Bushcraft, Survival and Prepping. #1, The Mighty oak

– good evening survivalists and just another cook parties and as you can see it’s changing condition today it’s not quite freezing without the 10 measures say but anyway I want to do it a series on I know we’ve had a walk about this area to see how can I subsist now and link embeds and a lot of them and the answer is yes it could be quite easy to survive now but I judged rather than just rapidly go through a lot of items and be of no squander truly there’s one thing for the purpose of determining there’s another thing and what and what to note to know what to do with them so they sounded to do take one item at a time over the next series of videos and I’ll articulate it on a separate series and so you can go watch the whole series in one is supposed to go through YouTube open you’re going to come up with it but then we’re going to start with the mighty oak there’s a fine specimen behind me quite small in comparison they originate to 40 rhythms this is unites itself between a and ash and an older with a few hawthorne thrown in the middle so it’s prevent down a bit but it’s producing so regardless first off is how do we specifying the oaken it’s not hard to identify so anyway let me get a leak quite easy to identify young bloods coming out on this one and a few cases big icons on the other one or on the tree in general but regardless it’s mostly identifiable or sofa they identifiable by the shea belief take a good look at that that is easy that’s an easy one there’s a lot in an oak and oak “ve got a lot” to offer to the world never bind two survivalists so we’ve gotta start somewhere first I’m going to look at one useful easy piece on a new shoes one of the first uses and most common use for me is in dental cleanlines and you’re thinking this going on about first of all take a young shoes that’s so long divest the bark the bark is full of tannin and unusually rancorous the expertise is used widely for tanning leather and I supposed to use it now so it’s it’s a ton of maps and extract and tannin is very bitter let’s take a small shoot like such and will strip the bark right off I intend the main reason I piece the bark of any tree is because there’s a lot of bacteria so he’s out on the determine a lot of bacteria in the back but we don’t want this is a bit of a few weeks specimen but it’s only an example of what I do first of all offer the bark off you can hold off and then I sharpen one discontinue to it screwdriver like so that’s what I do you can do what you want you’ll end up fixing do a quality why is he doing that your ass the reason I’m doing that is just fit the teeth better because that’s what going to use it for I’m going to use it to clean our teeth it does two things right it cleans our team gets the plaque off them the committee is also applies a slight antiseptic let me get the word right into the gums bulk of the long e dowel over there and I’ve got kestrels all sorts out this moment ever on this evening but say beneficial along with the hawthorne and the whole thorn is so sharp-witted and so tough that if you do got to get out and wedges in the to be gentle because of you put it in your gum you’ll know about it between that and that you can get good dental hygiene is you is behind your teeth and get the start working on the plaque if you do on a daily basis which I do off the bondage or the whole thing um you can keep your mouth clean it’s as simple as that you will find it you will find the tannin coming out and I’ve even known that you also my mouth if you’re overdue with volumes sir I’m gonna indict soul that’s the tenant but that’s the first item we’re going to more the advantages of the tree remaining on dental cleanlines we take the divests of rind we took off and more hmm and what we do is we drive them out put them into place time to run dry and we grind them up and mixed with and i’ll place my recipe on the screen for you they were notation so you can see the recipe so pause and rewind it and write it there and will mix with cinnamon and numerous things this ground up and threw it in a container cool gunpowder soaking humid it as you as you graze it on with your own and it makes an excellent toothpaste um that’s dental cleanlines sort of their perfectly because you often we often miss personal cleanlines how we’re gonna glow and we “ve been looking for” our own personal figures you know so that’s that’s one item we can beat you but they can be useful the most common edible one of the purposes of the oak is the eighth on itself which is just out the model now so we’ll get a crop in the autumn of acorns beach you know we’ve got quite a bit round here seem Sam to eat the Acorn itself and I haven’t got long it’s a very small on the diverge back there with me now there’s none overseer on this sprig I’m not gonna climb back up the tree but we all know I’m a vehicle looks like how do we dine him when we know squirrels eat them and a little tip about an acre when you pick facilitated funds and float them in water now wrong articulate them in water and the ones that have any weevils in or a number of problems will swim goood acorns will go to the bottom of the water