’re trying to get to is these major dark circles in the middleeverything else is just increasing point potential in the mean time but in themiddle here you’re gonna notice on the right side you can get a virus immunitybonus which is strong don’t get me wrong but on the left you’re going to see theprocessing queue what I’m going to do is I’m going to show you why the processingqueue is most important and understand how we can kind of hedge the lack ofimmunity early on by the end of this video so make sure you watch all the wayto the end because we’re gonna go over how the heroes need to be placedeverything needs to get done so that you don’t have to worry about immunity asmuch as most other people think at the top you’ll notice I don’t have anyspecialty points in order for me to get more of them I would have toearn them and I’ll show you the ways to do that but you can always reset thisfield by hitting that button and apparently you definitely get at leastone free chance to do that so if you start it off on the right guys I don’tsuggest doing it right away talk to your leaders before you do anything crazy butunderstand that you can reset it go towards the left and get closer to thatprocessing plant as soon as possible you’ll notice right away that I have atotal of eight points that we’re also displayed inside that big schematic mapthat’s because I’m on level 8 you have to earn all types of points to get thatand to increase the honor points that you would get you can use these types ofitems that you earn doing daily quest or building up buildings or increasing yourterritory occupancy so those are the major ways that you get those points ifyou do that I’m sure you can buy a package but I don’t like to spend moneyon the game if I can help it then you’ll have honor points the next tab is thehonor tab so this is a quick little shortcut to show you all the buildingsthat you currently have built it also show you that the current levels andtheir location by hitting the View button and you can go right there anytime now while we’re here let’s go to the processing plant where you’re gonnanotice right away is that there’s only one tab at the top that’s available andit is churning away and making my vials if I hit the stop button which isperfectly fine it’ll go ahead and give me my payout that I currently earned andwhat you’ll notice I have a whole lot of resources here at the bottom if I wereto go ahead and click that it will do all of them at one timein this one tab the problem is it takes 14 hours guys I normally set it up forabout 2 or 3 hours at a time depending on what my bed time is and then I’ll letit turn until then stop and then let it go overnight so I can collect but you’llnotice right away guys is that I have a whole lot of items that I can go aheadand refine which I have no problem getting those processed but I don’t haveenough processing tabs so my biggest issue so far has not been the resourcesthemselves or occupying the plots my biggest issue is not being able torefine the resources fast enough to level up the buildings fast enough toget high ranking scores and that’s the main goal so that’s why I suggest you goto the left in the specialty because that will open up those tabs which willin turn help you multiply your potential next is the territory tab so what you’llnotice in each one squares is all the different types ofplots that you can actually occupy if you’re looking at your map and you’re indoomsday then you’re gonna see a whole lot of funky stuff that you did not seebefore well those are the type of plastics you can occupy you have to onlyoccupy an area that is specifically adjacent to where you’ve last been orwhere one of your Alliance teammates has last been now this is a very importantpoint to note because unfortunately sometimes teammates will snipe otherteammates plots that they’ve been working very hard for and durability isa very very big deal in this game especially during doomsday there’sreally not a lot of easy ways to increase your durability outside of timeeven if you had a whole bunch of money the game doesn’t make it an option foryou to just have infinite durability and that’s good for the developers that theydid that understand though if somebody’s working hard towards a certain plot Ihighly suggest that you work towards your own or at least announce in yourAlliance chat your intentions because they might not be at the level necessaryto get that plot and it might just be fair game but otherwise if somebody usesall the durability to get somewhere and then you come and just use your tenderability to take their plot that they’ve been working for it’s kind of not thebest move and you’re gonna create problems in your Alliance don’t do thatnow while on the tab what you’ll notice back on point is that I have differentwaste farms forests in the bottom-right tells you how many of each and it alsotells you at the bottom of each different Square how much I’m generatingper hour so I’m getting plenty of it like I said I just need to process moreof it now if you have enough of these you’re going to get what you callinfluence and in right above these aligns if you’re going to see this plussign if you click the plus sign it’ll allow you to expand how many plus youcan actually have hold I currently have 31 of 36 but clearly I can expand thatand I highly suggest as a huge tip guys expand it as much as you possibly canand hold on to as many plots as you possibly can and only replace your emptyplots which we’ll go over in a minute when you need to I made the mistake oflistening to other youtubers telling me to just abandon every empty plot I getbut guess what I wouldn’t have bail in the rank influence too if I listen towhat I’m telling you now so I’m changing that game right now it expand your plotarea keep all of your empty plots up until you need to get rid of themnow if you notice you’re running out to around 31 to 36 and you know you