How to Eliminate Your Vehicle’s Blind Spot


Did you know that you can almost completely eliminate a vehicle’s blind spot by slightly adjusting the side mirrors? Many people have their side mirrors adjusted to overlap with the rearview, but this limits the potential visibility of the side mirrors.

To properly adjust your mirrors to eliminate blind spots, begin with your vehicle on level ground and from the driver’s seat, lean to your left until your shoulder is touching the door and your head is touching the window. Now look into your left side mirror and adjust it until you have a “normal” mirror picture with just a bit of the back of your vehicle in it.

When you return to your normal seating position, you shouldn’t see any of your vehicle in the left side mirror. Repeat the process on the right, placing your head above the center console area to adjust.

Once you’ve made these adjustments, you’ll notice there’s little to no overlap with your rearview mirror, but now you’ll see much more of what’s happening on the sides of your vehicle. To test your adjustment, watch a vehicle passing you from behind and note whether you “lose” them when transferring from your rearview to your side mirror. If not, you’re properly adjusted and have eliminated your blind spot!

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