30 Second DIY Paperclip Lock Picks


Using nothing more than two paperclips and a multi-tool, you can have a functioning set of lock picks in 30 seconds.

To begin, unfold your first paperclip and leave the natural U-shape at the top. Carefully use pliers to compress this shape so it’s thin, but still parallel. Next, place about 1/4 inch of the flattened end into your pliers and bend to about 90 degrees.

Now with your tension wrench created, it’s time to make your pick. Simply bend out one side of the paperclip and use your pliers to create the pick of your choice. Depending on your plier skills, you can make anything from a single hook to a more complicated rake. We’ve elected to go with just a simple hook.

With that done, you’re ready to get picking! When using these picks, it’s important to remember that the softer metal of paperclips means leverage is your enemy. You may need to play around with your hand position to find the right spot. Patience is key and once you find a good spot, you’ll have your lock open in no time.

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