5 most underrated Survival Skills for Survivalists & Preppers Part 1 of 2

hi guys this is fernando doing another video for tomorrow survivalist this is a reply video for Lord humungus who tagged me for making a video seeing 5 most underrated survival sciences for Preppers and survivalists I thought it was interesting so I’m and doing it for for him and the rest of you guys and I hope you get some some good minds from it I think it’s a good idea to cover some of this material because it brings a sense of a realistic approach to many of the things that sometimes time aren’t top of my index reasonable security and self-defense well you may be thinking what are you talking about this is an video about underrated magnitudes for survival and ninety percentage of the stuff I you insure regarding survival as grease-guns ammo and shooting us up well the key word here is realistic the 1i have underlined in red because that’s something that is lacking many times on these on the way parties approach this question sometimes you view videos and posts and and writings of stuff that you simply do not do artilleries you only do not carry with you so that’s what I imply by this it’s want a realistic approach it shapes very little sense to talk about the top best rifle how good you are with your rifle but when someone asks you about well what you are you carrying with you all day what is your daily carry serenity and no I’m really not a good fire with a handgun so I don’t carry one and yeah I have this minuscule little thing with the five train to a long rifle shoots but I imply if I need a gun i’m going to be using my rifle well you may not have the option to do that you may not have the rifle with you that i imply ninety-nine percent of the time you will not have your rifle with you because you don’t carry with you all day and if you don’t carry it with you all day it’s not going to be there with you when you need it so being reasonable in terms of weaponry means being very good with your pistol carrying your handgun having one that is appropriate for defending yourself in the worst possible scenario when all you have with you is a handgun that’s one of the key things that i am only i am only mention then self-defense this includes as Lord humungus mentioned under his video he talked about integrating hand-to-hand fighting beings that haven’t even gone into a into a fight never pushed and non cooperating in partner or adversary I think it’s very interesting I considered that a cowardly dog from puppy burger said once I think it’s actually be drawn up in his website he said that it’s not unusually marketable to have people punch in the face parties signing up for self-defense course or some training and such they truly don’t appreciate when they can hit that’s because most people i entail it’s don’t you have to get your Eagle out of all this because it genuinely achieves good-for-nothing at all the thing it’s not that people are scared well maybe some are maybe some aren’t used to being physically hurt in some way it’s just that from a marketing point of view it’s not a good idea to have people doing things that are taking them out of their convenience zone now when it comes to realistic self-defense beings have to be taken out of their consolation zone people “ve got to be” overpowering and overcame and feel that they have to tap out that they have been put in a locate that they don’t feel entitled of course it’s much nicer when you go to a class and you feel okay I’m I’m the monarch of the world countries I can’t do anything and I’m an unbeatable sometimes you insure those working in those a the Krav Maga promotion videos you examine the girls sucking in yeah I feel I can take out anyone because I feel empowered right now well that’s not very realistic so you have to include a bit of hand-to-hand fighting you have to include a being smart as well maybe you crusaded person that is better than you that’s always a possibility but maybe you have other means as well if “youre carrying” your bayonet with you someone is better than confronting then you are you can easily settled a lot of her to him you can easily kill him while he thinks that he’s actually defeating you before he even realizes it’s bleeding to death that’s because you had the mindset to prepare for a situation that even not ideal for you was entirely possible so you have your basic pas mitt engaging sciences you carry your nephew carry your shoot you are aware of your adjacents all that comes to to the package of realistic defence reasonable self-defense recover to realistic certificate sometimes you attend people talking about how they’re going to be defending the recede they don’t even known or hanging out with with a group they don’t even have how they’re gonna be organizing a team they don’t have they barely talk to your neighbour and then talk about the team they’re going to be using and having for purposes of the conflict place make reasonable ponder right now if your house right now has a door that could easily be knocked down your security is awful if you leave your back door open thinking that a criminal isn’t smart enough to circumnavigate around your front doorway and go to your back door and open it you’re not being very realistic about your security your security is your home right now your security is your mindset right now the mode you recognize your environment and realise the possible threats now this isn’t as much of an issue right now because gravely guys right now in USA you don’t have a serious security problem in in my country where I live right now in Argentina if you don’t have burkle tables you’re going to be broken into because you’re going to be the only guy in that vlog that doesn’t have the freaking horizontal bars so this the standard the the general standard of security is high enough that obliges it a problem for those that aren’t aware of such such issues again is this is probably not a problem right now and USA most of the good neighborhoods as people tell me several times yeah this happens in the ghettos it happens amongst the illegals the drug dealers whatever it is and minorities that engage each other or whatever but you still have the good neighborhoods okay the places were you’re still safe and you’re still allowed to do numerous stupid things and many mistakes and not pay for them when things get much worse than that you don’t get away with them okay “re running out of time” probably is gonna have to do two parts because just impossible to make it any shorter saving coin again I establish videos of gear re-examine all the time if you buy everything that I refresh you end up being broke they probably think because there’s so much material that I go through that I indicate now that doesn’t mean that you should be spending all your fund on every single thing that you