Best Scope for Combat & Competition: 1-8x Platinum Scope ACSS Griffin


This is my new favorite scope. I already did a review of the Primary Arms Platinum Series, with the Raptor Reticle, and loved it. This is the same great scope, but with the Griffin reticle instead of the Raptor. The Griffin has all the great features of the Raptor, yet still has a "Mil Grid" for all us snipers that want to use our ballistic calculators to generate exact hold-overs. I tried to get it to fail. I mean I REALLY TRIED to get it to fail. This puppy ran great. Primary Arms has a great optic here.

Team, if you are interested in getting this scope, you can use this Link:
If you use the above link, Primary Arms will throw in a free scope mount.

I also want to give a shout out to Adams Arms for providing the 12.5" 308 "Pistol" for me to test this scope on. While I have dozens of other rifles to test optics on, I always seem to come back to using my trusty Adam’s Arms Piston 308.

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