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hi kinfolks Canadian prepper here so today we’re going to systematically adjudicate what is the ultimate survivalist physique and form kind let’s get into it alright so normally speaking the best physique is the one that’s most adapted to the environment that you might find yourself in so all of the body forms that I’m going to talk about today they are unable have skillsets in the martial arts or other patterns engine sciences or “whats called” dexterities but we’re not making those into account today because it doesn’t really matter what your body type is you can still be a martial arts expert or have machine skills and abilities now sure-fire organization characters that I discussed today may be more compatible with said skills and abilities nonetheless that’s the topic unto itself and would just make this a very long winded discussion so I’m not going to get into that generally speaking if you want to be good at filching load to elevate weights if you want to be good at moving you run now there may be some generalized outcomes for example lifting forces may see you functionally stronger at another undertaking but good-for-nothing studies a machine pattern like doing the specific activity that you want to train for so if you’re training to run a gun then the best training you can possibly have is running a gunning for example a person may be able to benchpress 315 for 10 reps because they have surmounted that machine motif and definitely they may have achieved a certain level of functional persuasivenes as a result of this but the role of motor pattern is often unusually underestimated simply because you can bench 315 doesn’t mean you that you’re going to be the best haybailer on the farm and vice versa mind muscle connection is everything so there’s a reasons for different digests and different animals are adapted to different regions of the planet and there’s just a variety of different types of produces depending on the regions that they find themselves in now the range of produces wander from very small tree dwelling men to very great predatorial beings and even human beings have different body kinds based on the geography and climate of the regions that we inhabit so bigger and stronger is not ever better it truly depends on the environment and conditions one witness themself in in some instances being big and strong can actually be counterproductive to survival because in the end a larger body needs more to survive if you look at certain groups around the world certain countries have very short parties non-eu countries have very tall people everybody’s adapted to their climate for a specific reason so there’s six types of body composition which are spinoff of the ecto meso endomorphic distinction now there’s a few components of fitness that I did not include in this typology and those are balance coordination reaction time and various subtypes of strength and patience just so to make it streamlined now I’m going to be rank these six different organization sorts according to the principle of 10 aspects which are as follows ability strong agility race fortitude muscle mass opennes exertion storage capability which is basically fatty or person fatty percentage the greyman factor which is going to be your ability to blend in and the intimidation factor your ability to psychologically intimidate your dissidents now all of these traits are going to be graded on a magnitude of one to ten so ten traits on a magnitude of one to ten there is the potential to have a score of 100 however having a score of 100 is pretty much physically impossible because some of these features are going to counterbalance one another it’s physically impossible to have the largest energy accumulates that is body fat percentage and be the fastest runner another important thing to note is that the more muscle a person has the more vigor and protein is required to maintain that muscle and it’s also important to note that muscle in itself requires less power than overweight so when your form does naturally start to break down muscle tissue in order to get energy to survive it’s only cannibalizing four calories per gram of protein that you have in your person in contrast to nine calories per gram of protein which is metabolized from your fat supermarkets so solid is a far more efficient energy conduct generator although overweight is not have the capability to perform cultivate so the first torso category I want to talk about is most akin to the ectomorph and I’m going to call it the untrained ectomorph and basically it’s the skinny weakling type person who is skinny by Nature and too doesn’t have a lot of muscle I mostly deliberated on my own why they have each of these tallies so very little power very little strength they do have relatively high speed in spite of their lack of muscle mass they probably have the highest flexibility of all the body sorts that I’m going to talk about and due to their lack of muscle mass and merely general sinewy sort and they likewise score very high on the gray-headed boy factor and this is due to their ability to blend in and seem relatively inoffensive to people who may be in opposition to them so I believe that this body type is best suited to a nomadic situation where a few cases preps are on hand but there are low security risk because with their lack of muscle mass and their weak quality they’re not going