Planning for Survival & Prepping Part 2

hi I’m Mike with clas of self-reliance today we’re back we’re gonna talk a little bit more about planning to survive and prep this is part two of video that I started a while back what we want to talk about today it’s making an emergency plan in the last video I talked to you about how you should be thinking when you’re planning and today I exactly want to talk to you about the project itself most emergencies don’t happen at times and residences that are really easier for you they happen at the most inopportune or most cumbersome duration that you can think of a lot of occasions you’re gonna have a situation come up if it’s an all inferno divulges loose situation you know think about that your family may be separating the adolescents maybe at school they may be away at college your spouse may be at work you may be at work you may be separated you may not be able to get to each other you know make along the lines of how are you gonna communicate with each other if it’s an all blaze escapes liberate cellphones probably don’t work landlines might not work they might be jammed and if you can’t do that so what do you do how do you communicate with each other well you have to have a plan a plan of where to go where you’re gonna meet are you gonna try to get back to your room do you have a secondary location that you’re all gonna try to get to what happens if that secondary location is blocked perhap you should start thinking about having a communications area a small place that you know is relatively safe that you couldn’t stay long-term but it’s a place where you could please leave a message for each other to find out what’s going on and you know you could make small PVC pipe they do the end covers that go on these and the pin on adapters that go on you could gave a pencil and a piece of paper and I recommend a pencil not a pen because pencils go bad pencils don’t you know just something that you can fit it in there roll the paper up persist it in and you could bury it because if your partner you know gets to a location that you’re not at and doesn’t know where you became or say it’s you and they had to leave they don’t know where he went well if there’s another location that they could go to where you could leave them a send about whatever it is you disappeared or implant your little theme casket right there at your secondary point so that when they get there and you’re not there they dig it up they already know where it’s at it’s buried in the foot they dig it up and they speak the word of where you get so at least you’re able to leave communication for somebody where they can leave it for you that’s one part of planning the rest of it remember when you’re making your schedules where you’re gonna extend that everybody has to know what you’re going to time and how you’re going to do it that intends everybody has to be in on the planning if you’re planning to survive or prep and you have multiple beings and you’re the only one who are familiar with the plan that is a problem you’re gonna have to stop doing that I realize that some people’s spouses they don’t really get into the idea of prepping or whatever some do some don’t but you’re gonna have to manufacture those people privy to your plans you’re going to have to make sure their crony understands it and are well aware and failure to plan is planning to fail when when you’re making your design I miss you to keep a marry rulers in head and one of them this is my survival manual by the way it’s one that I wrote it’s one that’s given out in my grades when you’re making your hope I miss you to think about the 7ps previous and proper planning thwarts piss-poor performance it does and you’ve got to do everybody in on that mindset okay if it’s just you this is gonna be an easier undertaking but if you’ve got kids and a spouse may be a little harder but remember the 7-piece previous and proper planning thwarts piss-poor performance think that through have a plan make a plan where you’re gonna travel what you’re gonna do are you plug in are you bugging out and when you’re thinking about that recollect to remain fluid if you’re planning on bugging out and you look out your space and all your neighbors are hurling stuff into their vehicles parcelling material on top of their autoes and headed out you have waited too long if you go down that same track down the roads I can promise you you’re gonna encounter traffic jams roadblocks people running out of gas potential violence on the routes it’s a bad scene it’s something you want to avoid that’s how casualties happen it’s a stay away from remember looking after your opening and everybody else already faulting out you waited to you you waited too long you’re stuck you’re probably sheltering in place and bugging in might not be a bad thought think it through if everybody else is already leaving your area well your country might be fairly well unpopulated you are able to actually be safe there remain fluid in your thinking when you’re making your mean if it’s a threat like a nuke strike or chemical or something like that or your takeover or whatever and you do need to bug out and everybody else is already bugging out whatever space they’re taking is the way you don’t want to go so if they’re out on the streets you want to avoid it keep that your planning and you know consider county superhighways we all have iPhones these days and these iPhones are wonderful as long as the cell phone signals are up and running now if they’re not there’s a lot of other Palm Pilot sized engineering just like this and it can be obtained for not a lot of money you can get an old-fashioned exercised Palm Pilot or a cheap tablet and gift it those those maneuvers and these telephones are meant to be used as communication inventions and scour the internet but they don’t have to be they have a lot of memory