Survivalist Box : Great way to boost your economic collapse and survival prepping

hi doing guys’s Eric from principle the wasteland calm you may have seen some of the subscription container sort services that have sounded up lately like husk chest or things like that where you subscribe to the service for whatever genre or list of items that might be in bark chests suit it’s domesticated components and then they send you regular chests with different sample type entries and different things for you to try out in their case it’s pet toys and material like that different type of snacks and everything you may not have been able to find out about may not have known about or just an opportunity to get things in little dosages and nonsense like that and give you this new stuff to check out in that category so something it may be more of your ally than bark boxes if you’re subscribed to this channel is a new service out announced survivalist box which is basically the same type concept you can subscribe for a regular work of these I’m sorry regular send of the survivals box and then you’ll get different survival and prepping form entries you know outdoor tenting Survival prepping all that sort of stuff mailed to you on a regular basis so this is the inaugural survivalist box it was sent to me by them so I appreciate that and I’m going to show you guys what is in it I just let you know I have recently been opened this I would did a whole unboxing video where was I hadn’t yet opened it got to film the whole thing and I found out that it didn’t record properly so I’m having to start over so the style that things are packed in there it was much more nicely packed when I first got it and I precisely stuffed everything back in there to do the video again because I fumbled it up somehow so don’t make the pack and impound it against them because that was all me so this is the inaugural one and they actually have two different sizing dues that you can go for either the regular one or the sample size box not exactly sure I think this is the regular one but I’m not a hundred percent on that so here we have the survivalist box and it comes with a sheet of paper which is the packing slip excuse me shows you all the little different pieces that are in your carton so you know what they are and also goes to show the retail appreciate so what you would have had to pay if you went out and bottle this stuff on your own and this one came with a free little button compass as well which are great for the Altoid tin type survival kit pretty much anywhere you can throw one of these awesome and useful today’s worlds of GPS and everything people forget the importance of having a compass on you at all meters so like I was saying this stuff I propelled in here it was originally backpack something much neatly and with a lot more of this carb crinkle-cut paper cardboard in there to compress it down and this trash is also useful because you can use it for tinder or anything like that if you need to so if you have a survival kit and you have some additional infinite in there to prevent stuff from rattling around you might as well stuff with either this or some cotton balls or dryer lint or something that you can use as a fervour starter and it also avoids your nonsense moving around so you can pack cloths also useful it’s not just what’s in it let’s see what bowels go through all the stuff that we have in here now I was told by the guys at survivalist chest that the multi-tool that this is the multi-tool that’s in there on the first box is somewhat smaller than this prototype box that they mail me so it should be almost identical in structure and function it’ll precisely has become a slightly smaller copy of the same one so we have a great basic multi-tool excellent for any kind of 72 -hour kit a any sort of car preparedness kit firstly aid kit is thrown in your pocket throw in the toolbox whatever very useful to have a few of those lying around next up we have a razor saw this is a my very small two bladed spear it has a razor blade and a realise on there so this is another thing that’s great for a small survival kit certainly not gonna be cutting down any redwoods with this thing but for the width you can’t beat it you can stuff that thing anywhere and at least have the option for divining through small chapters observing through all sorts of different things and a razor blade as well also great for a existence kit is the bic Watase fire steel flint striker with the fro zoom pole and the metal thing the metal striker so these are extremely useful gives you thousands of light-coloreds for a barrage and much more sturdy than pretty much any other form of fervor starting be it parallels lighters whatever you can stomp on this thing drop in the water run over with a truck and you’ll still be able to get thousands of lamps off of them so very useful for any sort of preparedness or existence another one is we have a basic what looks a lot like a opening covering to see what it says on the believe that’s a seat covering emergency cloak this one’s nice and low-profile so many of them you realise will be full to various kinds of poorly and come out vast but this one’s nice and low-profile these are useful for obviously abusing as a covering use as a tarp for water collecting for shelter for warming beings up there in shock or hypothermic or whatever so there’s very very many use that you can use for any sort of plastic sheeting like that extremely when it’s reflective you can use it to signal all sorts of stuff like that and the next up we have basic cree Headed this one does not have the battery in it but it’s a highly you know aluminum person flashlight with the pocket clip these are extremely useful it’s just persistently blows my mind that even the most basic entry-level flashlights that they utter today are just so awesome compared to the crappy large-scale plastic flashlights that you are able to get even you are familiar with 10 or 15 years ago flashlights used to be garbage now even the most entry-level basic flashlights and get for a few cases dollars are amazing and this one is no exception it’s not gonna win any gifts in areas of its awesomeness but it’s also then you’re not gonna have any problems with a flash like this it’s great to have a bunch of these lying around or throwing your various teenagers next up what’s left is some food-related items for preparedness so you get a chance to try out different with the survivalist box go chance to try out different types of long-term storage food different types of traveling meat for maybe backpacking or hiking or bug out pouches or long-term stuff like this canned handled cheese and this was interesting to me because cheese is one of those pieces kind of like meat and that is just difficult to find a lot of options for long-term storage so I’ll have to try this out and see how it is this is actually from Australia it says Bega the Great Australian cheese the processed cheese concoction so um other than maybe keeping like a pulverized concoction of some kind there’s not a lot of options out there for long term storage of something like cheese so that’s a cool thing to check out and get a yield it a taste test without having to buy a whole bag of it firstly you know you get to see if you like it along that same weave is two different these are caveman brand paleo aroused kind of granola bars strength bars different types of food storage like this are great for short term emergency bag 72 -hour handbags bug-out pockets great for keeping in your vehicle and like a first-aid kit or precisely an emergency bag for all just sorts of everyday situations where you may need something to eat I’m if you’ve watched my videos you know I’m a big proponent of not just preparing for major cataclysm character contests but merely being prepared overall for everyday tough status because those are what happen all the time and coming stick you know missing a flight or something like that and having some additional food on you while you’re traveling we’re gonna work or whatever it’ll help save you from some unwarranted anxiety and probably save you from spending a lot of money at some shitty nutrient plaza as well and these this one is almond cashew and maple nut are the two two spices here and these are both non-gmo dairy free gluten free no peanuts so if you have some restrictions on what you eat then you should check these out as well since what we’re meant to eat so it’s definitely like a paleo themed disbar there so that’s the type of stuff that you can get from the survivalist box it will be different with each one they send out you get similar components because they’re all going to be related to prepping and preparedness but it won’t be the same casket every time it’ll be different things you can check out so go check out the survivalist box the website is in accordance with the description below I believe it’s around this box calm and good yeah let them sign up get some cool stuff on a regular basis that you can sample for your survival and prepping needs so check them out and I’ll talk to you guys later thanks for watching


How to prepare for recession 2023?

Here are some steps you can take to protect your finances from the recession.
– Take stock of your financial situation. Many people find the idea of ​​budgeting scary, especially when it can also mean lifestyle changes.
– Prioritize your emergency fund.
– Pay off debts with high interest rates.
– Take steps to protect your career from a recession.

How do you prepare for an economic collapse?

What happens in a recession?
– Take stock of your financial priorities.
– Focus on paying off debt when you can.
– Consider your career opportunities now and in the future.
– Try to build your emergency fund in advance.
– Make an effort to keep track of your financial situation.

What is the best survival food to stock up on?

What to always have in the pantry
– Peanut butter.
– Wholemeal biscuits.
– Trail mix and dried fruit.
– Grain.
– Cereal bars and energy bars.
– Nuts such as apricots and raisins.
– Canned tuna, salmon, chicken or turkey.
– Canned vegetables such as green beans, carrots and peas.

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