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hi folks Canadian pepper now I’m going to be doing a top ten video for you today and it is the top ten slice of survival paraphernalium that I have researched and that I own and that I use on a regular basis so let’s get to it I know the prepared mind 101 has done a good deal of these various kinds of videos you know like the five pound challenge something I never did I think there was a ten pound challenge you know top three existence components trash like that so I figured what the hell I’m going to kick in my top 10 patches of survival paraphernalium that I have experimented on this direct and that I use on a regular basis now I call it survival gear but it’s not all just for the purpose of survival this is not stuff you need or I necessarily need in order to survive in any circumstances of this case per se the bulk of these are luxury pieces and in fact you’re not going to see many of the tools that you would need for survival in now in matters relating to an seeing for spray purification or self protection or things like that so these are just pieces that I find actually darn useful when I’m out in the field and want to share them with you today so let’s get to it alright so number 10 is the wizzy mops or wizard towels basically they’re the toilet paper tablets that you’ve probably construed me express I shouldn’t say reveals I don’t actually demonstrate but I’ve evidence you them before probably one of my most popular videos these things succeed excellent as a road to deal with number twos in the bush maybe not wintertime because they do get a little icy as you can see here have a coleman waterproof receptacle that I keep them in and it will view eight of these sufficient to last a week if you’re nice and regular because generally it merely makes you one to get the job done alright so figure nine is the g-shock tough solar atomic watch it’s a watch that runs on solar power so it’s never going to stop so long as the Sun reflects and it links up to a satellite to get a signal to determine the atomic season so it’s very accurate and it’s very tough at shock-resistant about it for almost two years now and it’s going strong digit eight is the SAS survival bow I desire this bend I was lucky enough to get the 65 pound account which I don’t think is being made anymore due to lack of demand but it is a very powerful bow you can put your take down arrows inside the bow so it’s ended box and it’s great to shoot it’s very ergonomic and I precisely adore it SES survivable number eight crowd seven is the Maxpedition through my Versa pack you see me feeing now with it basically it’s a side compres you can convert it to a messenger bag or you can wear it over the shoulder it has a lot of different configurations which it is why it’s called a Versa pack I use it mostly for my camera rig when I’m out in the field or time that gear that I need speedy access to as you can see all the configurations there’s the Maxpedition versa pack great tool now up next is the Cotulla micro spikes they actually are the ultimate winter traction system with you’re plucking a volume or if you’re just walk-to on slippery circumstances if you’re walking in the bush and you know you’re stepping on slippery enters these are just a great thing to have in your equipment personally I use them all the time when I go out unless the field expects snowshoes Cotulla micro spikes the whole way for high winds awfully durable probably the most durable duet of friction wear of this sort number 5 is certainly a ability movie foldable solar charger also known as a thin movie amorphous solar panel very good in low-grade glowing status particularly durable very lightweight but you pay for it they are very expensive but by far the best solar panel out there number four that’s the tool roll system and mostly this was just a system I organized I merely use your standard implement reel I’ll pole a link to it in the description highly cheap probably less than $20 come quick-witted access to all your tools it wheels up coordinates everything nice and nifty see how the compartmentalization minus the hassle of opening a assortment of little pockets numeral three of course is the mighty mono Walker phat mate we do have a Kickstarter campaign going for this item right now I am such representatives for Mono Walker here in North America and we’re trying to get to a mono Walker some more recognition it’s a small company and so go and support that expedition if you want to get one of these it’s the ultimate highway to bring large amounts of gear lots of gear half the heavines over any field it’s very comfortable extremely ergonomic I talk about it all in a video that I’m going to post a link to on this video so far and away one of my most favorite slice of equipment figure three the simulation Walker fat mate number two of course is the proper lightweight tactical pen now there very well may be a better pet out there but because I’ve only shabby this gasp daily for the last three years and I got a good deal on it several years ago where I required about four members of them I have to say that it’s my most used part because I wear it every day the thing I like about it “the worlds largest” is that I can wear it in the role and I think they’re very inconspicuous I work in an office where there’s not a lot of tactical badasses around who are going to be able to identify that their tactical pants but the great thing about them is I can go right from the agency into the bush and the rugged they went reinforced knees a lot of pockets and a Teflon coating for liquid repellency so the suitable lightweight tactical gasp is by far one of my most used items now number one of course is the katana boy 650 I belief I was the first one to review the 650 edition of this I speculate Survival Russia did a review of the katana boy 500 about a year or so ago and he still has his going strong he utilizes it on a regular basis this thing is just a ogre I represent it can solve pretty much any kind of way that you would want to cut any size log that you would need to cut for whatever purpose this thing is going to do it yes you’re going to pay for it is it something you need probably not but in a long-term situation this is something I is certainly require and this is probably one of my most prized preps and I think it’s worth every cent of the two hundred and some quirky dollars that you would pay for it so katana son 650 millimeter is one of my favourites probably my favorite portion of survival paraphernalium that’s going with me come hell or high water I told prepared quarry 101 if I ever did a 5-pound challenge it would probably just be me in the katana son 650 yeah I’m joking but no seriously enormous portion of package that I affection alright guys so that’s my top 10 paraphernalium inventory a gear that I’ve researched and that I’ve done critiques on for this channel if you would like to get more information on the items that I’ve re-examine here you can check out the links in the description below and if you would like to purchase any of these parts I will announce affiliate links to my Amazon store that you can support the channel through if you like likewise don’t forget to like observe subscribe if you’re not one hitherto and by all means share the video if you saw it that good and it would really would be interesting to see some more videos like this of people talking about their top 10 sections gear that they own and that they use on a regular basis and that they would vouch for so thanks for watching Canadian proper out check out the Canadian Preppers Network blog and excellent resource for survivalists and Preppers

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