Everstryke Survival Match Review Pt. 1 – DAD Prepper

hello everyone this is dead prepper here as you can see i’m maintain an ever strike pair because you never know when you’re going to need a backup a backup root of burn during a survival statu you precisely never know when your cigarette lighter get moisture or something happening or you lose your cigarette lighter you can have this as a backup you can attach it to the inside of your bug out bag I just got this in the mail recently it’s called a never strike competitor survival life.com is where I get this from and let’s test it out and be seen to what extent it drives alright switching plights now designated this thing down and let’s open it a shot I set some now when you dictated if you decide to get one of these and you have to made something in it to get the fire to actually light so what I did was I made some denatured alcohol inside of this and let’s see how see how it varies some little Cotton’s the pluses of cotton in there i just noticed that soak up the combustible liquid and so I’m just going to strike this and see what happens there it is slick when attracted out it’s kind of windy out here try that again be careful not to pour your fluid injure fighting this thing it’s like the wind is not allowed to light up so I’m gonna get a little closer try to block the wind get another dip utter it another dip in there try it again then it’s lit can’t tell it that once well there it is there it is it’s illuminate and went out oh I guess it doesn’t work too well in the windy situation but there you have it ever strike good backup doesn’t work too well if it’s very breezy outside I think it would be a good backup plan for survival situation called it every strike accord as that little trigger greater thing on the two sides I know what I don’t know what you actually call that but once against dad prepper it’s my ever strike join inspect it runs good when it’s not breezy so if it’s very breezy outside you might be better off getting a flashlight certain kinds of a flashlight a butane kindle from a dwelling depot or something that’s another backup you are eligible to never have too many backups so cigarette lighter every strike competitor and at Oracle you should be dangled on when it comes to survival of the fittest and as you can see I’m in an urban area when the ignites go out will you survive dad prepper indicating

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