they’ll sink and that’s the ones you’re looking too disfigured everything I was just isn’t worth the time gather your akon fasten him in a pail until all the ones that overflow traffic top but acorns for human consumption have to be stewed probably twice or if not more to remove the tan and then you can dry them out and you can turn them into a cornflower you can eat them as they are you know but you do have to boil at an innate the tannin will give you a heart v/ o rind and contains caustic stringent are the body’s natural tighteners if you like and that’s why we placed a lot of teeth it’ll tighten the gums and pass us conglomerate grease-guns you know well maybe our reaped oak and bark really evidence you what we’ve got here and I’ve driving something I took some fresh substance inspect this is the dry stuff and glean your barking airstrips of forks young branches no more than three centimeters dead of the working day the ones you miss and I’ll be going taking the main and truck back you are familiar with and there’s too much tamanna that there’s too much all sorts oh that’s the stuff you demand small limbs sharp-witted spear and pieces make pieces of husk basically my gummy worm cook some into a tincture and we’re gonna grind some to become our toothpaste and the tooth powder is as we grinded up we’re going to use it and you can use it as it is what I’m just going to do do a recipe that spices it up a bit and so we can take we’re going to ground this up in a minute we’re going to take three segments oak pulverize one division cinnamon one portion baking powder and one segment fennel seeds we can mix it all together in our coffee grinder or by hand in the mad now I am enthusiastic that this is a Survival program as much as it’s bullcrap so in a bushcraft status you can mix all that but in the wild you’re not going to get cinnamon and in a little jar from the supermarkets and then this come to become caught while the cinnamon technically are likely to be out i’m going to do this baking powder I haven’t worked on to get a bacon pounder either i’m going to use bacon peril although it says bicarbonate soda that’s just a clean and negotiator or at ada clean-living an worker and fennel seeds we are also able get in this country so you can look up these recipes and i will leave i will write these recipes hope you’ll determine them have to introduced the excerpt so you can pause it and write them down and play with a play with your own flavors you do one bicarbonate if you can get it so that’s a good thing sticking your ball game bank but anyway let’s say let’s fracture on the grind of the am or powder anyway coffee grinder as i say you use two stones pestle and mortar you’re not going to have one of these or superpower in some other situation or you might be very lucky you might just get stuck down in a plane the might have a coffee grinder and some accessible superpower in but we’re going to take the sum of the old-time back for is gonna feed this in in bottoms and a hoping this is dry fairly “ive tried” though for a few days now just let it baked now in a pleasant environment a warm environment a dark-brown paper bag whatever you did but I’ve left it in there carry a baggage open on me rush for and really to prove a moment so anyway any earns how we get it on that was very clever wasn’t it’s taking a bit of time to be honest with you guys odors savory it’s going to take a bit of time to grind but I think you know where we’re going on this time make sure it’s dry Matt support well that’s what I’m doing that I’m actually simmer the sea or and what I’m going to do with that and this doesn’t have to be dehydrated so we’re going to do is drop the bark chippings in retain things to do with the food you can find save some of that I’m going to let that continue to boil I exactly want to boil it you know excuse to stop softball Lee we are I’m grinding up as I now simmer and steam the oak husk and the other pan you know and this bouquets to me regardless like it herb is ink it’s beautiful fragrance soldier you grind it up it’s worth make that time reek it I adoration that I enjoy that and there I haven’t really thought about it I haven’t tried but I might try that as a herb but regardless let’s be maintained and that get what we’re doing done on this oak and hopefully we can find good helps for the nutrients we find know how it works to cuckoo so exactly add in bit by bit now I’m grinding down to which I’ll sit off to take the paragraph because we’ll be a lot of fiber material left in this to be like a bird’s not only 15 times is enough the dance as you can see how can you see that the water’s turned and instead brown snout has taken off what we want so basically 15 instants another another few minutes which off that dormitory genuinely when we run into that but regardless let’s kill it a bigger first grind and I’m exciting to be in the kitchen working all nice this is that fragrances beautiful it’s worth a shot time submerge recognize we’ve got and into a paris region what i’m going to do is tip is to its if that might be a bit more difficult than one you might have to find something to sit with but it is quite it’s quite a lot of powder in there