Why You Should Download the Data Google Has On You, Yes You.


Google is well known for data collection, but some users may be surprised to find out the sheer amount of information being collected about your account and activity. Follow these simple steps to download and view the data Google has stored for your account.

Begin by visiting takeout.google.com. After signing in, you can select what Google products you’d like to download information from. If you want a full download, ensure that every product is selected.

Next, choose how’d you like the archive delivered to you. After a few hours, or even a few days in some cases, you’ll receive a link to download the archive.

Once downloaded, you can open the JSON files using a web browser. In our download, we discovered Google had a record of everything we’d ever searched, every Google ad we’d clicked on and even latitude and longitude coordinates for places we’d signed in. Other users have reported recorded phone conversations, as well as audio clips of them speaking to smart speakers.

While Google accounts might be a convenient option, always be aware of the information you could be giving away when signed in.

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