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The process of sharpening cutting tools is an Art. There are many sharpening tools out on the market, and even primitive stones one can practice with. The Art is knowing what type of edge is best for the cutting tool you plan on using. Professionals use belt sharpeners, but they can ruin an edge your cutting tool edge vert quickly if your not careful. Ceramic stones can be over used. Ceramic and leather straps are only used to break off the fine metal edge you get when sharpening your cutting tool edge. I prefer the diamond surface sharpening tools. Axes, hatchets, Maddox’s, shovel type tools, I use a fine file to sharpen these types of edge tools. I always carry a Speedy Sharp sharpening tool in all my gear. It can sharped an Axe, shovel, scissors, to a fine edge on a knife. The point of having a sharp edge is to allow the cutting tool do most of the work for you. A dull cutting edge can wear you out, burning vital energy you need in a survival situation. Preserving your energy is a huge factor in any survival situation Is a goal a sharp cutting tool edge will give you!
One of the critical things you most master when putting a proper edge on a cutting tool, is what type of grit you need one your sharpening tool, based on the edge you need on that cutting tool. How much pressure you should use, and the tool you have and the job you need it for will dictate that. No one cutting tool can do everything, it take multiple tools to match it to the task requirements at that time. There is no ultimate cutting edge tool, that is a lie!
Like anything you’re trying to master, the main key repetition, practice, practice, and practice even more! Test out different types of sharpening tools that are on the market to see what works best for you!

Stay Sharp
Randall Rawhide Wurst

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