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now this whole myth of female protagonist ISM that permeates American culture it establishes girls contacting these physical stunts of preeminence that are just not realistically achievable by most girls 99% of females in the same way nonetheless most heroes depicted in Hollywood the male ones that’s also not achievable by males the whole Hollywood male hero archetype propagates superstitions about how one human kills all the bad chaps and gets the girl in the end regrettably actuality precisely doesn’t work that method nonetheless as I’ve said before the female mythos is a lot more prevalent in recent years and the real tragedy in all of this is it has the supplemented negative effect of devaluing the female character as a nurturer and care provider this is absolutely crucial to a pole fold situation where you need parties to raise the children where you need more transmitting the genus is everything about what it means to be human at that point we take it for awarded right now that we have 7 billion people on earth we take it for granted that we have such a diverse gene pool at our dumping but if 95% of “thats been” ever to get wiped out imagine how valuable human life would be then when we’re on the brink of extinction now injure crook made a comment in one of her interview responses and it got a lot of critical feedback in the comments section and it was a comment that maidens are more logical than guys I don’t think she was challenging the convention that maidens tend to be more psychological than souls but numerous people made just the way it is I is believed that she was trying to say was that in terms of prepping for various scenarios lovers are typically prepping for the allout grit down after the collapse type full blow Mad Max situation whereas females are preparing the lunches for the kids to go to school with next week you know that’s what I envision she made with respect to more practical more logical now when it comes to emotion that is not the case there’s another thing about dames that I want to comment on it and I think it’s that women in my perspective can be more ruthless than workers they can be more nasty it can be more emotionally driven when they want to I don’t think anybody even females as well can say that humankinds are more feeling than brides I think it’s pretty evident that brides when they are upset or when they feel propagandized and naturally so there is a requirement to bestial they have to be decisive and that’s a thing with women if you get a woman unnerved enough she’ll is everything irrespective of the consequences in my experience like the consequences in that moment don’t make a difference it’s pure scornful emotion now this at once is a great strength of theirs but one other thing girls have to keep in mind is that it’s Queen verse Queen out there it’s dogeatdog gals can be as ruthless as souls in fact I ponder maidens can be even more ruthless because when you’re talking about one woman’s child versus another woman’s child you know that really is the silent matriarchy at work right there it’s that mother telling the Warchief that you better protect my children no matter what the cost and that war chief listens and he goes and kills off all the other war primes children and women if you look at the tenacity of other females and other genus this is very evident that when it comes down to the wire they don’t demonstrate a[ BBBBBBBBBB] they are able to crusade tooth and nail whereas men and this is another thing that you should think about with respect to the the carryovers of this modern technological epoch where mortals ought to have requirement to be extra sensitive towards ladies they wouldn’t have been that course in the past and I think that this is gonna make a lot of people overestimate maiden once again and not play decisively it’s like a person who’s been conditioned to fight with boxing conventions his whole life unexpectedly he’s bust into a street campaign and he’s still reacting as if those rules are in place whereas the person with the street fight once has a knife oh and he’s stabbing him with it that’s the same thing that’s gonna happen with a lot of men who are playing under the rules of the modern rule of law with women the fact is the darwinian statutes are already in place and a lot of those women are gonna take advantage of that because women simply went more activity in that respect girls are better psychological mental social chess participates than boys they have the capacity be very infamous if they want to be and they have to be that has to be one of their fortes I don’t definitely blame them for that because that’s their forte “were having” our physical brute force strength and the government has that persuasivenes that’s what builds us complementary to one another whereas ladies ought to have necessity with this Hollywood mythos that they can beat the crap out of any guy who tries to get in their highway and of course people have been stated to be hypersensitive well when those two things congregate immediately post explosion plainly in a lot of cases the woman is gonna come out the conqueror there now after a few months a pair years into a collapse a lot of those artistic thoughts are gonna go extinct and things are going to bet go back to the way they were but for the first little while you’re gonna be understood that servicemen overestimating women and women under estimating lovers as it was said throughout the interviews wives have a capacity to create their home communities together they have the capacity to make sure everybody gets along they have a bit more of a diplomatic capacity dames are generally soughtafter for suggestion more than followers that’s evidenced in the field of mental health psychology parties tend to want to see female mentors female psychology feel more comfortable talking with women most not all this is because women are typically perceived as little warning and more affable you know another great thing I considered that wives are good at is their ability to organize and inventory stuff I is a well-known fact that women have a great memory when it comes to multitasking and time our ability to organize stuff my spouse is excellent at that she I can expect her where I positioned something she knows straight off they it’s like they naturally know how things should be sorted out like even with me organizing my tools I expected my partner to help me organize