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hey guys how’s it going welcome back to the scalp prepper channel so today a cool little theory that I’m sure a lot of you have thought of but you have to put one together and that’s a small miniature remote cache so all this is is just a little box of furnishes that you can keep in a convenient region to help you out if you need it or a good way to hide a few things in case you’re afraid of burglary at your residence or something like that maybe you have a couple handguns you want to put up you can do the same with bags with vast Pelican cases and stuff on rifles but basically this is just a standard MTM 50 cal ammo cane this is a plastic one not a GI metal one and it’s got a few things in there that will help you out if you need to get to them so where would you have this well could be in the trunk of your automobile but it’s a bit heavy not particularly portable so I don’t think that’s the right place for it I truly think this would be something that you would hide maybe in your storage construct at a friend’s live at your mothers room or remote location that you go to maybe a vacation home your deer rental your chase land something like that or even accompanying it in a container and stockpile it in your gym locker maybe that’s something in between your place of business and your dwelling and that’s what you use on the way that might be the additional paraphernalium that goes you through or again perhaps you’ve got some things in there that are gonna you’re trying to protect from burglary or theft so let me go through a little bit about what’s in here really to give you some ideas of course this is an ammo can you fill it with what you feel is necessary if you don’t agree with shoots don’t gave a handgun in there if you want to made a lot of values in there positioned a lot of priceless in there if you need more survival substance threw more survival substance so what I don’t have in now I don’t have any menu liquid clothe nothing like that I also don’t have any cash in now and I and I’m talking about money paper money and I will put some folding money in now but I don’t have it for the video but I think you know 40 50 60 bucks would be pretty good in small bills precisely in case you need it this isn’t a bug out boy this isn’t a get home teenager again this is just some extra gear that you might need to supplement what you are we have in a disaster situation a natural disaster situation something like that or again to protect from theft so this is a way to distribute some of your material so that it’s not all in one basket not all eggs in one basket so what I put in there is an American adventure medical pack Sol shelter kit these are about twenty dollars we have them in our eBay store but it’s great because time a little tarp that’s OD lettuce so it’s pretty tamed from AMK the whole kit is only about seven place nine eight target nine ounces and that’s for 20 dollars this is a great bets tarp and rope package to give you some sanctuary if you need it now remember when you get to your money whatever you’re using it for you don’t have to do everything out of it you don’t have to use everything in it it’s just there in case you need it so if it’s a situation where you need a grease-gun in your ammo then you go for that but if you might need to take this with you and amplification a little shelter if you have no gear whatsoever with you too throw in to get it out of the nature a rapid existence kit and this is real simple so this is your fire a infinite cloak some spray purification tabs some signaling with a whistle and America things like that this is a survival kit so it is just that survival signaling fervor ocean things like that so I’ll put in a small survival kit again you may have all this you may not need any of this in the urban environment you may need all this so you use what you need then in the protections the rest of the thing for the most part I’ve got it I is available in mine a Smith& Wesson M& P 40 Cal with mag of course it’s all loaded I have two added mags as you’ll learn also laded this impounds 15 by the way an excellent handgun and I’ve remembered various entities already on the channel so I have a gun a handgun because it fits in the box remember these chests have an oring seals so they should be waterproof but I wouldn’t submerge them in a lagoon and count on it so there I have some security via a grease-gun two additional fully loaded mags four boxes of whatever four containers of 50 and a box of 100 on 40 cal ammo so I have one two three four that’s 200 300 rounds of ammo “couldve been” undue but it’s in there and again this is also putting your stuff in more than one arrange it’s not necessarily something you’d have to go grab all this trash and use but this strews now some of your ammo is put in a different place with the safety of a handgun it might be a little safer in the case of a Burberry I have a Leatherman in there this is the one that I always carry in my pocket so I got a second one I desire this liquor s2 it’ s small and pact but now I have a tool I have a carry bayonet and he did read carry pierce and of course I evidenced you this 511 before perhap I denounced tech I carry it on duty as an officer I love these knives and I have a flashlight now this one isn’t rechargeable which could be quite preferable but it is a good one the streamlight protac HL 500 restrictions I did its consideration of the item on the protec sequence already it’s a little large-hearted but if 500 lumens this is a great searchlight work on your vehicle like whathaveyou so that’s it a short video but exactly an idea people if you’re starting to compile some firearms and gear some ammo you’re starting to store up and things and you’re worried about person breaking into your house and taking it off it may behoove you to get an ammo can place some ammo a little bit of gear or three or four handguns or whathaveyou articulated a lean some of that ammo or gear or silver or whatever you’re accumulating and issued and circulated gave it in some friends residence that you trust don’t even tell them what’s in it really kind of introduced this in there and positioned a padlock on it you know these receptacles are lockable not that they could cut it if they didn’t want you know if they wanted to but you are in a position to introduced a lock on there time to feel a little bit better about it check on it formerly a few months or if it’s a family surely you can trust them hopefully you can trust them and you could leave your stuff in that way not all your eggs are in one basket ok guys so time new ideas kept what you want in yours as always guys I recognize the perspectives and dues to be maintained coming Scout prepper which you know is part of the Scout tactical Network which is scout tactical for the grease-guns and gear scout prepper on some of the emergency preparedness and a sure preparedness and then scout hunter which does the hunt escapades in the hunt handguns all three directs check them out and agree check us out on Facebook under those honour Scout hunter scout tactical scout prepper checks out a scout tactical comm which also has the link to the eBay store which is something we sell some of this clear and as ever thanks for watching

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