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We have a lot of Subscribers that are AK-47/74 fans. We have a lot of Subscribers that are hard core M-16/AR-15 fans. Everyone knows their rifle is the best. It’s like listening to Pro Football fans debating "Best Team" while tailgating.
So, Let’s put these two iconic rifles to the test, head to head. I put my best AK guy up against my best M-4 guy. We had a little fun filming this. I hope you have fun watching the test. No cheating. No stacking the deck. No, resetting the camera for a "second take." What you see is what really happened.
Of course, I was cheering for my personal favorite. The AK is great, but the "American Classic" AR family of rifles is still the fastest and most accurate battle rifle on the planet.

Let the games begins. TR

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