Post Your Pooch and Win a K-9 First Aid Kit Prize Pack!


Today is K-9 Veterans Day and to honor all those that serve on four legs, we’re giving away one of our K-9 First Aid Kits! Not only that, but we’re also including a Red Gizmo Lite Bag and a Universal Vehicle Mounting Platform. Read on below for more information about how you can enter to win this “pawesome” prize pack!

Check Out the K-9 First Aid Kit! →

To enter, shoot a photo of your dog and send it over to by 11:59 p.m. CST on 3/14/19. Alternatively, you can post a photo to social media using the poundtag #K9FirstAidKit and we’ll find those posts to include in the judging. We’ll be using strict criteria to judge, like overall cuteness and how willing the photo subject seems to be for belly rubs.

While there’s no cost for entry, we would encourage you to visit the Warrior Dog Foundation to make a donation. They’re a great organization that works hard to ensure Special Operations K-9’s receive post-service care with dignity and grace.

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