Zombie Apocalypse Kit Setup v1.0

that’s good Lovejoy mix juice whereas in the field you might travel light-colored to maintain mobility in your dwelling you have a luxury of placing and maintaining a plethora of weapons well ain’t that the truth oh hey I didn’t see you down there it gets you better situated I was just reading a little extra from The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks it’s a light reading compared to what you’re gonna be up against but that’s okay your dwelling is your castle you can applied whatever you want inside you can see I’m pretty well furnished up at the moment this is only outpost one so I’m just gonna leave it at that zombies have something coming to them if they decide to tap but you need to be prepared and I’m gonna named you up with what to take with you when you’re scavenging for quantities that you forgot to get before the Horde start appear at your breast door not been wish your psyches so let’s get you based this is version 1.0 now you might have noticed I have a weapon at my line-up so turf slip color tyne I finished one bad knife but you know what don’t ever need a bayonet with you if you got specific artilleries but we’re gonna premier in herself you’re gonna be out there getting supplies what’s the first thing you need extra storage space what we have is just a standard armed duffle bag this thing can carry anything everything if you’re ever gonna be able to carry cuz a backpack hampers up delightful elegant article number 1 pace number two you’re gonna need a backup weapon one year’s ammo runs out that’s what I do made a little sling setup this is a Brooklyn car crusher by cold steel you don’t need a Smasher you need to be glowing swift same still unbreakable and with the premier what’s next get yourself a pierce again it doesn’t matter it’s there got ourselves a little bit of watch button what else do we need tomato juice beings when you’re inside all these homes trying to find places crawling around verifying what else is behind the closet get yourself some quality kneepads it doesn’t matter what they definitely sounds like wearing people these are invaluable get you to point A to detail B next we have is shemagh reasonably big you can seal yourself if you need to main priority wrap around your pate to look like you know what you’re doing if not any of other uses let’s keep going while we’re out in the field and we don’t wanna be drinking a favorite liquor Jim X liquor what do we do we generating spray beings I affix my tactical Teddy to my hydration bladder I also fixed a little pocket organizer so exit find small things on the field I know where it’s gonna put you out the asking what I’m gonna do with the tactical Teddy does Ami’s have no clue what this is they fear it or they go for that crazy one or the other but either way this guy’s your best friend not only that it’s cute cuddly is moving forward on people one thing I never leaves my line-up digression for my sock read hydration people came purification tablets straw filter this will get me departing if I get lost there are also some highway to drink some clean-living purified sea you know what time it is rehydration time Jim obliges liquor that was so good it’s time to crack open up another din purity ear defence vitally important you can’t hear the zombies after you fired a pair rounds you’re in trouble it’s better be protective enough moving on next I have my tactical vest I’ll show you all these rivalries just a second but before I do I’ll register you a most important thing it’s on the inside you need delineates people I live in Pennsylvania so I have a Pennsylvania matched most importantly downtown Pittsburgh so if I won’t be strolling wall street I don’t get lost you need to do this thing let’s get your game face on this is serious stuff parties we’re starting now labour apart around first “were having” the shafts minimalist what he exerts for newborn host of zombies of course hey parties there was still newborns they can become zombies nice you know it’s more amusing than shooting a zombie in the face Mayson a zombie in the face watch them squirm even more now if you’re communicating parties what’s the best way to do it I recommend one of these little whistles they’re helpful they’re everywhere they went times on we have little D clip you never know what you’re gonna be attached to your vest goggles can’t be able to protect what you lookin at you don’t bloodspatter your examiners employed them on right now now I’m wearing the tinted visor I likewise have a clear one in now because I’m gangsta or tried to be next you know what’s in this one I do paid a kingsize gotta have snacks when you’re ready to go next we have all important toilet paper you never won’t be out parties don’t wanna be scratching her well you know what of course never any equip of zoomx juice this is cool parties next we have a leapers bipod this thing straps more I shall present you thank you those are the bottles slapped over don’t worry about those Clank it on now you have yourself a little countless goto weapon that’s all you need beings buy Potter than 20 to take out zombies the working day long what’s next in my basket obvious question with an obvious ask hydration this is water what’s inside there got a little canteen cup guys make your time it’s in there parties in front we have ourselves a little compass we want to be able to know where are we going once we’re working our planned hydration is a serious matter to find out the zombie multitude moving on to their side we have a multitool container none other than the best multitool in the face of the earth sog spawns the best Y deepen leverage hey I know what you look at that this is waitress we’re looking at this is a first aid kit what’s inside doesn’t really matter it’s a entire knot of BS stuff but I’ll tell you what if you get fleck by a zombie it’s recreation over but if you get a trimmed and rub you don’t wanna get that blip or pathogen yeah this material will keep it going all kinds of medical renders it’s very welltodo you won’t know that is search nutnfancy he has ones awesome invigorated move it on I her area we got another one[ BBBBBBBBBB] who though you never want to be without a delightful parties this one look at that reach serious serious zombie cutting ability next patch of paraphernalium there are the right side strong place on the back I have composed egde why do you need a little bit of quarter inch in that 550 zombies aren’t that heavy this will take care of hundred fifty pounds right no this is not for zombies all this for trip line move it on front line-up again we have another water bottle that this time we’re apply the Black Hawk now Gina induced hydration bottles why you might ask alternatives parties sheaths breast line-up no what’s inside this I know it’s a little pillbox why do I have multi brutality you gotta stay and keep your nutrition up you don’t become a zombie yourself alright next pouch turn eight pockets you would love to have grenades but guess what they’re only to mourn Lee wound they’re not to kill so exactly what we we use said lime juice sprite some of that in your lip you’re gonna get yourself going in the middle of nighttime no need for caffeine what else more tomato liquor can’t have enough tomato juice beings you gotta keep your nutrition up vitamins excellent generator guided this draw that by radio not to listen those silly sings that are out there but to listen to the radio people need to have the weather this has a broadband weather channel so I ever get my details directly if I’m gonna be cold or wet or cool important let’s talk sidearms for a second for move up to first facilitate yes I do have two first facilitate parcel “thats really not” a firearm this is a sidearm BB pistol why not a real one quite frankly I don’t own one but if I did what I carry one no additional heavines 22 is awesome this is for intimidation only zombies aren’t that smart and head you are thank him you never know why this is gonna happen if you really point where now to zombie you never know they might flee way getting beings were preparing for the worst hope for the best now moving on to this what’s inside you here iTunes baby you want to have the full capability I’ll listen to your music so when I dally our iPod play that good material what are we about good nonsense keep to the end again we got another whistle now parties little screwdriver rectified you never know what you gotta do and then of course all important pencil no need for writes those don’t work when the Russians went to space it made a pencil and the cosmonauts with opening from the US what do they do submit dollars on that stupid silly Space Pen take a pencil people you can sharpen it all day long I have an individual thing for the paraphernalium of this competition you think there’d be a lot I was in it there’s only one cuz he only did one fighting the zombie apocalypse thank you to mr.Cajun blaze I made it and I led with the idea it’s a spork parties you want to be able to munch on whatever you get this is gonna stop you educated deter you out of hunger this is the Beast of all of the zombie cataclysm gear get one and get yourself a target to apply it now forgot one most important item that’s time people it’s time to go addressing the issue of zombies let’s do this so you might be wondering what do I take shotgun 22 you already know 22 more round Kemp where do I keep it coming precisely in my pockets one more thing I might help you out it’s called a disguise people dress up as a zombie they’ll never see you coming so you might be thinking yourself well is that it no not quite quiz time what did I forget think about it you’re wrong flashlights multiple flashlights why you need to be able to fight off the zombie multitude at nighttime beings have backups now what else did we forget maybe some Jew realise juice will help us think that I did I’m an ocular beings you got to be able to see your head scope out those zombies take a peek and discover what they’re up to scout the country president have a monocular with you and one more thing Amir not only for signaling check to see if you’ve been fleck by a zombie I’m having my first aid gear exactly measuring you guys yeah final side garment let’s move on to that let’s talk a little about seams parties more seams you have the more alternatives you have but let’s be realistic you’re gonna be running for your life gather the equips run away from the zombies may be taken out for you in the process good material but doesn’t matter all we need to do is a few cases blankets so we’re gonna start with camo or not to camp that’s the issues to you start off standard lettuce see coat good but too heavy nogo next cookie crumble you are eligible to no regalium good hypothesi my blending well but we don’t be nicknamed the cookie crumble time we yes forgive the box motorcycle jacket this thing’s meant to take abuse consignments of safety but you know what we don’t be looking like this too many contemplative deprives we’re going to stand out at night bad notion now coming into the civilian type of camo this one actually has little real stitches on the inside imitate husk mode so I decide you get that shadow impact excellent alternative fragrance lock list engineering you don’t to be smelled by the zombies from half a mile away you want to be upwind something like this might be an option for you gloves I use motorcycle gauntlets they’re meant to be beat up and rubbed upon those zombies will be given an opportunity if you’re wearing something like this so that’s about it I’ll leave it up to you to decide but what I really like to do is to go in style yeah I envision I hear the views coming montage you


