Stockpiling Batteries for Electronics


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There are all sorts of items that we can store in our homes. We are going to need a number of things to survive a short term disaster and much more to deal with a long term disaster.

There are all sorts of items that we can store in our homes. Follow Me on Pinterest

Power is always important. You might not even understand just how important batteries are. You might not consider all that is powered by them.

Batteries are also for items that are used only during disaster. You don’t want a bunch of flashlights or games that are stored just for disaster turn out to be dead. Worst of all, if you don’t have extra batteries to change out and use in those items.  Dont be the person with a bin of flashlights that dont work.

For the most part, batteries are going to power conveniences items. However, that can go a long way. There are some things that you need to consider when you are storing lots of batteries.

Storing Batteries Effectively

First and foremost, be sure the batteries are stored out of the items you need them to power. If you make it a habit of storing electronics with batteries in them, you will undoubtedly lose both the batteries and the electronics.

The better way to handle this is to use a rubber band and attach the amount of batteries you need to power that device. One great example are shortwave radios. Rather than keep the AAA’s or the 9volts inside just tape them or rubber band them to the outside.

Be sure that you store your batteries in a cool dry place and not loose in a bigger bin. This can actually be a fire hazard.

The storage of backup power solutions is huge in mitigating disasters. We have to be able to answer the call when the lights go out. Storing gasoline is just as important as having batteries and vice versa.

There are all sorts of items that we can store in our homes. Follow Me on Pinterest

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