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hey youtube its budget bug out and welcome to my in feeling of the zombie holocaust existence kit 2.0 abide adjusted okay so let’s go ahead and begins with the primary purse and now “were having” the new live straw go attach to this lack straw go there is a paracord pineapple and I went this from jae-hak USMC are calm it’s got a couple of these receptacles have a different items in here here I have bunch of different tools here is empire starting capabilities these receptacles and the zipper pouch came from County comm as well as this backpack and crank radio this is a little camping stave announced solo stove you don’t have to worry about radioactive textile whenever you’re booze of it this filters out more than LifeStraw does this is a little paracord bracelet that has a magnesium fire striker on it and so you can create some precipitates this is from the friendly swede likewise comes with a tinder inter lifting the paracord so this is insect repellent and sunscreen all in one and it’s just a knot of nutrient back here settled Clif barrooms beef jerky that kind of stuff almonds on the other side oh by the way this backpack I’m in this pack I bundled a real light I’m slowly 20 pounds actually less than 20 pounds attached on the inside now I have these uh these are glow stays the last for a long time has this big pocket is a tarp this is 5×7 poster I got some maps I’ll talk about that in a second I got a right in the rain gear that I got a monocular phagon socks and underwear and little pas warmers get some good gloves yeah Kyle’s sole divvy I likewise have the solar lamp and I did a review on this for y’all I want to check that out so that’s everything that I keep in the main pouch yeah it’s just in case’ zombies are coming and you just want to grab something I have it sheet but amazing cube Ellen she extremely if zombies are around this is really cool and this is a breacher bar too from County come in split wood with this like a Lego a crowbar little wrecking bar I thought that’s really cool this has Molly attachment on the bottom of it so while you’re still wearing this you can grab the K prohibit and pull it out it’s a flashlight clearly and it has a little diffuser but it acts immense without the diffuser as well and then whenever you turn it off the diffuser is it has a dark-green light-green color to it it’s blown the dark so if you wanted to find it again you could but if you didn’t want to have something go in the dark you’re just all just throw in your pocket pocket for your your firearm you kept a grease-gun in there and you are eligible to employed the periodical right here too so let’s go over some of these parts that are inside now so right here it says it says Maps in now we have a waterproof planneds one of them has been wonder proofed by a ziplock handbag and then the other one is just a waterproof map and they in a compass this is from right in the rain you can get these packages from there I got a little pencil I came marker and I likewise have a Fisher Space Pen this Fisher Space Pen came with this kit right there and is great I mean you can write underwater with this substance it’s really cool my Altoids Barbican it’s kind of stuffed in there but I have a video on my what I keep in my l2 it’ s rotten Aaron have a little monocular this is great for you know recognizing zombies far off inside here we have a fastened blade bayonet a little multi-tool – the Leatherman juice and magnesium fervour starter and a Bic lighter duct tape rolled up I got to go out handgun cloth for lubricating the church shoots or artilleries that you have is a bunch of minuscule little light fastens have super adhesive got a whistle you know just in case you merely lots in the groves and said there’s knots on the bus what you use lost got a can opener some fishing parts in now got a little mirror in now sewing needle some path water purification tablets with this hacksaw right here you just hacksaw with the magnesium ardour starter the snare wires and okay now in now this says flame we have cotton clods right here to stuff in there we have lint in now and then we have quick tinder we have two of these waterproofed accord chests these are 40 equals each which obliges it 80 total you can take the lighter and you can light one of these competitors on fire and exactly by the imagine and these are these are tenders they oh it previous for like three four minutes additional light-headed it right here emergencies drinking water 2018 without expires as a little bend Ana to have more cleansing clocks and “were having” some filled one another lighter in here another magnesium fervour extractor Vaseline these are great for putting on the cotton pellets get some additional artilleries zip ties okay so a duo things that are already noticed that I forgot um I got a slingshot here and then some ammo you can distract the zombies or whatever and you could also hunt you as well and I too had this as well a survival covering I have a some says there are some quick five chaps on this this thing is also pretty close it comes out there’s a region in there that you can you can pull out and you can attach to your trendy why proof tape this is compression manage this as they compressed the triangle cover okay Oh so in these are these little get to have you know some vitamin C copper all kind of stuff I approximates thermometer digits tweezers prescriptions in there butterfly sutures I too have anti diarrheal alcohol prep pads and some band-aids in there and then attempt to waterproof this house and have this is a ziplock crate yeah more simple vitamin C trash to keep your exemption high-pitched come super glue acrylic videotape as well as moleskin is your going to be doing lots of control as I’m nitocris them then napkin in there you know the blood or for its intended use eye puts allergy remedy to make sure redundancies in there as well okay so this item is also pretty cool that’s are rated nine seatbelt cutter glass breaker and a flashlight right here you can use this to get out of the situation or you can use it to a to break into a vehicle you know abandon the vehicles and stuff to get quantities both sets of little flashlight right here and crank radio that’s going to have a on the lanyard so you wear it around your neck but it has a weather radio and a solar array and now have a combat tourniquet and a bacterial entrust obliterates now we got a little mask and a couple of daytimes I have about four these are not latex but these are mitts more crazy we can never have too much crazy with this for personal cleanlines a little toothbrush got a little neosporin now a hand sanitizer chapstick which also has other survival uses and then we got stuff to keep your button you gotta wipe your laughingstock well that just about embraces at YouTube I wish to thank you for watching my video and if you’re interested in any of the items that I’ve shown here be sure to check out the description box for attaches of where you can find these peculiar parts y’all keep safe out there and remember it pays to be prepared you


What do you need for a doomsday bag?

Basic emergency supplies kit
– Water (one liter per person per day for several days, for drinking and sanitation)
– Food (at least a multi-day supply of food)
– Battery or hand crank radio and NOAA weather radio with audible alarm.
– Electric torch.
– First-aid kit.
– Additional batteries.
– Whistle (to signal for help)

What should I pack in my apocalypse bag?

Evacuation requires a proper survival kit (also known as an evacuation bag, 72-hour bag, or escape bag).

– If you also want to be comfortable, you should pack additional “luxury items” such as:
– toilet paper.
– Travel toothbrush and toothpaste.
– Block of soap.
– Hydroalcoholic gel.
– Sunglasses.
– Earplugs.
– insecticide.

What is the difference between a bug out bag and a survival bag?

The main difference is that a survival kit deals with a natural environment and what it can do to you, while a go-bag is designed to allow a person to survive for approximately 72 hours in a disaster situation.

What should be in an apocalypse kit?

Any list of emergency survival kits
– First-aid kit. Injuries are common in emergency situations.
– Emergency food supplies. Food supply is necessary to survive in difficult situations.
– Electric torch.
– Ceiling.
– Drinking water.
– Local maps.
– Mobile phone/power bank backup battery.
– Map and compass.

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