and what’s become like a straw what’s it still going to stick this back in the floor receiving it some more power out of it least not what not in a while people let’s put it in sorry this process is a bit long be even longer if “youre gonna have to” do between two stones which is more likely bear in mind this can come off the steam now because what I don’t really want to do is reduce it okay I could keep on grinding this for what we’ve got left is a husk a bird’s burrow or whatever that was currently dried few libel come on think about this perfect tinder so don’t discard anything you know we’ve got a perfect tinder coming off that keep it in the bag keep it dry job done fire igniting what we’ve got off that part of rind is a considerable amount of oak which we’re going to grind down refers and i’ll show you how to do that okay now we’ve got a rough gunpowder and it is quite rough it’s not a penalize powder what recollect the recipe three specific areas of this substance to one persona 1 duty 1 part of whatever you got to put in it and you can make it run on simply make sure you don’t do something poison so let me just try and get three pounds 12 that’s what I’m expending as a measure half a spoonful three I’ve got a bit left wasn’t cinnamon I am going to use I have no fennel seeds so by the same measure or thereabouts– I put one of them in more than that but it’s not an precise science it isn’t Delia Smith and by the way you probably wondered why I’m use grubby washes and a grill be Civ it’s because it’s the stuff I use and the spouse wouldn’t have it in the kitchen and part in the kitchen it is on the change and what I’m applying is broiling go which has got this has get bicarbonate in it and i would use by carbon to sort of a handsome but again this isn’t an accurate science it’s about cleansing your teeth this guy’s is the toothpaste in she goes I would supplement fennel seeds I could spice it up to whatever I wanted to be honest with you but actually i’m just going to use this on and that is probably three of them while I snot one night this is your smooth speechy so really I’ve abused all my ingredients up and only calculated come on anybody can calculate 31 more more MORE okay okay but as I say so exact sizing want to repeat yourself let’s kept that apart ok now we’re going to give it some serious ground if you haven’t a nice blender you know you don’t have to use a emulate make it you know yourselves enough telling about blended the bear in mind a lot of these parts we’re not going to get I’ll reproduction myself in saying that simply the oak rind would be suffice because it will put one over a syringe in India teeth and acts as an under natural healer will strengthen your gums and it will help clean teeth the poke itself as we did in the two in the toothbrush will do the act but anyway let’s give me that’s suffice League round you can say we’ve got it down to a gunpowder to turn that off I’m just going to safety device for losing tip-off me finger I’m going to pluck that into a beaker for now I convey this is just common sense that I beautiful common sense it’s a lifetime building sciences appreciation gone on the dialogue turn that wants a common sense a babe has as much use them as an old man but regardless we’re gonna follow that internet I restrain things in little receptacles to contain there’s a pasty scrounge you could find them in the wildernes you know you don’t have to go into that but I’m going to stick it in that by the way this smells I mean I do have to clean it I want there’s me toothpaste toothpaste I don’t let me finger and made it in but take some how I’m gonna enter stick with me to show you how we actually do it because I’ve just use them all but basically what we do this and we take it on the carpetings thick wet it and brilliant and we demonstrate our teeth to clean that’s it that’s all “its all for” the toothpaste excellent good healthy natural toothpaste for the mad of oak tree an excuse to slumber down the mouse and that’s 12 good things would get from oak tree but now we’ll get the tension and there are more than this but I thoughts because there’s so many ranges of bushes we can use for other things you know aspirins and willows and aspirins and so wonts we’re going to do well not try castigated too much at a wonderfully there we are directions absolutely nothing to make a bloody big-hearted bad chaps go around the woods and find tons of bloody trash and make it opened up dry like you could baked and shut container stick at your bug out bag or a wheel of plastic container whatever and you have got to keep it motorists fungi will be increased on you know its most fun well or whatever it is you meet bacteria really any damn surface and a wharton the right climate and fungus will grow up then the kitty poisonous they’ll be careful keep it dry keep it high genic keep it coming in the ziplock baggage whatever take it with you your bug out bag is a big bag then it still is not grinding between two stones whatever dry snout let’s go back to the principal’s row the bark of a three-centimeter no more than three centimeter appendage row it in pieces to dry out dry in the Sun or wherever dark-brown luggage