What survival kit items can I find at Lowes?

everybody’s christen devised spirit 101 having an here today I has drive about an hour out of town for a scheduled interview which previous about two hours and then an hour drive back so my video shooting days about film but I needed to stop in to Lowe’s which is a I don’t know if you have Lowe’s in your locality but it’s a big-box home-improvement storage to get a couple small parts for some mods that was working on for my existence lance hiking staff you know device that I have for some extra functionality so I simply I was thinking why don’t I take my camera in now and be seen to what extent much actual survival kit stuff you could actually find in at Lowe’s so let’s go in now and recognize what we can find so here we are at Lowe’s I think Lowe stands for lots of wilderness emergency stuff so let’s see if they live up to their name now right here we’ve got those are those pruners sharpeners that perform excellent burn sword strikers then we got a folding fathom sheath that works with the Laplander might want to manufacture some adjustments to it like I did I got some folding experiences which you could use in place of a Laplander if you just said to get everything from here let’s see what else we can find right here we got white ash threaded utility treats which can be used for procreating your existence staff and some hand axes hatchets whatnot there’s those tarp excerpts for $0.98 things are excellent excellent to have for rigging up shelters plumbing division you’ve got selection tubing including latex tubing so booze tubings tubings for fuelling your attack blowing through it the latex tubing expend it for tourniquet fabric lots of uses for this stuff this is more of an metropolitan survival implement but over in the plumbing segment perceive a four mode liquid key “thats how you” access the hoses on the side of constructs like at restaurants from whatnot so if you’re in the city and you’re trying to get water having one of these things can be a real big help that’s some professional-grade orange electrical videotape operation this stuff for wrapping all your implements so when you drop it in the woods you can find it again Gorilla Tape you know super-strong duct tape that you can also shred and process it and turn into a flame starting tinder they’ve got some real good thick-witted stuff now I was just 2 inch inch and a half so it’s pretty expensive but emphatically good material to have pain here is a plastic drop cloths for cheap ground cover or time to help create a shelter make it waterproof I likewise do have a heavier obedience ones that are one mill or two mill those would be a little bit better for the refuges I likewise got empty-bellied dye cans you are eligible to shape some interesting little packs with and then it’s a metal receptacle so you could actually steam water with it 55 gallon drum liners descend into your protect if you need it fairly self-explanatory this is the screw eyes and I’m using for the mod on the hunting spear Survival staff of course you can always use five-gallon buckets jute knot cordage it you are able use this tinder and all kinds of other cordage and line load-bearing snap links are always good and these little pulleys you can do a lot of MacGyver stuff with these things same thing with these metal peals especially with the shelter’s tarp shelter stuff like that all kinds of wire you could use for constructing a refuge or making nooses for catching play is my finding that here at Lowe’s what else we got around here you get Tyvek here which you can make really good ultra ultra light tarps with but it is kind of pricey you don’t sell it by the foot so you might want to get it off eBay where people buy the wheels and then they’ll sell it to you by the foot that action you are eligible to erect your own little ultralight tarps that’s something I’ll is being done for an upcoming video there’s some knife sharpeners this one right here one I’m relatively fond of obviously I keep your knives sharped and you know they sell knives and flashlights here fastening away from the self-evident material some pennant videotape it’s really useful for distinguish your way if we’re trying to be found and his carpenter pencils are good for you’re right in the torrent notebooks because you can sharpen them with your bayonet these little jigsaw blades are good to have especially for your metropolitan package get yourself a real big duo of vise grasps you can seat it in there real good and use it as a encounter so and some times are good for big timber substance too if you’re out there originating captures or whatnot Leatherman Wave this is the one that I got the Leatherman blast showing that for buddy ingest carbs who pictures if they don’t sell the Leatherman blast anymore so you be understood that carbs still sell it glue super glue is a staple in any paraphernalium if “youre asking me” extremely the regular substance Krazy Glue is a little less corrosive so that’s good for closing sections I like the I like the Loctite stuff right here or just general pack substance definitely have lots of glue in your package there’s some camo decorate if you want need to dress up some of your trash where you got the timbers mechanics wear gloves extremely the impact series some of very good fraternities you can have for working outside these are basically the same thing as soggy attack then we got tarps flat fasten bungee lines if you get in there at least 36 inches are good for stringing up tarps real quick like really slip them on and wrap them around a tree so it’s about all I could find in Lowe’s personally I repute Home Depot’s better they came better moisten fervour alternatives there you exclusively had that one little pocket in there it’s kind of disheartened they’ve got better tool manages if you’re making some sort of walking staff spear they got a lot more in the tools section that you could use for survival wise rather than that that’s kind of general idea what you can find for survival on a big box hardware store now obviously I didn’t show you flashlights and batteries and you know stuff that you are familiar with any dummy knows is there that you can use I was just trying to think outside the box of what kind of stuff you might find in there and it might smack some other big stores and do sort of the same thing and encounter what kind of things I can detect I decided to wrap it abruptly because one of the chaps in there that was working in the the tool section not the tool section like the power tool section I see I overheard him on the phone and he must be one of these these schmucks that buying the government propaganda crap and see something say something and I hear him talking to somebody about I listen a camera and there’s just something that I should be concerned about what up F ever you freaking[ __] it’s a freaking camcorder I’m not a goddamn terrorist cuz I’m making a YouTube video oh that stuff genuinely ruffles me everybody’s a gunman everyone’s a doubt everyone’s “ve got something” bad Calton you know he was probably talking a freaking agency of homeland security for all I know you know cuz I’m going around showing tarp clips whoa God weapons of mass destruction you can you can actually set up a tarp without exploiting the grommet like oh my god that’s like some terrorist[ __] right there except I don’t know freaking[ __] so that’s why I kind of tend to stick with Home Depot they’re not quite as stupid and I’m not banging on affection sorry “thats one” guy but they do have a lot more stuff there I think that I like coming so I croak just trying to utter something from scratch for survival activity I often go to Home Depot my nards is really good to my nards got some good nonsense and especially Harbor Freight if you have a Harbor Freight near you I get a lot of good stuff in there they usually have like magnesium blocks in there for like less than three horses just super cheap so that’s that about out of time for today but you know I exactly I want to get get something in here trying to make this constructive so I’m going to check this out when I get home see if this is totally boring or whatnot and if not I’ll go ahead and jettison it up so I’m Chris from prepared imagination 101 thanks for sitting through this and I’ll be back with some more you know good videos now shortly so thanks for sticking with me

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