Shaving My Beard for 1 Millions Subscribers! | I Did Not Expect This Surprise Youtuber


This came as a huge surprise to me. My wife, Courtney helped organize a a big video montage together for me with the help of Zach Fowler and all my Youtuber friends who have helped make my channel what it is! My Gear (Shop and Support):

Zero to 1 Million Party! | I Did Not Expect This Surprise Youtuber
Zero to 1 Million Party! (new era, new me) | I shaved it all off – ‘The Beardless Woodsman’?!!?

Fowler’s Makery and Mischief (Zach Fowler):
TA Outdoors:
Bob Hansler:
Riverbend Longbows (Ray):
Joe Robinet:
Vision Quest Ourtdoors (Jay Valente):
One Wildcrafter (Jeremy):
Tyler Wood Bushcraft:
Oven’s Rocky Mountain Bushcraft (Greg Oven’s)
Wazoo Survival Gear:
Ace Videos:
Matt LaClear:
Modern Self Reliance (Kevin):
Scott Powers:


Website (For Email Alerts):
Tik Tok:
Merch (t-shirts):
Become part of MY TRIBE:


– Mystery Tackle Box: [Use Code "BEARDSMAN" for your discount!]
– CatchCo:
– Lyndon Trout Pond:
– The Dug Out Dude:
– Pelican Kayaks:
– Aqua Vu:
– Fish Spear:


– Woodobo Spice:

– Trail Cameras (Browning):
– Flashlights (O-light): [use code "woodbeard" for 10% off]
Olight USA:
Olight Canada:

– Slingshots, slingbows (Simpleshot):
– Camo (ASAT): [use code "WoodBeard" to get 10% off]


– Inergy Apex Solar Power (Discount Code: BEARDSMAN):
– Norwood Portable Sawmill:
– Eastonmade Wood Splitter:
– Briggs and Stratton:
– Vic West (Roof):
– inergy (Solar):
– Flooring:

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