Top 30 Overlooked Prepper Items for SHTF


This video is a thought exercise to hopefully spur thought about some commonly overlooked prepping items. If you decide you need to buy some of these items consider using my amazon affiliate links below:
Coup Card Game:
Conflicted Card Game:
Eyeglass Repair kit:
Bulk Napkins:
Bulk paper Plates:
Bulk paper Cups:
Leather Bound Journal:
Pet Nail Clippers:
Bulk Sewing Kit:
Rain Suit:
Re-useable Menstrual Pads:
55 gallon trash bags:
Bulk Gallon Zip Lock bags:
Bulk Aluminum Foil:
Bicycle Tube Repair Kit:
Wooden Clothes Pins:
Bulk Strike Anywhere Matches:
Bulk Bar Soap:
Rechargeable AA Batteries:
USB Battery Recharger:
Foot Air Pump:
Car Tire Plug Kit:
Tire Slime:
Liquid Wrench:
Green Scotch Brite pads:
Bulk Sand bags:
Rid Lice Shampoo:
Batttery powered hair Clippers:
Flat lamp Wicks:
Lantern Mantles:
Manual Can Opener:
P38 Can opener:

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