Survival prepping – using totes for food and supply storage – tips!

hey everybody let’s go to here today hope you guys are doing great boys tied over on his channel just made a really good video about expending frogs for storage versus abusing the more costly barrels and things like that so I want you guys to go over and watch his video I’m going to leave the link down below because it is a good video but I want to get precisely included a couple of things to this video and show you guys if you’re going to be using carries for any kind of like menu storage or prepping storage and it was easier for me only to make a video than to try to fully explain it in comments so I’m going to turn the camera around here merely in a second i’m going to show you guys i’m in the waste business that’s one of my my prime industries so I utilized totes on a regular basis anyway and I’m out here on the hall I’m rearranging everything right now so what I’m going to show you you’re going to see some schleps and they probably going to be dirty because I’ve kept them on a plowed hall out back so these are not the totes that I use the store stuff inside these are my outdoor toes but i want to show you only a couple of things that i had briefly mentioned in the comments about accumulating so I’m all turned came around and then show you guys okay one of the things that he said about store and you guys can see have a lot of lot of schleps that’s what I be applicable to store some of my stuff in for my the enterprises and one of the things that I mentioned was be careful about stacking your toes whether you’re going to use them indoors or outdoors because if you’ll notice liberty down here let me show you this again I’ve got three totes stacked on top of each other and if you’ll notice privilege down now on these rubberized carries like this you got to get get a Boeing effect if these appear too heavy the bottom one will get a bend in effect and that little hole right there that is just enough room for a mouse to get in so if you had a mouse or something like that in your mansion which happens sometimes if you’ve got food and stuff in there then that is just enough room for the mouse to get in and if your meat is only stored in like plastic vacuum-clean bags or things like that that mouse is going to get in there is going to get in your in your places and various kinds of contaminated so you want to be careful about that we’re going to move over here and the other suggestion that I had for him and for everybody else was if you’ll notice here I’ve got a red tote with a green eyelid and the reason that I’m doing that is because that behavior I can identify what’s in this tote by lid shade a great deal of parties will make a labeler right here some kind of label on the top or either on the sides and that’s good but if you’ve got a bunch of them stacked up like that over there then the problem you’re going to have is if you forget if you have all the same color schleps and you forget what’s in the carries you’re going to have to stack and hunt load load and then stack so a structure that I came up with was to buy carries with and exchange the eyelids out by a bunch of red a bunch of green a knot of blue what’s a pitch-black whatever how are you going to do it and then slipped exchange the eyelids out so if you use lettuce lids let’s say you use light-green eyelids to identify food then you are well aware without having to go back and look at descriptions that if you’re looking for beans real quick your hunger you want to heat you know to look and all of the totes with a dark-green lid if you’re looking for ammo or hunt something for your chase or your net you’re going to look at all the schleps with black lids if you’re looking for invests you’re going to look at all the carries in so that behavior it becomes a system of really I easily identifying lid emblazon to help something you know save term and save from stacking and unstacking so regardless just wanted to share that little tidbit also I know that some people with schleps and trash like this they can be harder to afford especially if you’re on a plan so some people are using cardboard caskets this is one of my avon containers where I get my Haven degrees in so want to really kind of caution you about squandering cardboard cartons you can use them but I would suggest you go with the rubberized or plastic schleps because cardboard again if say you had a mouse problem even really one smile little little teeny minuscule little mouse can cause a problem and that mouse if you’ve got food stored in there that mouse is going to chew right through that cardboard and going to get in it also if you have flaws spiders things like that they could get in that cardboard even if you’ve got a box sealed up then I’m a spider or something could still get in there you stand the less of a chance of that if you use these kind of carries here and also one last-place thing I wanted to mention is let’s say you come across a yard sale you go to an option estate sale or something like that and they have a bunch of tokes that don’t have lids and I come across this all the time in my front of business and beings “il be seeing” the carry but have no matching lid and beings will often look those over a suggestion that I had for him was if you can get them dirt cheap go ahead and get them because empty schleps like these right here with no lids you can drill holes in the bottom of them and you can use them for container gardening or things like that or they just come in handy for carrying material and you can carry stuff without a lid you can organize stuff without a lid so we just because they don’t have a lid if you can get them dirt cheap go ahead and come across them if nothing else if they don’t have a lid then one of the things you can use and I do this every year if I container garden-variety is I will use it as a ocean catch and I’ll settled it right up under the ledge of the roof so when it downpours it catches spray and then these will brace a lot of ocean and then that way I can spray my gardens and I’ve got basically free ocean to use to water my Gardens so those are just some tips for toads for furnishing and prepping and if you guys have some enormous tips-off for toads and things like that delight make sure that you leave observes below or do a video response and I’ll go to prove just as quiz khaki as a can you guys take care we’ll talk to you later divinity bless bye bye


How do preppers store their food?

Open the cans or jars carefully so that you can reseal them hermetically after each use. Wrap cookies and crackers in plastic bags and store them in airtight containers. Empty open packets of sugar, dried fruit, and nuts into screw-top jars or airtight food containers to protect them from pests.

How do you store food for long term survival?

Mylar bags effectively protect against moisture and insects. Bags can be made in a variety of sizes, small enough to seal a packet of garden seeds for storage or large enough to cover a 5-gallon bucket. Dry foods can be easily wrapped and sealed at home with a plate or griddle.

How do I organize my preppers pantry?

How to organize your prepper pantry
– Maximize vertical wall space.
– Use adjustable wall organizers, preferably transparent.
– Determine the best supply locations for ease of use.
– Put together similar supplies.
– Affix strong but removable labels.
– For greater safety and convenience, place heavier items on the middle and lower shelves.

How do I build a one year food supply?

Include a selection of the following foods in your short-term relief kit:
– Canned meat, fruits and vegetables ready to eat.
– Canned juice, milk, soup (if powdered, save extra water)
– basic foods “sugar, salt, pepper.
– High energy foods “peanut butter, jelly, crackers, granola bars, trail mix.

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