Bogota® Titanium Flats 3-Piece Expansion Toolset


Now available as a supplement to the popular Flats 4-Piece Toolset, the Bogota® Titanium Flats 3-Piece Expansion Toolset offers three unique picks for special situations.

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Made from aircraft-grade Titanium, this flat-profiled toolset features a Sabana Pick, Monserrate Fore Pick and Monserrate Aft Pick. The Sabana is a raking or jiggler pick that’s perfect for small profile locks that may only have three pins.

The Monserrate Picks allow you to rake or jiggle on either the front or rear of a lock, hence the Fore and Aft designations. These Titanium Picks are made in the USA and are extremely corrosion resistant, lightweight and non-metallic. However, they’ll still bend if man-handled.

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