space on one of the things you can do with your planning is scheme in advance previous and proper planning thwarts piss-poor performance take a piece of one of these type of articles of cheap technology and download County Maps on it for your country and County Maps and so on that lead you to your bug-out location or to the area that you want to go to because if you’re in the middle of an emergency you’re not gonna be able to stop at a service station and get a map and that Map simply gonna be good for certain areas and most probably it only covers bigger superhighways it doesn’t cover too many county superhighways most people when they bug out or they they leave they make major roadways they make nation streets they don’t take County arteries but you don’t know every County Road in between now and your bug out spot you are able to but one of the things you can do is with a laptop Palm Pilot an iPhone or as cheap tablet is you can download literally thousands of county maps on the available space on that piece of technology and you have a vehicle you can keep the thing lope by accuse it in your vehicle if you have a car charger but you have at your disposal thousands of County Maps now a lot of beings are gonna say ooh okay Mike as soon as I have to dyke the vehicle the battery life is really short on one of those inventions and you’re right and it’s just one second I’m going to show you what to do about that this is a solar charger kit it’s available for about fifty bucks it’s made by Rothko and distribute it by Rothko it comes with a ton this is an iPhone adapter but it comes with a ton of adaptors for most common common things likewise come here for a USB charger and this part can be used as a battery backup when it’s blamed and there is no sunlight when this is totally billed you can disconnect this from the cadre and connect it to your electronic machine and this will accuse your battery there’s also another design that I’ll demo you in a later video that’s made by by a company but it’s a hand-cranked charger for iPhones and tablets and so on but buying a cheap tablet and downloading province maps on it and getting one of these you’ve got the ability to support this in the field and you can overlay and steer those those planneds that substantiate district delineate our county arteries are too going to show you to POG rafi of region they’re going to show you rivers and things like that so you can make a plan on how to get out on foot and you can take with you the ability to look at maps the ability to charge your device and have those delineates at your disposal and a common tablet you might or even just like a Kindle or something in that memory capacity those things for a couple hundred horses are gonna give you thousands and thousands of map resources for topography and province streets that are gonna get you out of trouble it’s a thought you may not have had but I’ve spent an entire period thinking about this and I’ve spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on gear equipment training and everything else until I precisely I don’t think I’m the panel of experts not a complete professional I don’t think anybody ever is I think there’s always things you don’t know but I’ll tell you I invested a lot of time a lot of effort money contemplation this trash through and the planneds are a big thing most people don’t think about in their planning because you have to you have to know where you’re going and why you’re going and don’t ever exactly strike off if the if you’re not in any immediate chance okay or possible hulk sports don’t just leave your home and run out and marsh out because you think it’s a good idea one of the most dangerous things you can do is striking out to an unknown destination if you can’t lag with you all the safety security shelter warmth and everything else that you have in your residence you can’t drag it with you you can’t store it all in a backpack can’t be done so some disasters you are not able have to go anywhere you may have to sanctuary in place but the one thing you shouldn’t do is just strike out without a design you should never bug out or leave or go places without a hope don’t ranged blindly into the night to get yourself killed because that’s usually what happens if you’re going somewhere you’re going for a purpose remember that near strategy if you’re going somewhere you’re going because of resources you’re going because of safety again fit it into menu spray sanctuary shoot security cleanlines medical so on thrown that into your thinking what does it got to get by going somewhere if it doesn’t get you anything don’t go and if there’s no immediate danger of going or immediate looming danger that’s compelling you to go then include in your schedule why are you going in the first place is there any guarantee or any rationalization for you to believe that an arena you’re gonna go to is any better than the one you’re in so I’m not saying don’t bug out I’m just saying know when to bug out know when to flaw in and know when not to do anything rash and use the 7ps previous and proper planning will impede piss-poor performance every single experience they think that through when you’re in an emergency and more importantly have an emergency plan before an emergency doesn’t time you much good after you need it takes too long to build one improved it beforehand and then be fluid with your thinking so that you can change parts of it on the cuff when you have to another thing about your scheme use the kiss method when you’re making your intention kiss keep it simple stupid don’t be offended I’m not telling you that you’re an idiot I’m just telling you this most people are stupid when it comes to an emergency and that’s what gets them killed keep it simple stupid recollect the kiss technique your scheme doesn’t need to be overly complex it needs to be simple beings