How to install zombie apocalypse?

Go to the CurseForge Decimation mod page at https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/decimation-zombie-apocalypse and click the orange Install button at the top right of the page. The mod should appear on CurseForge, but you may need to create a profile.

What is in a zombie survival kit?

zombie survival kit
– Water: one liter per person per day.
– Groceries: A minimum three-day supply of non-perishable, easy-to-prepare items.
– Electric torch.
– Battery or hand crank radio (if possible, NOAA weather radio)
– Additional batteries.
– First aid kit (whistle, antibiotic ointment, bandages, masks, gloves and reference book)

What is the best zombie weapon?

The best weapons in a zombie apocalypse
– 1 shotgun. The best and most famous weapon.
– 2 katanas. He’s out of shotgun ammunition.
– 3 chainsaws. He sucks because a.
– 4 prong baseball bat. Peaks or not, this will get the job done for you all day, every day.
– 5 bow and arrow.
– 6 axes.
– 7 assault rifles.
– 8 baseball bats.

How do you install the apocalypse mod?

– 1) Get the game. Of course, you need the base game.
– 2) Get mods.
– 3) Run the Ultimate Apocalypse installer.
– 4) Run the 4GB patch for Soulstorm.
– 5) Run the Tyranids mod installer.
– 6) Start DoW Mod Manager.
– 7) (Optional) Run the first time setup.

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