Is Bypassing a Lock Faster Than Picking?


Picking a lock with a smaller keyway can be difficult and a bit frustrating. However, on some locks it may be easier to just bypass the keyway completely using something like a Quick Stick.

Quick Sticks are rigid tools with a pointed end that allow you to quickly bypass the pins and manually lift the locking dog on some padlocks. Once unlocked, the Quick Sticks can remain in position and be used to unlock over and over again.

Similarly, EZ Decoders are the perfect tool for bypassing multi-wheeled combination locks. These tools have the same profile as the Quick Sticks, but are much thinner, allowing them to slip in between the housing and combination wheel of the lock. A slight push on the shackle now allows you to lift the locking dog inside.

It’s important to note that while EZ Decoders aren’t specifically one-time use, their thin profile is easily bent in the internals of a lock. While they’re quick to bend back into shape, excessive use can cause them to break, occasionally inside the lock. It’s important not to practice on an actively used lock.

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