haveenough durability to land some major plots and fill up seven or eight moreslots well you then you might want to abandonthem because it takes twenty minutes before that slot is free for you to useagain however to get rid of every single empty plot only have 20 out of 36 leftand then unfortunately it have a lower influence in the state you’re going tounderperform and have less rewards so let’s go ahead and hit the view rewardsbutton and what you’ll notice is I hit first place the first time around fourththe second time because I was doing a lot for my Alliance and then this timethat I’m about to go ahead and receive I’m getting a one hundred twenty-ninethousand dollars for ranking in second and the way that works is everybodyseems to be getting the same amount but if you go ahead and click this rankingsbutton what you’ll notice is by the way Cafe Meister is kicking butt as usualand then our guys are coming up right there what you’ll notice is there’s amultiplier on the right side that 3.5 x is for second-place 3.0 for third andthen so on and so forth down the line four times the amount is at the top sowhat you want to do is you want to aim for an increase of influence if I had tobet money he’s probably hit that processing plantso he’s generating more of the viral tabs which means he has higher immunitythan I do and Panda and therefore he can grow faster because he can level up thebuildings faster lasting on the territory tab at the bottom the battlereports I don’t like to review him here it will tell you what happened in yourbattles but that’s irrelevant to me I’ll show you a different way the harvest tabis most important every hour it’s doing this and it doesn’t really tell youanything about it you just have to remember to hit this button and when youdo it’ll simply generate all of the harvest for the hours that it’s workedif you do not hit that button guys you don’t have all those vast resources thatI was showing you in the other tab therefore nothing will be able to getprocessed and believe it or not I fell into that trap so I actually had to askmy own Alliance how in the world to get my materials that I know I’ve beenfrosted I’ve been occupying so anyway I figured it out though guys and now youguys know what to do finally last but not least the seasons tab and I’m notgoing to spend too much time on that the only thing that’s important about theseasons tab is these rewards at the bottom herebecause you’re gonna get us one legendary recruitment tickets Elite s1recruitment tickets you can hypothetically get as to recruitmenttickets and doomsday there’s a lot to do you do have to rank pretty high to getthem though regardless guys these are huge huge huge if you go ahead and takesome of the information here it’s a guarantee 100% s1 hero I mean if you’renot fighting for that I don’t know what you’re fighting for because that’s whywe played a game get these amazing heroes everything else is cool but s1baby for those who don’t know though apparently there are s2 s3 and s4 heroesI don’t have any of that but I’m on my way and we’re gonna go as a state andhopefully get those things as well now let’s talk about occupying theterritory what you’ll notice is these little highlighted squares the turquoiselooking skylights are actually my alliance members that have done thingsthe actual green highlights are myself and these are super important you haveto start off from one of the buildings near your alliance center to even beginto occupy in other words all of these things can be occupied every single plotwhen you click on the ground it will say the teleport there like normal or viewbut it also give you the option to occupy which simply means attacking thatplot with one of your air units and when you do that you can then occupy thatterritory and get that if it’s an empty plot you can empty plot scoring if it’snot such as the water if you view it it will tell you it’s gonna produce 600polluted water it’s gonna tell you its guard influence amount that you getVanessa’s influence rankings that we were talking about so that’s what thatinfluence value is it’ll also tell you infection density see my currentimmunity is 801 then that means I suffer 0% damage from attacking this plot if Ihad to attack it again and I also get a certain amount of Honor however what youhave to understand about this is that if you have an infection density that ishigher so if I just simply click a level 7 plot for instance it will tell youthat I only have eight oh one and I will suffer 23 point five seven percent oftotal HP poison damage each turn we’re gonna go over that in a minute but Ifirst want to go over to different territories so obviously you’re going tohave a few different things you can get you can get the polluted food thepolluted water polluted oil we’re not gonna go over toomuch but then of course the oil and the component mineral areas will also giveyou the components that you need to upgrade the processing units so you doneed a mixture of both I find unlike previous videos everythingis the same now so if I click on one of these mineral deposits it tells you I’mgonna get 600 an hour it used to be apparently that you get more food on thesame level but level 5 waste farm also gives you 600 per hour if that’s not achange then maybe you guys can update me in the comments but every video I’veseen the polluted farms were giving you more and the game developers have seemedto finally even that out so just go for what you need guys if you need food getfood if you need components give components from the mineral deposits geta mixture of both seems to be okay so as I stated you can’t necessarily attackanywhere you want you have to attack either next to where you’ve been or nextto where your alliance members are so if you’ll notice though there are spacesthat are blank that means we abandon those tiles weabandon them because the empty plots give you the least amount whereas thewonderful