Survival Notes from Canada- September 14, 2018, by Clint Ekert


As my children lie asleep above me, I am writing this for you, my fellow, respectable believer of the Christian faith. I need to draw the line somewhere. I have little to no inclination to assist non-believers in either disaster preparation or in what is righteous.

I speak to the respectable, Christian believers of good faith. What is respectable, you might ask? I would define it as a person who defines themselves as a Christian and who actually is concerned with the health and safety of other Christians.

The Threat To Western, Christian Values

In church last week a fellow parishioner delivered a sermon about the threat to Western, Christian values in Canada. He began:

Western Societies Abandoning Christian Foundations

“Psalm 11

What shall the righteous do? We live in challenging times. Ever since the 1960s, Western societies have been abandoning their Christian foundations.

In this psalm, David expresses similar feelings about his kingdom. Possibly, it was written during the early days of Absalom‘s conspiracy (2 Samuel 15 verses 1 to 6). The foundations of a God-fearing culture were being destroyed. What should good people do? Retreat? Verse 4 is a resounding ‘No’.”

Laws That Have Harmed Christian People

His Sermon went on to include some of the laws that were changed or enacted that directly affects real, Christian people of Canada:

Laws that have harmed Christians include:

1. School prayer was banned in 1988 in Ontario.

2. Abortion without legislation occurring since 1988. Our current Prime Minister made it clear during the most recent federal election campaign. Anyone who is not committed to his “pro-choice view” would never be part of his caucus. This virtually silenced any hope of a “pro life” candidate being able to voice their perspectives within our current Liberal government.

3. Gay marriage institutionalized in 2005 bracket, formerly Bill C 38, which became law.

4. Doctor-assisted suicide was legalized in May 2016 (formerly Bill C 14, which became law).

5. Non-binary, trans-gender expression enshrined in the federal human rights code in June 2017.

6. Injuring people of faith from fostering or adopting children because of their traditional views on human sexuality bracket formerly Bill 89, which is now chapter 14 of the statute June 2017.

7. Loss of religious freedom in the Trinity Western University Law school supreme court last June 2018.

8. An impending Senate standing committee report on the charitable sector is due December 2018.

9.Gideon Bibles distribution to grade 75 stitches stopped Spring 2012. This occurred around the same time in the UK and the USA as well.

I would also go on the recent Bill-103, known as the “Islamaphobia Bill”, written by a current Muslim member of Canadian Parliament, born and raised in a Muslim country.

What Does This Matter?

Why does this matter to me, you might wonder?

Well, first off, I am into my seven year “mortgage” on my pick-up truck, which I might add has become a veritable homage to everything country. Furthermore, I am noticing more and more. Despite making more than I ever have in my professional career, I am able to purchase less and less for my Canadian dollar, known as a “Looney”.

(Incidentally, as to the nickname of the Canadian Dollar, Canada apparently possesses less than 100 ounces of Gold Reserves). “Looney” seems a fitting nickname.

Yet, a person can be called “Looney” for thinking that our paper money was backed by something with real value.

More to it, I have kids. I need to draw the line in my household. Gays, lesbians, transgenders, and any person who is not a respectable Christian is not welcome in my household.

It’s my home, and I feel that I have the right to openly discuss how I feel on matters that pertain to Christianity to my children. However, I have also lately been aware that discussion of any now “Forbidden” subjects may be persecuted under Canada law.

Threats in Public School

There is now an existential threat that if my children say the wrong political narrative in public school that they may be prosecuted, and I may be as well.

A “Yes” Man

I found myself in the recent past playing the game of a kind, social, “yes” man. I make decent money and have a great family. Yet my purchasing power erodes at a steady rate at the grocery store. Also, at home, there is a looming government threat that if I speak my Christian values to my children, I might never see them again. That is the implication and threat of the these Laws and Bills upon the Christian who happens to live in Canada.

Our once great country has sadly been burdened with the nickname “Kanuckstan”. Our Prime Minister’s employment history is mainly as a former snow board instructor and part-time drama school teacher. His major pedigree, it seems, is that he is the son of the prime minister that was largely responsible for dismantling the Canadian military. It sure is a “Looney”country, it seems, right now. However, there is little humor in loss of personal freedom and in the inability to provide food for your children.

Safe On a Farm, In South Africa?

At lot of thought went through my head lately as the kids were driven in our big pick up truck through the rural countryside. (Our shiny 4 x 4 is our “Canadian Survival-Mobile”, decked out with some references to American, wholesome, shotgun manufacturers, I might add.) I tell the children, “You are safe on a farm”. But I have heard news that Christian farmers in an a far away place called South Africa are not safe in their farm and are, in fact, in great danger. I realized that despite our countries’ distance, we are ever near in our relationship as a family.

Friend In South Africa

I have a dear friend who lives in South Africa, who is about as great a man as you can ever meet, in my most humble opinion. He has related me tales of utter sadistic, immoral, and brutal acts of pure evil committed upon the families of Christian farmers. They’re tales so numerous, barbaric, and evil, told in the aftermath. When I think of this, I am awoken, as I was awoken the first time.

Will Affect Every Person of Christian Faith

It doesn’t matter how. Yet it does, should, and will affect every person of true Christian faith, whether they live in the North, South, East, or West corners of the world. It seems secular people may believe otherwise, but the truth be told is: the strength of the world is based upon the cornerstones of Christianity, which has been rapidly eroding in these current time because of an assault on its faith. When the power goes down, a country like Canada will be a harsh and unforgiving place, as will the rest of the world.

An Ongoing Series, Deals With Survival Issues

This is an ongoing series that deals with survival issues to Christian people. A country like Canada has lessons to be learned to anyone dealing with and living in a harsh environmental climate without proper preparation, or who have your family and prosperity taken away for a fervent belief in our Lord Jesus Christ.

I’ll cover survival issues, both in importance to the people who live in Canada and to the rest of the world. Gun laws and recommendations, communications, food storage, hunting, fishing, and camping in cold climates, and living “Off the Grid” will be future topics of weekly discussion. Also, there will be a weekly reminder of the impending catastrophe that faces Christianity, if we do not act now.

Lest Us Not Forget

“Lest us not forget” is a popular Canadian military motto. (And, yes, I did serve.) I will say further: let us not forget the Christian farmers of South Africa as we will meet them on our journey, unless we act for them, both with our prayer, pocketbooks, and whatever means to our disposal, for all of us.

From my fellow church goer, a respectable Christian from his sermon:

“When the laws are not upheld …
When morality is undermined …
And when evil sweeps on unchecked …
When the Bible is undermined and its teachings disregarded …
When even church leaders seem to support the rising tide of secularism …
When family values are crumbling with increasing damage to children, to parents, and to society itself …
When everything around us seems to be giving way …
When the foundations are being destroyed, what can the righteous do?”
“Perhaps this would be the place to start.”

See you next week.

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