Are you looking for the best .357 magnum lever action rifles in the world? We compiled a list of some of the most powerful and accurate .357 magnum lever action rifles of all time we found so far!
In this episode we will present our picks for the best .357 Magnum Lever Action Rifles.
While one may traditionally think of handguns for self-defense when they think of .357 Magnum, this round has proven itself over the years as a quality hunting round.
The round lends itself well to lever action rifle designs for hunters who need to make quick follow-up shots in dense brush. These guns balance high power with low recoil, minimal weight, and high reliability, making them perfect for heavy use under poor conditions. Many guns of historical significance are also available in this caliber, which can appeal to collectors.
Without further ado, these are our top picks for the best lever action rifles chambered in this heavy and effective hunting round to add to your wish list for this hunting season. They are sure to put lots of venison in your freezer.
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What is the most accurate 357 lever-action rifle?

The Henry Big Boy is by far the most practical shotgun mentioned in this review. It’s also the most accurate in my experience. With the Henry, you don’t have to choose between a side-loading port and an under-barrel loading port—modern rifles have both.

Who makes a 357 mag lever-action rifle?

Today there are many options for . 357 Magnum lever action with modern and traditional designs from Winchester, Henry, Chiappa, Uberti and Marlin. There are many other options as well, but these are the brands to go for if you’re looking for a good lever action gun.

What is the most sought after lever-action rifle?

The most collectible lever action rifle is a Winchester.

What is a 357 lever-action good for?

357 is ideal for target shooting and target hunting, even for big game. With the right charge, it can also be used for dangerous games like bears. And don’t forget that. 357 can also fire.

Will a 357 stop a grizzly bear?

357 Magnum or similar caliber load, a well-placed shot with a good round will definitely kill a bear, but it’s not recommended.

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