New Discreet Prepper Product! – E.D.C. H2O To Go Survival System Overview

hi this is Brett Freeman from discrete prepper that you’re tuning in today at the screed prepper we improved discrete everyday carry existence answers we want to ensure that you have the emergency gear necessary to handle those situations right at your fingertips let’s look at some new concoctions that we have hi this is Brett Kramer from discrete prepper I want to show you one of our newest products we just finished this is called the h2o to go it may look like a simple order bag in fact it’s not much bigger than a regular direct container that or a water container that I carry to work everyday okay the only thing about this is that sets at power it’s a little thicker on the figurehead okay it’s got a little pouch province what we established now was a survival system that not only grips your irrigate but it impounds other existence gear that lets you in a disaster situation an emergency or just day-to-day common use we may run into some problems let me show you what’s in the battalion we open up the figurehead here “were having” our canal tape we have our multi tool we have bug spray we have our fervour kit “were having” our medical pack we even have a sling shooting right in the front on the sides we have two flashlights a Larry power stick flashlight and a directional tiny pocket flashlight both led we have on the zipper draw a backup compass and a backup disaster whistle okay on the outside we have 40 feet of braided 550 dominance cord obliged into a buckle so you gather this thing apart you have 40 hoofs of 550 cable on the inside we have obviously our stainless steel water bottle we have a life straw we have emergency blanket we have our nesting goblet we have a handkerchief “were having” our fishing pack in miscellaneous paraphernalium and “were having” our poncho now let me go over everything that this bag has to offer so you can see why this kit is far better than most sizable luggage you can buy this package has everything you need it’s portable easy to throw in the towel a in a duffel bag in the backseat of your car and your trunk to keep it your office this has everything you need to be able to get home as long as you know how to use the gear you have everything you need in a lightweight small-time pouch that is easy to handle not too big and it’s very discreet now let’s take apart each and every bag we have in now and I’ll substantiate you what is inside each one of our tents now the heart and soul of our kit comes in our tins “were having” three tens now and what I do is I’m going to make sure that all our tins are in plastic and everything inside of them is closed and in plastic because let’s say here’s your Bible ocean somewhere and your pouch stops in the water I don’t want all your paraphernalium filling up with water or ruining everything metal objects in now and giving them get rust-brown so everything inside has been bagged and is shut so let me show you really quick all of our tens these are closed black ranger circles which you could use for other purposes everything inside is shut and plastic okay and ziplock pockets so everything is completely sealed want to make sure that you see this is how you will get your kit band-aids down to your needles everything is closed in small bags that are resealable so if you needed to take a band-aid out everything is sealed this sealed up okay so let me get to one of these packages I’m going to take these all apart and show you everything that’s inside outside of the purses in the fishing kit we have six sealed rain erase receptacles for for going to the bathroom for wiping your face whatever you need you have six moisture erases you have two backup batteries in case you leave one of your dawns on or you’re outside for an extended period of time I want to make sure you have glowing in our angling package we have a bobber we have four pulls not to mention four different size fishing robs and four loads “youve had” 100 grounds of 12 pound line and I also put in four cable ties which have multiple utilizations as for a medical kit I’ve included four aqua tabs for sanctifying irrigate and a one quart sized ziplock baggage one lozenge for one quart width pocket of irrigate is all you need per epoch to get by depending on your situation so you would have four days worth of ocean if you wanted to only use your lozenges okay you also have your emergency straw filter which can be located instantly into your water bottle after you’ve steamed your sea which I would evaporate your water regardles no matter what but you have the ability to boil your water you can use your filter or you can use your capsules “youve had” three different ways of purifying your irrigate you have four strap you have four vast gauze pads you have triple antibiotic lubricant hand job cleaning your hands retaining yourself sterile while at the same time this is great for starting fervors thread for large safety pins and two needles both different sized needles now let’s look at our flaming pack I like retaining everything in tins because it excludes it coordinated it impedes your gear from get crushed plus you have the ability to store things in your tins if you want to gave some of these parts in your pocket and you need to store some berries or things that you find you could position them in your tins plus you can use your eyelid as a signal machine now inside your tin you have a magnifying glass for starting attack and on your magnifying glass you have a compass an emergency whistle a thermometer you have a lighter you have a fire striker you have petroleum jelly which starts immense burns on tinder you have for contracted cotton chunks now for starting ardors these have been treated and we’ll each incense for two minutes these are for severe damp daylights where it’s either raining or snowing or you’re on snowfall