Tool Logic SL-3 Survival Knife

okay got a survival tool for you this is from – logic and for – logic they’ve made this which is the SL 3 existence knife now I have that this particular one for I’m thinking 78 years I’ve had this and I have abused us a lot I haven’t appeared after it I use an abusers thing like nothing normal still going strong and I’m amazed to see that it is still available to buy as a hit an option for you and I’m just going to go over it go for what you get and they give you a precisely we inside dollars so really from the outside nice we Parker clip carry it carries well not majorly deep carry but a kind of disappears delightful we pocket time alright I could see the rust-brown and the nails now I’m is about to be viciously honest with you guys I haven’t seemed after this at all this is a labouring till I died don’t care if it gets bottled a bite that’s a implement I precisely use I’d camping to help me light fuels but the stainless steel pocket clip hasn’t let me down it is the bolts coming off but I would expect that I actually like that because you can see I’ve actually exploited it on the top you never learn at all so if you want to make a lanyard for it or if you just wanted to and because perhaps net carry whatever you know you can walk around with that on the other side we have a whistle give me demo that says your whistle and the last but by no means least on the exterior but you can just say here is a first name rod which as “youre seeing” I have worked and mistreated us like nothing regular over the years but still going strong I likewise can tell you in many flamings I’ve tell exerting this but a paraphernalium but as death nears a lot I know you’re all looking to see the blade so here we go you have a 50/50 split fractions read it on this particular model hoes wicked margin stainless steel will Sadie I do not know the exact plate type you know they in the material it is stainless I roughly certain s destroyed but I well I corrected diamond description if I can confirm it I don’t have the information to handle but say part serrated views a wicked line the serrations are still extremely very sharp the bells I merely tend to use the serrations or common dominance line things got there on the top of the pierce just for using you know bundles they’re not only tiny enterprises site in the field you will notice really on the blade itself that purpose the deployment hole I’d settle a poor cable hog-tie and all I is it’s just if you’re wearing mitts or something precisely gives you something to grab onto really push your digit against and to deploy your pierce a lot easier and so some years may or may not know but that we tip-off but they are you time touch your thumb in there and they’re deploy he’s not bizarre no it’s a it’s a cracking my pierce is said I’ve consumed us a lot you can have this for like emergency situations stopped bike for I’m gonna set aside some items to help you if “theres going” a light hiking this would be a brilliant option so you’ve got a way to become volley you have a decent blade and “youve had” muscles as well to help attract attention please last three inches I’ll say it is a liner lock so unfortunately it’s not UK legal carry but really lock up your own loss or sick advice on on that where you’re gonna carry this pierce right give you a demo of the fuel steel and you’ll see here what they’ve done not appear when you’re using the burn still use the the back of the knife and you can’t get some glints manikyam assure yeah it can get wee bit of a firown’ precipitates there but look at that seem to be a hole dug in precisely now that’s for your shell still first time I exerted us a lot of people get oh they’re using the serrated boundary no bleed that’s or anything you have to be careful about is putting the bayonet on the marinade up with the first Nimrod and now we comprised so you can see how much of the first and move it actually controls see that it’s an breathtaking machine stripping off so you’re going out – inspires time be careful you don’t inadvertently situated it on your serrated slope because you will damage your blade but putting it in there you can see I am moving that you can’t get that to come out of it really a wee bit of pressure virtually on the other side then you’re gonna dump the movement so securely and then it’s gonna help you get more directional inspires that’s actually gonna give you better provokes and will exactly give you a wee demo of that so make sure nuts and we deployment first time every time no questions at all that it precisely simply toils it’s absolutely fantastic big-hearted tool to have I’d say this is a subcontinent of SOG knives crack an option to have this is the sl3 subsisting man an existing 2895 so if you’re looking to gift for somebody immense be knife to get merely to chop gonna weed a luggage and just sort of forget about it no they do have different options you can go for the sl1 which is a plain edge knife still has your whistling but actually has a weed lamp we led torch them there so it’s a 2 inch stainless blade give them 100 opening but they have an LED and there instead of your flame steel so it depends what’s important to you if you don’t need the volley student then go for the sl1 there’ s all the ones there so you can have a look unpick there’s and to see what is what is needful for you and I’ll put the links below for for these spears so pricing on this that’s actually very reasonable I say I had this for a bite I said it has to be at least seven years maybe it years and the pricing on this specific life is 20 at 95 20 in 95 that’s gonna last at least the same that does aim if you don’t look after if you look after it’s proving a last-place feel a good deal longer but so crack my knife so we work workhorse you can see really the stains on there and I was with the first same baton on the balance you can time clean them off so you go to logic sl3 survival knife great option thanks for watching


What is the best survival knife in the world?

The 9 best survival knives of 2022
– Best overall survival measurer: Morakniv Garberg.
– Best full tang survival knife under $50: Gerber Ultimate.
– Best Bushcraft Knife: Helle Didi Galgalu.
– Best Hunting Knife: Benchmade Steep Country.
– Best budget knife: Morakniv Companion.
– Best survival knife: Helle Bleja.

What is the best size for a survival knife?

Most survival knives range in length from 6 to 12 inches. Any less and it may not be old enough to do the things you need to do in a survival situation like. B. cut wood. Larger knives are generally better for cutting wood.

What knife do Navy Seals use?

Ontario MK 3 marine knife

– Has a stainless steel blade approximately 6 inches long. US Navy Seals often use this knife. It features a stainless steel blade approximately 6 inches long. The blade of the knife is approximately 7 inches long and is similar to its predecessor, the Buck 184.

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