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We are big on "Shoot / Move / Communicate" and we have a lot of viewers that prefer the AK over the AR. That’s fine. Also, there are a lot of people "new" to the gun world that are interested in the AK-47/74. Again, that’s fine; I encourage everyone to be well rounded. So, I didn’t want to neglect our "AK Loving" viewers, and decided that we will add more AK content in the future. As such, I wanted to share a common misconception… that all AKs are old wooden guns with iron sights. That is not the case. As a matter of fact, there are many modern versions of the AK family of rifles. Some of the better ones are even made right here in America.
So, in this video, we brought out Bobby from Tactical Edge; makers of the sexiest AK that I have seen. This puppy survives the torture-test, has all the bells & whistles, and is very accurate. Enjoy the Video. TR.

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