appropriate tools and she she does it like instant and it almost as if it’s like she’s like a computer or something she just knows where every little single thing should go and what goes with what and you know I don’t know if it’s some sort of structure pairing if it’s a sensory knowledge thing or something like that but brides have that ability to organize whereas with followers I think we may have tunnel vision a bit more we may be able to see the battleground but nobody micromanages like a woman I do think that their home communities that’s comprised of a good balance of men and women is gonna thrive a lot more than a sausage defendant community a lot of beings would just assume that okay the more somebodies you have the more warriors you have but they forget a lot about how society is stratified structured and how vital a persona wives play to the whole thing communities that have women are going to be far more powerful than those that have mainly males within them experience there’s this flawed envisaging in the mind of the tactical badass that if a form isn’t at the end of a machinegun then it’s perceived to be deadweight obsolete or weak nonetheless females don’t merely play a role in the propagation of the species they’re not just breeders there are a lot more than that I’m gonna tell you why I considered that if you had a hundred people and 50 were women and 50 were husbands versus a society in which 100 were servicemen I’m going to give you some reasons why I remember the society with Half Men and half maidens would dominate number one is that somebodies are more willing to fight and motivated to fight if they have something to fight for two is that maidens are social unifiers they help keep people together they help mitigate conflict if you have a hundred guys warring with one another it was going to be a hundred Chiefs and very few Indians in that situation as the proverbial saying leads figure three is they’re gonna improve the livelihoods you’re simply gonna have something to go home to at night unless you happen to be one of these tacticool Alexander the Great type badasses who swing the other way then I guess it really doesn’t matter if you have with any women in your camp to fulfill those needs crowd four is help organize and manage a community so women are gonna be good at simply performing a lot of the stuff behind the scenes that goes into you know the politicizing of the running of the schools the the bureaucratic aspects the education aspects they’re gonna afford people with incentive as well to go and do trash you know if souls goes back to that motivating thing if people have women and children to support they’re gonna be more motivated to fight and perhaps they’re gonna work harder they’re gonna help mitigate disputes and require conflict resolution undoubtedly they’re gonna help with a lot of domestic responsibilities if you have somebody who’s accommodating a support system to that one male while you pretty much can do the work of two if you know he has a lot of the other things in his life taken care of number eight is that females could play-act a lot of specialized protection pursuits they’re not just not competent at all of exercising a firearm I entail many are perfectly capable of being on the front line of duel if fully trained I know a lot of women in fact I shouldn’t say a lot but there’s a few that I know that I without hesitation I would take to be on my postapocalyptic team over men simply because the fact that the government has their manager screwed on straight they’re not the token girlygirl type maidens you know there’s a lot of women out there who aren’t to be messed with for sure they’re gonna expand the capabilities that are available within your workforce you know so the women excel at certain things that souls don’t so to have that computed backbone in your community is going to raise it to a higher level and of course you’re gonna need somebody to provide medical care to you when you surely get wounded in clash finally I’d like to say that their home communities without the input of women is probably just gonna destroy itself at some object down the road there has to be a balance of everything that’s the yin and yang if it’s all yen then you’re gonna get all you in if it’s all yang you’re gonna get all yang the strongest arrangement is one of balance of both of the sexes now let’s talk about women’s weaknesses because this is an absolutely crucial thing despite the fact that brides are daughters fathers partners countless will become repressed by guys it’s just a reality the facts of the case is is that a lot of women’s encouraging abilities have atrophied in the modern daytime ladies work nowadays gals countless don’t even breastfeed countless don’t even give natural births anymore countless don’t have to look after their children you know day care does that most don’t homeschool so a lot of those encouraging abilities they’ve had have been replaced and their bodies have now precisely become sexually objectified wives have become D domesticated more public in their scope so with this of course mortals have come to see maids as sexual objects far more than we did in the past far far more before makeup and all of the the clothes that females wear nowadays you know with the yoga heaves and all the stuff that they they do to themselves to stir themselves glance better than they are dare I say has given lots of men and a fictitiou understanding of what femininity actually is because when you get rid of all that stuff in the berth fold environment ladies are gonna look a lot different than they supposed to do now and in some ways that might be a saving grace because they’re gonna be less sexually attractive when it comes down to it that’s what’s gonna happen part of the reason why we live in such a sexcrazed hedonistic society is because people settled so much time and courtesy into their bodies and how they look in their image when that’s not policy options anymore I think that naturally sexuality is not about to become a large-scale of a transaction anymore so we might also want to comment on how appeal will be perceived in a berth crumble Western world where women have come to depend on thousands of dollars of makeup and garb to beautify themselves and mask their true animal nature so as men most of us have adapted to this new standard of artificial beautification women and for a lot of us it’s going to be a surprise when the hair flourishes back in places that