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This week I’m doing a review of the Primary Arms 1-8x Raptor M2.
I am spoiled, with my SOF Sniper background, because I have had access to some of the best combat scopes out there (thanks tax payers), and have ran sniper rifles day & night, urban & rural, during combat and training ops all over this planet.
So, asking me to test out your new “Combat Scope” is setting the bar REALLY HIGH.
How did it do? I should make you watch the video, but there are just so many details that I am excited about with this scope. Seriously, excited. I LOVE this puppy.
Everyone knows I love my EOTech and will always run one on my CQB rifle. However, IF I could only have one rifle, as I have said many times, it would have to have a good variable magnification scope with a good combat reticle in it. That’s what we have right here.
The Platinum Series Scope: It is a 1x-8x First Focal Plane scope with locking turrets. The low end 1x magnification is VERY close to a true 1x, unlike many others that are only 1.1 or 1.2x. First Focal Plane is a “must” for me, because I use the reticle for range estimation, bullet drop, and wind corrections. Locking turrets means I don’t have to worry about bumping the scope on the side of the helicopter or truck (been there; done lost the Zero). THis is NOT Chinese made. Rather, this is great Japanese HD Glass with great craftsmanship throughout. Is it pricey? Yep… but you are getting what you pay for. I can’t stress how much I like this scope!!!

The Raptor M2 Reticle: I was originally shown the reticle via emails and they tried to convince me over the phone. “Of course it is awesome… I’ll be the Judge. Send me one.” Well, I ran this thing hard (but fair), kinda wanting it to fail, so I could say I was right. Nope, this puppy ran GREAT!!!

Bright “EOTech” Circle: On low power, this reticle has an outer “Circle of Death” just like my favored EOTech, which allows rapid acquisition of the target at CQB distances.

Range Estimation: It has stadia lines for Milling both the Height of a human target and the Width of the shoulders of same Human target. I say “Human” because it is. This scope is made for combat. It will NOT help you for deer or 3-Gun season (though it didn’t hurt me with either subject). We tested the range estimation in depth and it did surprisingly very well.

Bullet Drop Compensation: It has a BDC for ranges out to 800 meters. We used it to hit paper out to 800 meters (with 77gr Black Hills). Again, not made for shooting white steel plates in a 3-gun match, but for torso-sized paper targets, we did insanely well.

Wind Dots: It has two rows of Windage Dots. First is for a 5MPH full value wind, and the second row is for a 10MPH full value wind. If it is a 7mph full value, aim between. If it is a 10mph half-value wind, cut to correction in half and use the 5mph dot. It’s literally that easy.

Mover Dots: The Raptor reticle also has Dots for engaging “Moving targets” at a walk & run. THese were the only feature we didn’t test. I couldn’t get any volunteers to walk back and forth holding paper targets in front of them. I will however, continue to test this; the next time I get out at a good sniper range with a moving pit.

Conclusion: The Raptor reticle is awesome for combat shooting. Pairing it with this great Platinum Series Primary Arms scope, and you have a real winner here. So, if you are looking for a new scope or know someone that needs new glass… I want you to take a hard look at this scope. We can’t put links here on YouTube, because of their rules. However, if you go to our FaceBook page, we will have a link for you there. We reached out to Primary Arms and got a special TR link for you. Use our link and they’ll throw in a high-quality Scope Mount (same one I am still using).

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