Putting Your Life in One Bag


How much of your life could you fit into a bag?

With hurricane season upon us and a storm headed for the East Coast, Bryan discusses why having items ready to go in a bag is so important. He offers a look at three different bags with three different purposes and explains why he keeps certain items around in each.

Colorado Flood Article – https://bit.ly/2xcP1Kc
GORUCK GR2 – https://bit.ly/2NdddqM
CERT – https://bit.ly/2wzM3Bm
Boo Boo Kit – https://bit.ly/2NztaDV
N95 Masks – https://bit.ly/2Og168N
Trauma Shears – https://bit.ly/2Qsqx8D
K-9 First Aid Kit – https://bit.ly/2oqosNI
Gizmo Lite Bag – https://bit.ly/2CSMFGv

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