didn’t get them whatever you can dry it in grind it up on a brick stone rock if you’re looking off to have power and grandeur in a grinder and the suited ingredients for you merely a flavor of it does reek beautiful with the sinner but they’ll smell them to clean the teeth of it Oh stick it on like we mentioned in the first part hello where we go anyway let’s move on to the I think is the right message but let’s move on to what else we can get out of there and on tracing anyway reached me I with a tin Chi I’ve steered it with a wooden spoon it doesn’t really matter what you stir it with a etched esperen spoonful out of a piece of oak absolute debris I think you’ve penalty me 50 penny somewhere in sort of sharper by a lot of them and but regardless enough of that here’s the tinted ready to go boiled up as it’s a 15 minutes is enough again you can always leave this to dry in a cliff and use them for tender but I’m going to do is pull that I was usually pull the right now we’ll summary on this and then I’d move I’m gonna make a mess now I’m going to pour that out I do have to clean off guys my bride is the boss you determine we got a long brown liquid will recap on this this is what we’re going to use a very healthy liquid as i said in oak bark it up generally there are stringent astringent are the natural people tightness so what could we use this for we use it for a lot easier for sore throats gardless and a opening antiseptic ulcers and material like that we can use it in the mouth and we use on the device because this little baby is also good for stockpiles and anal fissures and diarrhea right but as a mortal watching idol I’m going to do this when we gaze the same so only bear with me as a mullet and gargle do your mouth Gaga like your goggle anything else I’ve spit it out now it is full of talent you have dry this about it but that’s fine you can take it also in little dosages got a couple of spoons regularly for diary to try and calm it down if it doesn’t work apparently it is necessary to some more stuff which you’ll find another design sponsor it is good for aiding diarrhea and as I say when it comes to needing things thus strengthening like batches you’d have to sit in it really you know anal faults of batches you can have to do it tink ya I suppose you could dab it on you know and I have that pile so I can’t do an experiment for you but so you can dab it on and it should start to tighten up the stockpile and put you back in I guess now present no it’ll try so I like we’ve had three products straight-from-the-shoulder cost that’s all I’m going to do on the age-old for that because of other than the Acorn of sand in the Acorn at which I haven’t really gotten it but we do know and i will do a separate video on that about established and what we can do with the akon how to get meat out of it but again because of the tannin time stroking the akon the tannin involved we do a cook three perhap four times to get the town note and I did visualize and remy is grind it up first and leaving the river all light which apparently was an Indian thing to do and that took apart the tannins material like that so they’re always vanquishing a couple not gonna do it in this video also we’ve got the three ceiling we got three makes this needs to be kept in a or in the shade or in a dark receptacle you are familiar with a light-green bottle or whenever I think you get the point the summary is we’ve done on this video we’ve done the toothbrush which is excellent this is Deborah hygiene done we’ve got mouthwash for doing albums and I lips and also facilitate him a diarrhea and we have got a toothpaste very useful better than making examination charcoal-gray out the ardor it making a messy yourself and it perceives cruel paw sickening this perceives great really is a good job so I do hope we’ve done proud of the oak tree on this video and all I can say is this is pete at existence of bushcraft say navigate on and please don’t forget to subscribe really a PS i know my sieve is rustic and i’m going to get a lot of trials a lot of observations about east across this train that goes with me and it is only rusty so i have a I don’t have a problem with that the Ross doesn’t mean your problem rust is I and I and we need a speedy GFC recipe was to show claws into an apple so they created a roast quickly and then eat the apple other iron noses not keeping them clean evaporated and fresh is more important than retaining me gazing beautiful in the kitchen environment regardles I better become clean this comes before B yeah our bride is coming back and gives me an statement you


Who is the bushcraft survival expert?

È meglio conosciuto dalle serie televisive Bushcraft di Ray Mears, World of Survival di Ray Mears, Extreme Survival, Survival with Ray Mears, Wild Britain with Ray Mears e Ray Mears Goes Walkabout.

What are the basics of bushcraft?

Bushcraft, used synonymously with “natural skills”, focuses on using the resources available in the natural environment for survival. These skills include building a fire, foraging, tracking, setting traps, hunting deer, and building shelters with basic brush equipment.

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