Top 10 Essential Bushcraft & Wilderness Survival Gear 2021

Top 10 Essential Bushcraft & Wilderness Survival Gear 2021
Are you looking for the most essential bushcraft gear and tools that you must have in 2021? These are some of the coolest bushcraft & wilderness survival gear and tolls we found so far:

✅1. Silky Gomboy Curve Professional Folding Saw
✅2. Schrade SCAXE2L Survival Axe
✅3. Sharpal FACEOFF Dual-Grit Diamond Tool Sharpener
✅4. NEMO Endurance 2-Person, 4-Season Tent
✅5. Schrade SCHGK1 Survival Gurkha Kukri Machete
✅6. NEMO Scout Synthetic Ultralight Mummy Bag
✅7. überleben Zünden Fire Starter Traditional Survival Ferro Rod
✅8. Arcturus Military Wool Blanket
✅9. CELTIBEROCOCO – Outdoor / Survival / Hunting / Tactical Knife
✅10. The Hidden Woodsmen Haversack Bushcraft Gear/Backpack for survivalists and bushcrafters
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Bushcrafting is a really popular activity amongst anyone who is interested in the outdoors. It not only gives you a chance to be at one with the wild, but also gives you a great opportunity to learn new skills. We hear from loads of people who tell us that they bushcraft because it gives them a sense of freedom and gets them away from their office desks. We’ve also found that many of you use it for family bonding time, and passing on these skills to the next generation. Free of technology and distractions, just you and the wilderness.
From beginner to experienced bushcrafter we get asked what are the bare essentials needed for bushcraft.
It’s not the easiest question to ever answer as some people prefer certain methods and tools depending on where they are going, how long for and who with. However, we aren’t ones to shy away from a challenge. It’s not a cast iron list that you should necessarily follow to the letter (you won’t be going wrong by doing so), but hopefully you will get an idea of the sorts of things you’ll need.
Without further delay, here are our 14 bushcraft essentials
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What top 5 survival items would you equip yourself with to survive in the wild?

Here are some recommended basics:
– Map and compass. Technology can be a great tool, especially with GPS, but it’s important not to rely solely on your smartphone when you get lost in the field.
– First-aid kit.
– Fire starter.
– Water purification system.
– Flashlight or headlamp.
– Solar coverage.

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