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This is Part-4 in our “Become a Better Hunter” series.

This video, I wanted to focus on Equipment, as everyone is just wanting to know what new “Ninja” optic or new “Gucciflage” they should buy to guarantee them a shot at that trophy buck.
So, I take you through most of the types of equipment that I haven’t already covered in other videos. There is GREAT equipment out there, and it DOES make your life easier. However, there is no magic setup that will do all the work for you. Just like in the military, you can’t always rely on technology to accomplish the mission; sometimes you have to put boots on the ground and use tactics.
There is nothing “ground breaking” in this video for many of you. Like talking about a pistol draw; most of you already know the basics. However, you might find that I mention a few pieces of kit that you hadn’t thought of. For others, this may all be new for them, and I hope that I don’t come across as saying that you NEED to buy EVERYTHING just to survive on the modern hunting field. Humans have been hunting mammals successfully for thousands of years. It’s just a lot more fun doing it with thermals.
Hopefully, I wont let down too many of our repeat “tactical” viewers.
That said, I am reaching out to possibly new viewers and possibly current subscribers that like to hunt.

This is Part-4 in a 4 part series.
Part-1: Master your Rifle
Part-2: Camouflage
Part-3: Movement
Part-4: Equipment

So, if you missed Part-1, Part-2, or Part-2, be sure to go back and check them out.

If you are not a hunter, and are only here for the cool military and gun stuff; take notice that I didn’t put a single picture of a 4-legged animal anywhere in these videos. Squirrel all this information away, and I pray you never have to use it against 2-legged adversaries.

Strength & Honor, TR
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