forests or farm areas give you much much more so if I go here right nowI can go ahead and attack this area next to this as we talked about and that willtake care of that but I can’t attack even right next to my base right aboveit because unfortunately you have no adjacent territory and you cannot occupyside note in the middle the adjudicate er excuse me I almost can’t even saythese things the adjudicator that has finally popped up he looks like a beefywindow with a huge huge ax or whatever it’s probably some dude from one horrormovies anyway he actually does count as window potential so don’t do windowsduring doomsday ever again you’ll still get the same daily tasks challengepoints for it and on top of that it gives you doomsday items to help you doforward so I think you get honor I think you also get like the vials that youhave to process so kill educators as much as humanly possible so once youland all those plots and I’m probably repeating myself just a little bit youcan go to your processing plant hit production and we already did the stopso you know what that does but obviously anyfood or water is going to produce these vials and lumber will also produce thevials a number on the right oil dose starts producing the component ofcomponent materials and so does the mineral deposits and then the majorstone deposits as well give you component materials so you have threeand three guys just split them up and go for the highest plots possible andyou’ll do fine for now I’m gonna keep getting my vials using my food a couplehours and we’re good alright guys so really the main point at this point isto build the most amazing formation you possibly can occupy as many of ant ashigh-level of tiles as possible getting enough virus vials as well as enoughcomponent materials to increase your buildings which will increase thedurability of the buildings that you’ve already built and extracting your entirelines to get you vast crazy rewards that in itself is doomsday but one of thethings I said I wouldn’t mention at the end of this video exactly is a heroplacement on the APC to maximize the immunity so I’ve done a lot a lot oftesting just for you guys and this is where guitarist really comes in becausehe was hinting at something in a doomsday basic video guys and he did areally good job at trying to explain it but he didn’t really get it down towhere I’m at so I want to share this with you guys so you know exactly whatto do the major trick is going for the firstround kill that guitarist was talking about so if I go into my wonderfulDoomsday Quest battle which will pop up it will tell you my defeats me testingthings out but it will also tell you my victories and this is really importantthat you you fully understand how all this happens so if I go to for instancethis level 7 victory here you’ll notice that once it pops up sheesh man don’tget a slow phone like this I am using specifically three heroes Arsenal Reaperand razor the alternative hero is shoot a man I’m going to go ahead and explainwhy but first things first I want you to see that I was able to defeat thisparticular level seven with only using around 28 or 29 thousandunits and I’m also only using tier 7 units and I’m also only using nonenhanced units because the unit’s guys are not what’s killing these zombiesI’ve done several tests what’s actually doing it are the hero skills andguitarist was hitting hinting on that heavily so again shout outs to him butwhat he didn’t mention was that you you don’t it doesn’t matter what parts youhave in your APC it doesn’t matter what level units you have your APC none ofthat matters what’s actually killing these units in the earlier stages anywayguys this is a disclaimer this is four plus seven below I’ve never doneanything else so I can’t go further than that but from seven and below which iswhere everybody’s stuck at right now and those who have never done doomsday noneof the unit’s matter I wouldn’t suggest going in with level one but since I’mtier eight tier seven units based base base units are the best way to go andyou want to use as little as humanly possibleso if you’ll notice he only had five or six thousand he only had six thousandrazor had eight because razors best with vehicles and I just feel like that’s agood idea but what’s happening is if you click onany of their skills it will tell you what they’re doing and how they do itthe main focus needs to be on the combat skills the only ones that actuallymatter is if you’re hitting more than one group of units so this says 30%chance to deal 193 damage to two random units the two unit thing is what’s mostimportant Reapers first skill doesn’t do that but the second skill sentencingwill specifically give you multiple targets when it does its attack and thesame thing with Arsenal’s first skill which which makes Arsenal one of thebest heroes for this it’s a 50/50 chance and every time he does ambushed he’sgonna hit multiple targets in his way truthfully any hero that does that isgood to go so if you already have s1 heroes or alternatives you can go for itbut do not use any hero that has a prep time so let me go ahead and actuallyplay one of the videos so you can see exactly what’s going on now I’m gonna goahead and speed this up guys but the poison as it mentioned before is apercentage you’re immediately poison no matter what you do okay so what you’llsee very very quickly no matter how low myunits are the crippling bro is gonna do a huge hit to the first two units andautomatically collapse them so clearly we’re not having a problem with thebattle the collapsing is easy however even once ambush happens and he does agreat job at killing these units no matter what you’re going to get thepoison damage and that’s when thousands of Units die but all of that is based ona percentage understand that that will happen every single turn so you noticeme winning on the first turn is the only reason I’m able to beat this level 7plot if