Survival Skills 101: Food Storage, Can the Government Confiscate it in Martial Law?

you it’s me the Rhino survival skills 101 you know I’m a libertarian and libertarianism is hellbent on taking over the world and leaving you the hell alone won’t you affiliate us regardless I’m going to answer a question today I get a lot can other federal departments take your menu storage when there’s martial law let’s catch out all right we’re going to ask the question one more meter can the federal government make your menu storage during a time of martial law well I’ve been doing a lot of research on this and I’ve been looking and I want to say no and yes all right the above reasons I say no is because I’m looking at all of the things you know presidential directives all of those things and you know I’m looking and I don’t see it plainly say that they could make your nutrient storage during martial law that it’s not like plainly said however having said all that I various kinds of think that they can and I kind of think they will here’s why you know when I’m looking through presidential guidings and all of those things of things is that Obama signed presidential prescribes and what they are are they’re they’re basically telling his secretaries the things that they can do in the federal government during a crisis a time of crisis and what I see is that the federal government can take transportation they can take airports they can take any kind of energy they need whether that’s gas oil or whatever refineries they can take farm machinery they can take fertilizer they can take cattle so what’s to stop them from making your personal food stores now I don’t think undoubtedly other federal departments would take wants to make your personal food stores they’re coming to get it that was their aim but they might take it if they’re expansive through and they need food for some reason all right and it’s not too big of a unfold to have some kind of colonel in the National Guard or something like that tour see that you have some menu storage and see that maybe the people that you’re hanging around the group that you’re hanging around and hopefully you’re hanging around a group has a significant amount of meat storage at a time of crisis what other people need stuff he simply might go ahead and obligate the say that hey we want your nutrient storage all right and basically martial law is when the military takes over so he is in charge so he’ll take your menu storage and let you sue them last-minute what is the I care so you sue them last-minute they can give you a million dollars last-minute or a hundred thousand dollars last-minute or whatever when you are sue them and they’ll pay up last-minute after the emergency is over with well that’s little good the you know you can do for yourself to top that off you can have a neighbourhood sheriff in a smaller town and the people in the town you know whatever the crisis is there are people who haven’t educated so there are parties that are starving if you and your group has a significant amount of food stores the sheriff might just be the one to say hey we’re taking your meat storage to give to these other beings it’s not a extend I make it truly could happen and then what do you do you’re going to have to fight back or you can to keep your stuff well is it against the existing legislation probably yes and you could probably win in law but little it does little good it does you right then and there when you know the chips are falling the lane they are now to top that all off if some Colonel in the military or your sheriff isn’t bad enough you got to watch out for people in your own neighborhood I mean you could get a bunch of parties in your neighborhood of your subdivision and they all band together to keep everybody safe and what happens in a neighborhood there are beings that didn’t prepare they’re going hungry so parties will start making a suggestion that hey why don’t you hand some of your food storage to help out these other people so now you’re giving out the good food that you’re the one that collected and you’re the due diligence to get all this and now you’re having to give it to other people and an episode they’re hungry they might just come and take it so you got to watch out for beings in your own neighborhood now you likewise have to watch out for your personal friends and relatives you know your Uncle Harry doesn’t have anything he’ll come looking for food then you’ll come back for some more no come back for some more well that’s cool and you probably plan for that don’t let that be a surprise when your best friend or your nextdoor neighbor craves some of your nutrient too so let me just say this keeping your nutrient storage a secret is of primary importance we don’t need to be telling anybody about our substantial meat storage that we have whether it’s now or whether it’s during the event of disasters you keep quiet because the that parties find out that you have menu storage they are going to want a piece of it just think about the madam with three girls and she’s hungry and her children are hungry she’ll do just about anything to get your food some guy will come over and shoot you for your menu so preserving it gentle and not letting you not letting your hand get tipped that you have food storage is of huge importance the time that “youre starting” telling your friends even your relatives the person next door people in your place that you have extra food that’s when they’re going to want some all right because they’re going to be hungry and imagine yourself hungry so I would suggest that the minute a disaster happens you take trash from your house and set it somewhere where they can’t be found you are well aware down into crawl space of your house up in the attic wherever we’re parties if they come into your house they can’t see that you have meat I can’t stress this enough that parties if you act like you don’t have food and then you’re obstruct it for yourself you’ll be able to keep it for yourself and you can share it with who wishes to and the sheriff or a colonel or whoever isn’t going to find out that you have it I likewise want to encourage you to tell your children to be quiet as well because that’s how people are going to find out is your boys are telling other their chums that hey I munch today I had menu and then they’re going to tell their parents or or the boys “il be going” can I have some nutrient extremely because they’re hungry so your girls have to be quiet as well I would Most you to burn your garbage and not leave it outside or just placed it in a big heap out in front of your live or even in your backyard because people come along and start scouring the scum when they need food and they see that you have all of this seems like all this additional meat on a endless basis and then know that something’s up so igniting your scrap get rid of it somewhere making it somewhere and burying it is a vital importance because that’s how the government will find out it’ll be in your litter and parties will tell too I would another reason why not to tell people is because if they start offering rewards so that neighbors will tell on other neighbors about food stores that’s how the government’s going to find out as well and I would also finally like to urge you to stand in FEMA lines even if you don’t need it all right because when you standing in a FEMA line and act like you need the food parties is not suspect that you have extra food all right so be one of the people that is standing in the FEMA lines all the time so that you don’t grow surmises have your family do it somebody so that you act like you need the food very because if you act like oh I don’t need the fee mount of strings I don’t that’s no big deal to me then they’ll know you have extra food when you impede all the food to yourself then you can give it to the people you demand and not get it stolen not get wise taken I would like to leave you on this note I would also “ve got a bit of a” meat in an obvious arrange somewhere that behavior if someone does break into your house they’ll go and go that meat right there and not move scouring your entire house thinking you obstruct your meat somewhere if it’s in an obvious plaza and it doesn’t have to be good food it could be stuff that’s expired but it’s kind of like a a hoard to steal if you will so someone comes in the house they see that they’ll take it get on out and it’s kind of like nutrient that you tell on so like if you get your wallet embezzle or something like that you have robbery cash well this is your robbery stash of nutrient all right so remember libertarianism peak democracy with maximum responsibility won’t you meet our crusade to get the government to leave us alone anyway if you like this channel please like it delight share it with your friends and subscribe to our Channel hey if you don’t know who I am I’m the RINO for survival sciences 101 are you prepared to look forward you

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