don’t think well when they’re under stressful environments people don’t do well in traumatic environments we the more stress that we have the less machine sciences we have punishment engine skills and fine interpretation clevernes starts out the window with the more stress you turn in a human being and an unwilling household is going to have questions following a complex strategy they won’t have any problems doing a simple one now perhaps you are the most trained being in their own families if you’re watching this video you probably are and you’re probably better setup to make the stress of the event which home is no longer able be ok they haven’t applied the time to get their mind right about this they haven’t applied the training so you’ve got to think that through the people that are involved with your design if all hell separates loose tomorrow or let’s say you’re just out in the woods and you know you get shot while hunting schedules break down the more complex things get and that’s usually how things lead to a true disaster disasters don’t become disasters because everything disappeared right they become emergencies because everything got it wrong there’s usually a simple incident followed by another simple occurrence that are infinitely correctable but a chain of events because things got too complex and they weren’t prepared for it then things break down and they turn into emergencies they turn into downright accidents and that’s usually how they happen so remember that you’ve got to have a plan keep it simple so that everybody and your family can follow it keep it simple so you can get and keep it your judgment be fluent enough to change it earlier we talked about concluding the scheme and having a secondary spot you know a primary and a secondary location to meet up should things happen when you’re separated that’s called redundancy and it’s a it’s a great one of the purposes of your planning you need to think it through redundancy have a back-up plan I don’t mean get onto involved you just have a secondary idea of what to happen or what to do if something goes wrong with your primary again previous some suitable planning redundancy have a redundant backup you know don’t don’t say I have a gun so therefore nobody else needs one because we have a gun no have a gun for yourself and a gun for another person don’t say oh I don’t need a cleanse kit because the gun acts just fine no you need a cleansing pack it’s redundancy it’s maintaining something manipulating going down the route you want it to make certain that you do with your planning have an alternate idea of what you’re going to do is a redundant backup to your contrive erect redundancy into the US armed does every single thing that they do they have a redundant backup plan every single time typically multiples you don’t have to do that complicated but time have some type of redundant backup in your recollection and the minds of you’re prepping partners or home on what you’re going to do and that’s even if you’re just out hunting and like I said somebody comes film discuss before the hunting trip if somebody does injured what are we going to do that is your primary plan okay how far are we going to be from the vehicle how how do we get medical help that sort of thing and then if your primary idea which is pick up your cell phone and call somebody doesn’t work have another idea of how you’re going to get help or or accomplish the needs of survival one of the most critical things in a survival or you know scenario or any kind of emergency and you need to build this into your planning is your mindset get your mindset right before there’s ever emergency situations if you’re the primary prepper or primary being in your family that’s responsible for everything then you need to have your mind right before crisis before an emergency happens you need to be ready to take leadership in those circumstances I’m not saying you can’t be scared to death on the inside I’m not telling you that “youve got to be” the the Rock of Gibraltar you don’t but what you do have to do is this you have to have the mindset that if you start to show fear and you get agitated parties around you will get agitated if they see that you’re panicked this is gonna be scared your mindset is right and you limit your passions under a bad environment those around you will be more controllable they will listen to you and if you’ve got a wife and a little baby or multiple babies you’re responsible for them okay if you’re a partner and you’ve got a family you’re single momma you’re responsible for them I promise you beings are heard okay we operate on herd attitude person wails fuel and controls everybody lopes with them they all if one’s startled they all become panic-struck so when a crisis strikes you have to have the mindset in advance that you need to stay calm you know what to do okay or what not to do and that mindset will filter down to the people around you they will respond to your lead they will respond to your confidence and to if you’re not abysmally agitated they won’t be either at least not the whole maybe one or two might be a little fearful but you’ll be able to get em under control but it’s that mindset you must have it if you come apart I predict you everybody around you will fall apart more if you are scared they won’t become scared so you’ve got to come that mindset doesn’t be any good to fall apart in a crisis and you’ve got to demonstrate strength to those around you you’ve got to be a Center for them to gain strength from one thing I can’t stress enough in your planning its discipline you’ve got a train train with you’re prepping marriages train with your family if you by yourself or if you’re the primary person go out learn to start barrages learn to build shelters train with your your your gear go out and get some dirt epoch don’t read a book or even just watch