I had a group of Heroes that had either prep time or anything involvedthat stops them from attacking multiple units and not letting me finish in oneturn I would not be able to do that now let me explain how significant that isbecause you guys don’t know what that means a level seven plot hypotheticallyat my immunity is never recommended by any other video I’ve ever seen so if Igo ahead and click where can I find one that I did not get already come on giveme a moment they’re all over the place there it is so if I click level seven Ihit occupy it will tell you that I’m gonna get twenty three point five sevenpercent of HP so here’s the the kicker normally you would stay way away fromthat every other video just says something very abstract like hey makesure that it’s really close to the immunity infection intensity that’s notnecessarily true I’m over here doing it on one turn as you guys just saw in avideo with the least amount of Units we’re talking about a total of twentyeight thousand units on top of that I’m also doing it with basic skills on abasic APC I’ve even done it with my third and fourth APC eyes so the APC andthe parts phantom parts and none of that matters it’s all about the skills nowunderstand that if you go to something as 23 all the way up to 28% I’veactually done this successfully with you can do it but you have a certain minimumthat you have to put in the APC and it has to get done that way you can’t justgo off doing anything willy-nilly so here are the exact breakdowns of what Isuggest everyone do and we’ll just call it from that and in this video skillattacks on any heroes you choose have to have twoor more hits the more of those you have the better so if you have fully unlockedheroes that have multiple skills that hit two or more rows congratulationsyou’re gonna have an easy time with this the best heroes that I personally have aReaper Arsenal shoot a man and razor those are ones I currently do that thereare obviously more the more skills to better do not waste your durability guysevery single time you try to take one of these plots it’s gonna cost you 10durability you can fluctuate how good you are at taking the plots but youcan’t very easily fluctuate how many plots you’re able to take so don’t gotrying to hit level 8 and level 9 based on this information because I haven’tgotten that far and I can’t tell you thatwhat I can show you is my battle report that I just did along with many othersthat have given me that influence of 2 or 1 as you saw earlier guys in thestate so I’m doing something right and I’m doing it with the least amount ofunits destroyed or poison rather so my suggestion is do not exceed 25% poisondamage so level 7 clearly will be the highest that I ever attempt right nowuntil I get my immunity higher and then level 8 says something below 25% allvehicles seem to be working incredible for me andthings go a lot faster but that’s also because razor is one of my bestcharacters on the other hand shooters probably do an incredible job butunderstand fighters I’ve found unless you have excellent excellent heroesthey’re not excellent at the attacking of these plots they seem to be muchbetter at the garrison of the plots and we’ll go over that another time when weget that far now the levels of the heroes really don’t matter either aslong as you have the unlock skills so if you have the last skill unlocked andclearly the skills or I mean the heroes at least level 45 or 50 but if you havea level 30 hero and the first two attack skills are opened up then you’re justfine and then of course lastly if you’re doing a level 5 or level 6 spot guys youcan go in with as low as 3,000 units I’ve done it several times 5000 isrecommended and up to 30,000 you don’t need to overkill and the reason that isis because that 23 percent that we just talked about is 23% of the total unitsyou went in with so as long as you have say 10,000 unitsyou’re gonna lose two thousand three hundred and somethingunits on each one of those rows and that’s what happened to me I had aboutalmost 30,000 units and as you saw in the video I lost two thousand threehundred or something units at that battle so if I have a hundred thousandunits guys then that means I’m going to lose 23 thousand per row you don’t wantto do that bigger APC bigger losses save your unitsslow down the healing do an incredible job and influence your state if thisinformation was even remotely helpful guys like and subscribe man support meplease hit the subscribe button please please PLEASE anyway I will continue todo these videos I hope I’m helping your state I know I’m helping mine a sirspades signing up


How does doomsday work in last shelter?

Defenders are responsible for both blocking enemy rout spaces and preventing the enemy from destroying your AC. Gain a total of 4 Doomsday Missiles per battle, which can only be fired by an R4 member or alliance leader.

How do you level up fast in last shelter survival?

How do you beat last shelter survival?

Last shelter survival tips and tricks
– Tip no. 1: Always build the maximum number of resource farms allowed.
– Tip no. Tip #2: Be aware of the difference between free players and premium players.
– Tip no. 3 – Join an active alliance.
– Tip no. 4 – Save your boosters for late game.
– Tip #5 – Always send your soldiers.

How do you build honor structures in last shelter?

How to build honor structures for Doomsday Last Shelter. On the main screen, click on the Doomsday icon in the upper right, then select the Honor tab and finally build. From this screen you can build one of 4 basic honor structures on any space occupied by your alliance.

Is doomsday immune to death?

Death. Doomsday has died several times in his life, each time becoming immune to what had previously killed him. He died multiple times as a child at the hands of Bertron, which was the process by which he was first created.

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