these will ignite this is a chemical attack starter that once you like these these will ignite for eight times each I likewise have a backup magnifying glass in the bottom here in case “were losing” this once again I like to make sure I put backup tools in everything I sell if I lose a knife I have another one if I lose my magnifying glass I have another one I lose one space of procreating shoot I have another one I want to make sure I have numerous ways of saving my life I don’t want to framed a package in someone’s hand unless it has multiple ways of keeping them alive “were having” two multi tools one is a stanley multi-tool this has been researched and it is a nice heavy-duty tool it has a pair of pliers wire cutters it has a file screwdriver and accompanied blade and a traditional blade try not to cut myself these are extremely abrupt and another blade here for your emergency use for the size that I looked at for other comparable multi-tools this one was “the worlds largest” heavy-duty I want to make sure if a disaster happened and you needed a multi-tool that you had a dependable tool and the stanley fit the bill for me as i experimented it and verified it out we also have another multi-tool that you can put in your pocket for a backup propose if you plunge this or lose it this one is a terribly very basic duty multi-tool learnt blade blade here can opener bottle opener wrench for hexagon shafts compass and a roller clearly if it gets to using this it’s a bad term but i want to give you backup in case something happens in our kit we also have a handkerchief which could be used for purifying work we have bug spray glitches carry illness and especially if you have a scenario where it’s been a tsunami a volcano an earthquake something like that where you may have dead people in various regions of the mosquitoes are piercing them then they’re gonna come land on you you want to make sure they don’t bite you too and give you some kind of sickness as stated before you have 40 hoofs of 554 you have two flashlights super-bright LED flashlights plus two extra artilleries for your flashlights you have your nesting cup and your stainless steel bottle for cooking sea for clearing soup I would suggest throwing in some chicken bullion or beef bouillon cubes into your carry so you have a quick easy meal to eat on the go you have duct tape for sealing up a wind for marking future directions which way you want to go for fixing some of your paraphernalium you’d have a sling shot for small-time play you have your fishing pack for small-scale competition we’ve got it all in here all in a small lightweight backpack that can hook into a MOLLE backpack system or have other Mali bundles and of Mali organizations fit on this there’s multiple ways of hanging this on your person your steel latch on your top your leashes on the back there’s numerou ways of using this so we try to think of every situation how this would be useful for you and you can leave this in your room you can leave it in your automobile you can take it in to work and leave it in your in your office any lieu you want to take something and be discreet “youve had” the discreet prepper h2 mode ago you may be asking yourself why you need any of this paraphernalium I’ve been through various catastrophes in my life I’ve been through typhoons because I lived in Florida we were through four hurricanes I had a boat in Maryland now I stood on the boat through two typhoons I know it’s like to see calamity roller through besides that we have things happening on this globe that we’ve never seen happen before at this time we have over 40 active volcanoes on the face of the earth we have shakes happening from an 8.0 in Japan to a 7.5 in Alaska we have tsunamis we have sinkholes we have tornadoes “were having” mudslides we have drought and fire we have things happening all at once and it’s overwhelming my objective when I shape these equipment is to give you a fighting chance if you know how to use this paraphernalium can save your life I would depend on this to save my life and I’m hoping that you interpret the need to start preparing for the basic elements of life to be able to provide water for yourself shelter meat hot make sure you have everything it is necessary to right here to survive I want to give that to you through my commodities I want to make sure that I give you a product that not only can save your life but it’s also a discreet acces of carrying it without be emphasized that your prepper or a a survivalist I want to make sure that when you have your gear on and no one thoughts twice about it because too having paraphernalium like this wants parties are going to want it so make sure when you’re looking for your gear you’re looking for caliber tools you’re looking for things that are smart and well designed that are going to last-place and hold up to time that have multiples utilizes like the hanjo being able to clean your hands and start shoots for petroleum jelly being used for medical situations and using it for volley ish pipe videotape sealing up your gear cooking depressions and things patching up wraps on your mas there are so many different uses now for things that I want to make sure that everything here is useful for you do you have any comments or questions provide comments below or send me an email at beet creamer at discrete prepper comm to see any of our other products that we offer satisfy go to discreet prepper calm thank you have a great day and God bless you you thanks for watching the video and learn something new if you’re interested in any of our produces please go to discreet proper comm if you have any comments or questions please email me at be creamer at discrete suitable comm subscribe here to our YouTube channel like this video and like us on Facebook thank you have a great day and God bless you

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