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Now before anyone asks, I will not show on video killing traps or snares. It is my believe for that skill set you would need to be in one of my survival classes, were I can supervise you period.
Always remember it is your duty, & responsibility to check your snares or traps at least once a day if not twice a day. You may need the food, but no animal that gets caught in one of your snares or traps needs to suffer any more than is necessary. Nature is here on this earth assist us in sustaining life, we are not to abuse its life because you’re not responsible or respectful enough of its life!
To be successful with traps or snares you must know first where the game lives and its habits in the area. Snares or Traps are no use to you if there isn’t game to get caught in them! Most of everything you need to know about my techniques for snares and traps you’ll find in the video. I will remind you of some safety issues especially spring-loaded type of snares or traps. Never, never put your body between the trigger and the snare or trap. If it should slip the actual trigger will fly back in your face and cut you or even take out your eye. While I was showing Doc on of my spring-up type snares I put my self between the trigger and the tree I was using to load-up activate the spring-up portion of the snare, and it slipped and cut my me just about my left eye. It just barely missed my eye. He had to make a butterfly bandage to close up the wound. If you don’t pay attention even for a moment you can get seriously hurt. Using the tree for my spring-up mechanism is my favorite way to make a snare, but because you have tension on the trigger system, which is set to go off with very little movement of your snare, the wind can accidentally trigger your snare. Remember an animal has its own idea of where and when it will go somewhere. To increase the likelihood of an animal getting caught in one of your snares or traps you must bate it, and canalize it to entice the animal to go into your snare or trap. There many different styles and techniques for making snares and traps. In the video are the one’s I use, because they work the best for me. Never limit your self in learning any skill set, try other techniques to expand your basket of knowledge!

Strength & Honor, Randall Rawhide Wurst

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