BALI in 2021. WHAT’S IT REALLY LIKE? Deepwater jigging. EP 63

BALI in 2021. WHAT’S IT REALLY LIKE? Deepwater jigging

YEA DAWGIES welcome back to another one!
Bali Indonesia in 2021, what’s it really like to live on this tropical island?
well, this is a short glimpse of my life living on this amazing tropical island.
how to travel to Bali? can you travel to Bali in 2021? you won’t find these answers here this is a fishing mission haha!!!




Solar Survival Gear – How To Choose

The alternative for a solar powered outdoor tents is fantastic for those who invest a good deal of time outdoors as well as can utilize the sunlight’s power in order to have an electrical outlet for their individual use along with a specific LED light inside. Numerous individuals likewise choose to acquire a solar air vent that assists flow air with a variety of cramped or tough to get to spaces such as camping tents, boats and various other outside places.

Backpacking Tents For Your Overseas Adventure

If you are preparing to travel overseas on your ‘OE’, you will certainly probably be sticking to a spending plan. A great way to save money on holiday accommodation is to buy a backpacking tent as well as pay the somewhat cheaper charge of booking a camping site, rather than motel or resort spaces.

Best Ways to Enjoy Camping With Kids

When was the last time you had supper with your family or invested a journey occasion with your kids? Possibly you must take a break and while you are at it, be sure to do it with your friends and family.

10 Camping Activities For Kids

As a full-time Recreational Vehicle camper with children. I know they are in some cases difficult to occupy. The good feature of camping is that children can locate great deals to do if you transform them loose outside. If you camp by a beach you truly do not need to do anything however keep them from sinking. Throughout the years, I’ve found that youngsters will normally play with sticks, rocks, sand, coverings, and climb trees. However, in some cases you require a little extra for them to do. Here is our top 10 listing of maintaining the youngsters inhabited.

Camping Supplies – The 4 Essentials For A Camping Trip

Outdoor camping is an enjoyable task to appreciate as well as obtain in touch with nature and also to bond with your other campers. Camping would certainly be a night in a tent in the yard or a Recreational Vehicle throughout the state. Most outdoor camping has to do with setting up camp and food preparation over fire. If that is not your scene then there are choices like national forests that supply centers like washrooms, bathrooms as well as electrical connections.

Choosing An RV – 5th Wheel Trailers

Fifth wheel trailers are among one of the most prominent trailers in the towable market. They vary in dimension from the smaller sized much more simple versions, all the means as much as large designs resembling deluxe condos on wheels. The large fifth wheel trailers place among one of the most extravagant of the towable trailers, 2nd only to the huge, high-end Class A buses as well as motorhomes.

What Is The Ultimate Camper Trailer?

Is there something as the utmost camper trailer, and also if so, what does it look like? This post tackles this excellent concern and will leave you recognizing that the response might be different for each and every individual.

Camper Trailer Finance – Your Options

If you are wanting to begin taking a trip as well as like the suggestion of outdoor camping, yet want something a little bit much more comfy, then a camper trailer is a great option. With such a wide price brace, let’s have a look at a few of your finance options in buying one.

The 1 Man Tent That’s Best For You

The 1 man camping tent can be an attractive thing. Whether it’s pitched in the back lawn as a playhouse for the children or occupied right into the hillsides for an over night hiking/camping experience it can provide a resource of solitude for one and spirited activity for an additional. At the beach it can be the ideal location to transform clothes secretive or simply get in umbrageous or wind.

3 Tips To Turn Weekend Camping Into a Mobile Home Experience

Throughout the globe, people camp for a weekend retreat and also commonly desire for camping full time. Below are 3 means to inform if camping full time is for you. We camp full time due to the fact that we like the way of living and freedom that comes with it. If you are attracted to consider your camper as your mobile house keep analysis.


What is fishing like in Bali?

Bali has some amazing spots for spearfishing. Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Penida and Nusa Ceningan are some of the best spearfishing destinations in Bali. The waters around these islands are richest in pelagic fish, where trevally, rainbow runners, dogtooth tuna, Spanish mackerel, snapper and other coral fish can be hunted.

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