experience on internet you hear what what the hell are you like you recollected you you take you look at many of their videos on YouTube there’s thousands of them and you make an informed decision making that informed decision will save you fund okay because you don’t have to constitute the error other beings other parties are determining them in some way for you they’re depict you out there you realize all that you make an informed decision and you don’t prostrate your money away saving fund I imply exactly being very careful of it one of the things I did when I was actually in a tight spot I was just married yeah i got married in in 2001 while everything was no it was actually 2002 april two thousand two and we had just had the economic crisis of december 2001 you can imagine what type of wedding that was the kind of offering I was it was coming I represent yeah it was funny and merely those storages parties don’t still understand better how much fund hat can be saved what we did back then was it had we had a little notebook and then we actually started using with the exle sheath we took note of every single cent we devoted during each day and that was our budget you know having an informed informed decisions based on what we were spending on daily words I convey it genuinely draws a harbour ability it fetches a something much in a much better perspective of your expenditures when you write down every single thing you invest each day you realize that if you’re already on on a tenth day of the month and you’ve already gone through one-third of your of your budget you’re not going to be you won’t be having much left on epoch 30 liberty so there’s so many things parties throw coin away at having cell phone they don’t even need having cars that they’re just stack up like rubbish in the backyard just because they they got them for what they thought was cheap at the moment there’s so many things that peculiarly it undoubtedly like the American one that they had you had it good for so long that it it took apart the perspective of what you actually need to get by you don’t need that much and many of the stuff people end up buying is just because they got affected because the marketing skills of some is smarter person got to them and feigned its final decision so you have to be very cold very objective of your expensive so as to reduce and save money as much as possible precisely throwing coin at their own problems you receive neither and again in survival parish you see it all the time parties buying buying buying stuff and all of a sudden one of the people says okay I’m burst I’m about to lose my house and that guy has lots of stuff that he starts selling he starts selling the crap he bought before that he didn’t actually need okay that goes to show that at some top during his planning he started doing wrong musicians he started buying things he actually didn’t need he objective up spend more fund than he had and he now about to lose his house these are things that happen they happen all the time and as things get worse or keep going to keep happening to beings that were supposedly survival is and unusually ready for utterly everything you were prepared for it is Ombey the Russians attacking and all that stuff but they weren’t prepared to losing your job or having their income reduced because of inflation below privation touchstones okay you must you may still have your job but as the acquiring cost of the money you fix starts abridging and I’ve seen all that it’s not moderately it’s not quite having parties beg you for for a undertaking and having a friend of yours beg you for a enterprise and you’re not being able to give it to him you’re not being able to spare any numerous money to help him out and those those things happen and it will eventually happen I entail exactly based on what’s already occurring in USA right now I’m gonna tell I’m telling you if you don’t if it didn’t happen to you already those situations where you have desperate parties that once we’re doing very well asking you for help and you being not able to help them because either you’re in a tough distinguish yourself or you’re not doing that huge those are all the things that end up changing parties and you know what these are just individual examples of a much greater situation that’s going to be in regarding a social group that what used to be a middle class becoming poor when you don’t have the money to keep the social the lifestyle you used to have you merely fell from the pyramid the pyramid you know where you have the ridgetop the middle class working guys and the poor well you start dropping from task being a middle class American to being up for American and I necessitate it’s even worse to be a third world country poor guy it has much worse but it’s not nice to be in the in the poor section either even if you’re still in in a first macrocosm country so saving coin is an aspect that you have to worry you have to work on your budget there’s lots of good message i think it’s the chris captains unders numerous websites that talk about how you can control your budget and save money right away really with the income you have right now third would be making money and this is again a favourite topic to to bash in in the survival meetings and discussion boards making money as as if the rich guy is really stupid and he’s he’s not you know he’s not a existence it’s he’s a rich he’s a rich fool which is kind of a doesn’t shape him this is seem to go together much well because often if you have the knowledge of a know-how of how to make money I mean that’s a very admirable skill in my opinion and it’s going to be a much needed survival skill when the economy deters going down or even explosion if it ever gets to that don’t underst then don’t ever underestimate the chap that is able to make money you may be a good person who may be a bad person that doesn’t change a thing but it is I get skill to have and you can probably learn from that chap something so when when you have what I was talking about before when you have the buying domesticated valu that the purchasing capability of the money you’re making going down you really have little other option that inducing more fund if it had 2,000 horses a few months you became over the 1,000 horses a month you performed time isn’t enough you just have to represent more of them you can do this you can reduce your you can save money you can reduce your expenditures you can tighten up your budget up to some point when that degree is progressed “youve been” have to start manufacturing more money so still some moment 3 i’ll keep talking a bit about this on the second part of the video but i’m running out of time and this is so far as far as we got with part one of these videos i’ll told you on part 2

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