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This week on Tactical Rifleman I show you guys a recent piece of kit I got to play with, The Vortex Crossfire 2 MOA red dot sight. Full disclosure, this is an unpaid review of this sight coming from a guy who came up in the Teams using mainly Aimpoint, EOTech, and ELCAN optics on all of my weapons system which consisted of my M-4 and a SCAR-Heavy. I honestly was just looking for a reliable, accurate, and affordable 2 MOA red dot sight to use on my personal instructor demonstration rifle. I am cross-eye dominant and my vision is not getting any better with age and I was having a hard time picking up my holographic sight so I decided to pick up a red dot. . I am going to tell you, I was not disappointed.

I go through a few silly trials in the video but bottom line up front, the sight sighted in very quickly and accurately and confirmed nuts on at 100 yards. Additionally, the price point of this particular optic made it that I wouldn’t lose my sh@t if the thing got banged up a bit on the range. I originally came across Vortex optics on the site GOVX.COM (not affiliated with TR in any way) where military and LEO can get a login with a .mil or .gov account and get “discounted” prices on all kinds of kit. You can pick up this sight just south of $150.

I hope you guys enjoy the video as many of our loyal followers have been asking about what we like to shoot with and the training team at Tactical Rifleman has lots of range time, connections and opportunities to test out some kit. If there is something you want us to review, please let us know. Until then, thanks a lot for watching and Stay Violent, my friends!! Jason

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