hasn’t been supposed for ages when women no longer mask their genuine stink with chemicals and where they once were cleaned in whitewash they now become indigent and the sexcrazed metrosexual of the modern epoch will all picture diminish in its capacity the fact is wives have been sexually objectified in modern society so when Western society collapses I don’t think brides are gonna be as much of a hyper sexual trigger as some humen recognize them to be I think they’re gonna be less prone to violation than many me envisage simply because they can’t uphold this standard of beauty that we’ve all adapted to I signify most deviant males who imagine about being postapocalyptic warlords surrounded by a harem of girls seem to repress a simple reality and that actuality is that the postapocalypse would be assessed pool of sexually transmitted disease unwanted maternities and dastardly good cleanlines I think that when the time comes for upright apocalyptic womanizing if you’re not thoroughly preoccupied was simply surviving in the first place the idea itself of busting and not in the apocalypse is probably going to be lower on the priority list and a lot of parties believe now I make one other thing that should be observed with women is that in a lot of ways I think they’re more dependent on the grid and then a lot of men are now men and women are both consumers to the same degree we down different things I see ladies destroy more cosmetic things and men consume more stuff more functional stuff it would seem for the most part I’m generalizing now but I judge generally speaking humankinds expend things that do material whereas girls deplete a lot of stuff that simply beautifies themselves and I also think that maidens are more dependent on the rule of law than adults as many defences have been put in place to secure equality for women so if and when the grid goes down these safeties will no longer be guaranteed and in a lot of cases they’re gonna be relying on the men in their lives to provide those armours that were once provided by the system however due to the end Rajini I shouldn’t say on drogyny I should say the emasculation of a lot of the men in their lives they’re not going to be able to fulfill that lineup and many would fall victim to the many immoralities of without rule of law now some females might try to sell themselves in order to get certain things sure-fire furnishes and unfortunately with that there’s gonna be a lot of childbirth there’s gonna be a lot of mortality with that and unless a woman is able to abort the child there’s gonna be a lot of serious complications as a result of pregnancy that might be actually one of the things that really does women in is if they do have to sell their bodies or if they do get crimes if they do get pregnant and there’s no medical care to help them these women who’ve now been totally hardwired to the grid and dependent on the nurses and the incubators and the csections and all that abruptly forced to be women once again that could create a lot of troubles perfectly part of the reason why you’re gonna determine so many people perish if we ever went back to the law of the jungle is because so many people who are in place wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for civilization protecting children I don’t know if I’m one of the people who would survive I might be I might not when I firstly started prepping in survival I concededly thought that I would definitely be one of the ones to survive the more I’m more I know and the more I think about shtf and berth breakdown places the less and less I considered that I would have a chance of existence which may in turn actually utter me more prepared and increase my survivability but who knows two women in a berth downfall situation or the gender character is gonna go back to ordinary perfectly they’re absolutely that it’s gonna be a regression towards the mean and that aim is gonna be based on physical characteristics what you can do things are just gonna naturally assort themselves think about it right now any human or any woman can go and get a meal all it makes is fund in a[ BBBBBBBBBB] touches the supporter situation it’s not gonna be like that the person who moves and gets the meal is gonna be physically capable of doing so yes dames can fish people can fish but in times gone by in many ways it was the men who hunted because they were more physically capable of hunting than women servicemen were the ones who had to go and work the tract because they were more physically capable of doing so while the women performed responsibilities that’s just how it was this is not to demean either of those things and I think it’s unfortunate that we have the planned the domestic realm of things it’s a very crucial important and part of all of our live because without it nothing of us exists and I’m not putting mortals in a superior position of women here I’m just being realistic chaps and girls that’s just the lane it’s gonna be the real irony of a lot of this is I actually think that gals more than adults are gonna be the ones who are calling for this I signify females aren’t gonna go on to go and fight you know and hunting and do all the grunt work and the ponderous lifting there I couldn’t want to do that you know it’s gonna have to be the men who go and do that because that’s what we’re naturally made to do guys aren’t gonna be able to sit around rearing the children worrying about you know perimeter security and whether or not they’re gonna be invaded by a strip of marauders hell no most men the ones who survive regardless are gonna be out there and concerning themselves with protecting their women right away it’s going to occur to them what’s going on and they’re going to rise into that cognitive state of shield and no more really these metrosexual men who are more concerned with how they appear than how to defend themselves so those are my thinks on wives following the collapse don’t underestimate them and ladies don’t underestimate chaps because the reality is if and when the[ BBBBBBBBBB] touches the supporter all of those Hollywood myths that we’ve been provisioned with are gonna go by the wayside and it’s going back to the way it was for thousands years thanks for watching Canadian rapper Oh don’t forget to get your entry in for the Apollo tactical craft organisation I will affix a link now and in the description thanks for watching Canadian prepper Oh you

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