to be able to defend themself in a lot of ways but they’re also not going to be wellsuited to being stationary they’re going to have to be out portable collecting resources in order to survive now the next torso character is the civilized ectomorph so it’s this same chap exclusively he’s learnt he’s fit and basically this is your endurance athlete they orchestrate very high as you can see here on the endurance measure with and they’re probably going to have the most insurance be able to run the farthest have the greatest cardiovascular capability of all of these six groups of people that I’m going to talk about they also have a relatively high great somebody point because often these parties don’t have a lot of muscle mass they’re going to score very low in the muscle mass they still have more muscle than the untrained ectomorph but they’re going to blend in quite well they’re not going to have a huge intimidation factor because people are going to perceive them as being small-scale and even if you are very ripped depending on the clothes that you’re wearing you could actually seems quite skinny and harmless which is why a lot of bodybuilders when they are fully dressed don’t definitely sounds like bodybuilders they just look like skinny people because regrettably having such a low-spirited person fat percentage accompanieds down the intimidation point now these people are going to be best suited to a nomadic situation with few preps on hand that extremity high-pitched certificate gambles so they’re going to be perhaps more better suited to defending themselves in these different altercations they’re going to be able to run faster they’re going to be able to run longer they’re just gonna be more physically ability in general now the next category is the untrained mesomorph basically they’re the person of median erect they’re pretty much moderate across the board you know they’re somewhat intimidating but not really they kind of blend in they have decent amount of fat storages on their body so they’re going to be able to survive for a decent quantity of go moderate flexible moderate rapidity pretty much everything in this category is across the board so these people are going to be best suited to a nomadic/ sedentary scenario with moderate preps on hand and moderate certificate risks so mostly middle of the road everything is what this form character is going to be suited to so this might be a guy who without even working out might have a bit of muscle maybe a guy of relatively larger stature than the skinny weakling but untrained of course so you know if they were to train they become probably awfully muscular which is the whole idea with the mesomorph is they have the capability to be very muscular as in the next list I’m going to discuss but if you’re untrained then you’re probably going to blend in more so that’s going to bring up the gray matter factor so actually this is a very wellrounded place to be an ideal body type for a upright breakdown environment so the next list going to get the Train maybe some more for the basically the last category the chap who is middleoftheroad who decides to take up sporting learn so they’re going to have relatively high power strength they’re going to have hurried these are going to be your short-lived distance runner kinds they’re going to have excellent agility they’re going to have a lot of strength not as much of course as the marathon runner and they’re going to have exceptionally high muscle mass so there is going to be a huge intimidation factor with the develop me so morph and there’s not going to be much of a grey-headed boy influence because depending on how these parties address they’re going to stand out like sore digits now these people are going to be best suited to the nomadic sedentary situations so somewhere in between nomadic and sedentary perhaps that conveys a scenario where you’re you have a base camp but “youve got to” routinely go out and scavenge for things and you might have moderate preps on hand but you’re gonna have high-pitched insurance peril so contrary to the untrained mesomorph the Train Mesa morph is going to be more suited to dealing with those security gambles simply due to their increased fitness capabilities now the next list is the instructed endomorph so basically in endomorph is a person who has a very slow metabolism so they bulk up very quickly and this form nature in plays anyways is routinely associated with the strongman or influence lifter body type basically they’re going to have incredible dominance they’re going to have a lot of backbone they’re going to have low-spirited agility low-grade patience low-grade velocity they’re going to have a lot of muscle mass in a lot of cases power lifters actually more muscle mass than a bodybuilder but the bodybuilder is far more lean and ripped whereas the dominance lifter is typically masked in beds of fat because they’re eating more because their goal is to get stronger not leaner and have a slender physique they’re gonna have a huge intimidation factor I would guess that they’re probably more daunting than the athletic mesomorph simply because most people who don’t exercise associate size with strong and fitness ability whereas anybody who does fitness and training knows that that’s entirely not true in fact the more weight that you have to carry the slower you’re going to be yes you may have a bit more weight behind your person but there’s