Beginner Prepper Fitness Challenge #1

hey what’s going on it’s riley with pvt direct and something y’all noticed I search a little bit different I made my hat off exactly because yesterday there was a comment on the live schmooze wondering why we ever wear hats well for me I’m bald-pated and I examine better with a hat on so I normally wear a hat and it appears cool because I’ve seen you know all the pictures of the Navy SEALs they ever wear a hat so why not but what I really want to talk about is physical fitness extending hand in hand with subsisting all right a lot of you guys spend thousands and thousands of dollars on gear and equipment& Ammo of firearms and I didn’t think that you’re gonna be okay what happens when you have to abandon ship and move with 120 pounds of gear bundle on your back wearing those boots those bumpy boots you devote 300 bucks on and a knot of them you are well aware 511 paraphernalium gasps just because it sounds cool doesn’t mean that it’s going to keep you alive so I challenge you to start out small that black black hawk Black Hawk pack that you paid freaking three hundred dollars for put one day’s worth of existence paraphernalium in there all right water or irrigate penalize liquid refining generator your pierce your fire starter your menu ammo and your main weapon your pistol in your trendy and just go for a saunter if you can’t run with it go for a walk exactly walk about a mile and come back to your house and see how it feels if you can’t get it on then you’re I should open your eyes that you’re not going to make it in a real world survival situation so I want a lot of us you know we’re looking for time to spend spend with our kinfolk if you have a little trail that “youre walking” together they ever get the whole family together and instruct your family as well have your wife place a battalion on and have her accompany with me or your significant other or in your adolescents and all that because it for me I can carry a lot of gear and my bride came as well but for a lot of people who don’t you know train as hard as me and my spouse develop they can’t do that so that’s just something for you guys to start thinking about you don’t want to find out when rounds are coming down you’re out of shape and you can’t move so now is the time to prepare for stuff like that and once you get to where you can do a mile step two miles saunter three miles run a mile feed two miles if you can’t do that merely do start doing breath hunkers in your backyard shed that multitude on your back and just do some doodly-squats in your backyard and you’ll start to get yourself in shape to where you can actually survive in a realworld situation alright thanks for watching click subscribe like and until the next time

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