this video and assume you know because you don’t you’ve been told that’s very different than knowing you have to go out and made these sciences into practice before you need them it’s no good to try to learn something at zero hour when your life depends on make sure that you train with your weapon train with your your bushcraft paraphernalium train with your existence gear train with you’re prepping gear if you’ve got a tactical carbine and a knot of package and you’ve never turn in your dresser rigging and went through your full clash rattling practice you intend to you haven’t learnt at all precisely because you’ve used to go shot that firearm you’re not developing put one across your material give it you’ll get the dirt duration it doesn’t have to be a military campaign you can take your family out tenting and use the bug-out containers use you’re prepping paraphernalium every once in a while at your room you can practice as though it were an emergency and use some of your prepper goods you know some of your freeze-dried food that’s get older and so on but improve don’t assume you know how to use a compass or the GPS is going to work for you every time go out and take it to field learn to use it there’s no substitute for training in your planning because you can have the best plan in the world that somebody else built for you that you you understand you haven’t studied you haven’t done anything one of the next things you need to incorporate into your planning is learning to become situationally aware if it travels along with training you’re grooming yourself to be situationally aware aware of the things that go on around you that necessitates during the course of a daytime don’t let a period go by that you don’t listen to a little bit of word informants something on the TV or radio or only internet or even merely check your phone you are familiar with with some information modernizes to see if there’s anything major if there was a large nuclear meltdown you know one remained away from you it’d be nice to know that if Chinese paratroopers had removed from the sky fifty miles away from you and you’re one of the last chaps to be informed about it that’s probably a bad thing so ascertain to be situationally aware and that goes right down to the small things in your life like when you come out of the mall you know at night near closing era and walk out in a dark parking lot with your family being situationally aware of what’s going on around you will keep you out of trouble learning to look behind the bumper of the car before you go and get in so that someone doesn’t come out and pin you into your entrance that’s how thefts happen that’s how assaults happen learning to be situationally aware learn it firstly so that you don’t have to learn it the hard way when there’s an emergency going on be situationally aware if you’re out in the timbers and you’re chase don’t just assume that you’re alone that’s how a lot of hunters get shot is assuming that they’re alone that’s how disasters happen don’t presume things become situationally aware incorporating into your set it will save your life my last word on this planning is about being armed most people buy a gun or you know some other type of weapon and they assume that they’re armed they’re not it goes back to training owning a gun is not build you forearmed anymore than owning a guitar stimulates you you know a stone hotshot it doesn’t if you don’t learn how to use it I necessitate rightfully learn if you don’t train with the weapon you’re not armed your person who owns a grease-gun there’s a huge difference instructed with it it goes back to training knowing how to use it is gonna compile you safer in the long run from threats from outside but it’s also gonna shape you safer around your family so remember merely gives you owned a bayonet doesn’t induce you armed owning a grease-gun doesn’t stimulate you forearmed you never ball back your hand it doesn’t become you armed it precisely means you have a weapon you’re not necessarily armed an armed follower is a man who knows how to use the arms that he has the weapons at hand so learn how to use them that goes back to training and apply that across the board think about all these planning approaches that I’ve talked about okay we’ve talked about some things to incorporate in your planning and how you’re going to build your program and so on what I’d like to talk about now is this most people they they watch some videos they predict some works they do one or two things that’s not really prepping that’s not really survival you really have to know what you’re talking about and if you don’t know that’s fine there’s no obliviou question the only insensitive question is the one that starts unasked I assure guys make fun of people on forums because they ask questions about things the person needs to be made fun of is the Jackass who started fun of the dude expecting the question I don’t care if it sounds like a stupid question if another person doesn’t have knowledge of something and they’re trying to seek it then they’re an smart party and that’s what you need to do when you’re thinking about your planning don’t be afraid to ask consider the source make sure you’re getting good info but if you don’t know find out find out before you need it don’t take medical training after the emergency happens when you’re when you’ve got a gunshot wound in front of you and you’re trying to deal with it go the medical training in advance and look for the knowledge that it is required to compile your scheme do that in advance it’s critical for you to make a solid plan one that you can trust with your life and the life of your family so think about that again I’m Mike the school of self-reliance you like what we do like us on Facebook watch our videos share our videos thanks a lot

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