DIY Paracord Deployment Lanyard


This DIY Paracord Deployment Lanyard keeps your paracord ready to go when you need it. Starting with a 25-foot length of cordage, form a bight around your palm. Fuse the end of the cordage to the other side to create a loosely held bight.

Now begin wrapping the cordage around your slightly opened fingers, leaving the fused loop higher than your wrap. Continue wrapping until you have about six feet of cordage left. With the remaining six feet, begin to wrap around the bunch of cordage, taking care to lock in the first wrap. Continue to wrap around the body of the cordage, tightening as you go.

On your last wrap, place the working end under the wrap to lock the cordage in place and then fuse the end of the cordage to the exterior. Your lanyard is now ready to attach and deploy!

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