Apocalypse, how? A preppers’ survival guide to the end of the world

we live in uncertain times at a minimum I want them to think maybe we would use it with world-wide tensions rising and faith in the creation being gnawn increasing numbers of people are turning to self-sufficiency as a kind of insurance against disaster you never know what’s going to happen you’ve got a gong at war are you going get food you’ll get firewood that improve is key these people are labeled menaced a period laden with baggage thanks to the extreme stereotype imported from the US and enhanced by the media so maybe somewhere over here in the district Silicon Valley billionaire people who have realise their money forecasting the future of buying up indulgence bunkers in preparation for the apocalypse “were having” bunkers in the UK as well one of them is in accordance with a farmer’s field near Brik in rented for a pound a year by gym share its gym couturier we come in course you can let us meet gist reinforced concrete ceiling walls and flooring underneath reinforced concrete well betcha humen examine land on a pitch-black cornerstone on the outside these are designed to expand a brand-new dye pitch-black and it’ll still work today it was so work today better make and what most of the people in the hamlet would get when you talk about cold war you kill a ligament extremely our next generation and you start telling them how you were preparing them you don’t believe them and I conceive a lot of people didn’t want to know about what happens when things get spurt[ Music] nuclear conflict is a possibility most people prefer not to contemplate but this is not an option available to emergency planners the missile goes off the air brandish “re coming” shoots right down to here and register on now how strong the blasters if that goes up to there you panic what would happen to this outpost you have a three-man crew down here type of 21 daytimes minimum right that Accord and sound the alarms so if you’ve gone above field you’ve got to go all suited up when I started exactly doing this good words now you have you’re still in the nuclear bunker then you have to exit then you had pump and now you’re getting questions like so what’s prepping all about well pastimes a bit like life insurance it’s something we all have but we don’t want the cash in gym do you have a family I’ve kids you’ve got five adolescents it’s a three-man outpost he comes down we all come down anyone else no neither way fake it I think I’ll be crammed and off of the earth where you go to the toilet we’ve got a toilet actually that’s your bathroom and now it’s basically a pail with a lid on it you certainly need the toilet when the projectiles start flying do you have enough faith in national governments and in society that after 21 eras you you go up above ground and there’s something there “ve been waiting” I think there was something waitin for us but what remains to be seen you just come back down to incubate down and you clamber out March on to someplace with beings of all mustered how long do you think it would take for society brickstone for parties status was medieval for beings it keep going a kowtow and organizations do bad substance primal bushcraft run this urban survival and prepping sciences course from a country park outside Edinburgh course leader Matt Smith has noticed an increased interest in people wanting to learn survival proficiencies beings in citizens certainly enormous turns up in environments if something happened and everyone knew they had a stash of menu snatcher wear off we constituted it to renders or whatever guess what they’ll go and they’ll come to your room but when you talk about things like societal breakdown and that sort of thing parties would say you know this is kind of scare mongering this is not going to happen why you plug in this one if Google is scared then let’s give them an experience that really helps you in continue life if something should happen but also after worried about it once you’ve given them the training the goal you know actually a few bit of negative that feel a bit if you like one just sort of find out we don’t know exactly want to make sure that the knowledge I have I can apply in the real world yes hopefully for pleasure not forest so existence you can use it as an RTF or wipe it over a goblet and keep its you the a dingy looking for a long time yeah actually yeah wedged in stencil that’s like a beings really really yeah what happened this one day something bad happens I simply wouldn’t know what to be and they just greed actually to pick up something skills and it peculiarly I think is a woman don’t you think is for self and yes you have to rely on yourself Johnny what’s happened yeah chipped mama I’m not expecting this are they because of God comes a squirt so I feel a bit ill to be honest candidly good luck Johnny thank you very much and see you in a bit be something ever people and there’s no menses he owes you get miniseries fucking cousin seals Faust and what do they be done away with with Isis speaking to you confidence keep on keep on haha thank you very late anyway freedom they are an ice cream layered on your flaunt right you got winsome game here’s good to have a boy you’re never going to have Nazis base you know physicians at hang it’s going to be attract blogs with the Romans you better school she’s got will distinct cloak oh yeah yeah but these are work site share exactly yeah and that become do you think I’m real high-pitched what a catch is initial cool I some readily T chance yeah job done job done it high five yeah for most people disappearing into the woods is very much a worst-case scenario but if Britain was hit by a viral pandemic you may need to survive for up to three months without leaving the house prepper Jay Oliver is confident he can do only that oh wow okay so this is part of this supplies that we have it so stupendous it’s quite a good reach of material now you’re going to eat well right do your neighbors know that you do this probabilities are you’re not going to have a conversation about prepping with your neighbour the world comes into sheep sheep hounds and with walked one set of beings that will take advantage and target a sheep and then you have parties like emergency services soldiers private protection contractors and so far there are the sheep bird-dogs these are the people with the skills and the ability to be able to stand up and actually try and defend themselves and other people to be able to find those like-minded people can be quite difficult if you don’t have that kind of central centre of parties to go to it wasn’t reasonably slick labelling yes it is very very key for us to be able to have a professional image online we do regular live torrents and every other life oh great we learn watch a revealer hello I don’t know who that is yet oh certainly it going on coal so in the media illustrates nerds as tin foil hammering bunker in the back garden-variety yeah utterly hold you we don’t talk about the bunkers Robert have you got a question for us probably for Jay rather than me but do do send in a question I meditate I’m good at this one tonight parties lock beings hey James the media can be quite unjust I don’t prep for zombies or anything like that I like to be prepared for other things that may usually happen such as James what what automobile collision job loss flooding I participated because you are family directions and don’t oblige “i m feeling” alone in my pro things that’s one of the things I think is key about is people like us and to belonging to to a group them that kind of understand and can we’ll share ideas and stuff like that if I was in my hometown and I didn’t have this I potentially wouldn’t know anyone else would will be doing it will there be pack animals after all that’s it any impression where this is with amusing trying to find like-minded people but we’re not long in the event of a world calamity a gas-mask water filter and tomahawk may be of limited use that wasn’t meant to do that was it but as an remedy to creeping complacency brought on by the convenience of modern life sorry the preppers attitude is perhaps something to be celebrated[ Music] you


What would you need to survive an apocalypse?

Apocalypse checklist
– Bag of evacuation. The Bug Out Bag has all the basics to survive the first 72 hours of an apocalypse.
– Waterfall. In the event of a disaster, clean water is more important than food in the short term.
– Groceries and utensils. Non-perishable foods, preserves,
– Light and Power.
– Tools and equipment.
– seeds.

How do you survive in a post apocalyptic world?

clean water. Making sure your drinking water is safe is vital to not succumbing to disease in a post-apocalyptic world.
– Prevent infections.
– Generate energy.
– Grow food.
– Drive cars powered by trees.
– Restart a chemical industry.
– Be scientific.

What do doomsday preppers believe?

Preppers believe in autonomy

– Preparation is above all a question of autonomy. It’s about having what you need for situations that make it difficult or impossible to get what you need. If you’ve never been in a major situation that you weren’t prepared for, you’re in luck.

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