a lot of drawbacks to carrying around all that extra weight that’s not performing any actual function like lean mass done likewise these people are going to be best suited to a sedentary bugging scenario with lots of preps on hand but high-pitched insurance dangers so they’re going to have that ability to be intimidating they’re going to be the least grey band you can possibly imagine they’re going to stand out like a absces thumb but they’re going to have high built in energy accumulations because they have a high body fat percentage they’re going to have a lot of dominance a lot of strength and maybe even a little bit of agility you know if you ever remember WWF Bam Bam Bigelow you know he used to do cartwheels all around the wrestling reverberating there so only because you’re big and chunky doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t be a little agile at the same time but you’re going to need some muscle and some motor conditioning for that kind of thing more and last but not least the popular one in North America is the untrained endomorph so basically these people are going to have the highest amount of energy places this is a person who is overweight and doesn’t instruct at all they’re going to have moderate superpower and moderate strength they’re probably going to be stronger than the skinny weakling in fact they most likely will be because carrying around all of that engagement we are really does build muscle it’s like carrying around weights the working day so people who are fat are actually naturally quite strong when they do start training in the gym they real so they’re going to rating the highest on vigour accumulates and they have moderate muscle mass they’re going to be best suited to a buggin scenario with a lot of preps on hand to sustain them but low-grade security probability because they don’t have that muscle in that power and that big bullying point that the developed endomorph might have so there’s a few environmental factors to consider so there’s sedentary versus mobile so if you’re sedentary generally the bigger you are the better to be mobile you have to be small you have to be agile and agile and fast so high-pitched resources in the environment firstly low resources in the environment so if there’s a lot of resources in the environment let’s say you have to hunt or fish or something you need to be quite mobile in doing that peculiarly you know if there’s low-pitched reserves you even is essential to probably more mobile so I’m guessing that the lower the resources the smaller you have to be the more helpful would be smaller to collect those resources however the smaller you are obviously the less built in solid stories you have on hand so two things to consider there another partition is high riches on hand versus low-pitched resources on hand so how many resources do you have at your disposal if you have a lot of available resources at your disposal you’re not going to have to leave so you’re going to be more capable of only was held that sedentary lifestyle whereas if you don’t have a lot on hand you’re going to have to go collect resources and that might require a more slim capable physique high-pitched population density versus low-spirited population density high-pitched crime charge versus low-toned crime frequency so if there’s a high crime rate obviously you’re going to want to be more physically ability where you’re at if you live in a place where there’s a high population density and a high crime rate and you find yourself incompetent or in one of the untrained categories that I just mentioned and that might be something that you would want to consider looking into is drilling a bit more having a bit more ability general fitness stage red-hot versus cold environment so in a cold atmosphere it’s probably better to have excess fat storages not to a item which it’s detrimental of your capability to hunt but you’re gonna be burning more calories in the cold weather than you are able to in the heated climates similar to the high-pitched crime pace first low-pitched crime rate is w rol vs.Rule of statute or excess rule of law Eve the other is defensive versus offensive so if you’re in a defensive disposition it’s probably better that you’re of a bigger stature whereas people who are offending normally need to be smaller and more agile faster more competent so these are all things to consider when trying to determine what is the ideal prepping physique it really is tailored to the region that you’re in no matter which climate you find yourself and you’re going to adapt to that climate generally speaking yes the athletic physique is probably one of “the worlds largest” well rounded or the untrained metamorphic physique regrettably not everybody has an untrained mesomorphic physique numerous people are scrawny by Nature many beings are fat or endomorphic by nature so it’s just the way it is we have to do what we can with what we have however we can push the boundaries of all of those and try to optimize and tailor-make our form composition to our environments that we’re in so I hope this gave you some substance to think about with regards to ideal body composition for the post explosion environment let me know what your thoughts are below thanks for watching Canadian prepper Oh check out the Canadian Preppers Network blog and excellent asset for survivalists and Preppers

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