20 Foods I Keep in MY SECRET PREPPER PANTRY (Food Storage 101)

[ Music] hey guys jennifer now and welcome to the family fudge in today’s video i’m going to be taking you on a expedition of the nutrient storage organization i’ve been working on for my family i’ll be sharing my best good tips-off and jokes when it comes to food storage as well as my surpas 20 items that i always try to keep on hand in case of an emergency now i know the words food storage can feel overwhelming entirely foreign or straight up extreme to some people and that’s totally punishment but for me food storage is an idea that um with in this video i’m just now to share what’s been working for their own families time in case you’re looking for some brainchild but truly when it comes down to it what works for my family might not work for yours and that’s okay with moving to a state that is affected by hurricanes several times a year and with how the collects ought to have recently i knew it was time to take a better inventorying and get everything in order because you guys at the end of the day i love my family and i want to protect them whether it’s an emergency an illness a job loss or even a natural disaster i still want to be able to provide for them and be safeguarded and that’s really what having a food storage system is all about now before i get on to my index of 20 pieces i wanted to share a little bit about my philosophy when it comes to food storage first of all i do not believe in panic buying or shelf clearing for that matter so please don’t think you need to run out to the accumulate right now and expend a fortune keep in mind i’ve literally invested years mustering these items slowly over season and as my fund would allow if you’re just getting started i recommend picking up one or two additional things each time you go to the store and clearly browse auctions as much as possible next when it comes to food storage i 100 think it is the word supermarket what you munched and munch what you store that makes i do not buy or store nutrients that my family doesn’t want to eat now i also believe in having a working pantry and what that signifies is that i’m incessantly rotating use and ousting items in my stockpile that nature good-for-nothing goes to waste and as i’m use and supplanting entries i’m making sure to revolve them so that the older entries are in front and they get consumed first next in my nutrient storage arrangement i’ve broken everything down into three main components first “ive had” my short term supply so that signifies meat that last at least six months to 1 year then i have my medium term supply and those are foods that last for two years or more and then finally i have my long-term food storage and those are meat that can last five years or more i’m talking direction more i have some things that last up to 30 years no joke and then finally i too have set up three different openings in my house where i store the meat the first neighborhood is my house pantry and i’ll go ahead and link that video down below if you want to check it out this is where i keep foods that we use pretty much on a daily basis the next range is what i like to call my prepper pantry now for this space my sugary hubby unquestionably helped me out he improved me some inexpensive but particularly sturdy shelves in this little hallway area between the front room and our garage and unlike my garage which gets super sizzling and humid since this space is climate controlled and i don’t get any macabre crawlies in here this is the perfect extra pantry space for my family and then finally there’s the garage this is where i keep most of our long-term food storage i too have our old-time fridge in now and a small chest freezer for storage as well now i can go ahead and get into the list of 20 items that i like to keep furnished at all seasons now these aren’t in any particular order but i am going to go ahead and start with water because obviously water is imperative now according to fema they suggested that you place at least one gallon per person per period for at least three days so for my width pedigree that’s a great deal of liquid so i’ve decided to store it in three different ways we have smaller bottles of ocean if we have to grab them in a hurry we have a larger gallon size bottles of spray as well and then i recommend that you look into having a water filtration system as well we recently invested in this berkey water filter and it directs really well but they can be kind of pricey so a less expensive alternative could be to go ahead and buy yourself a brita sea filter pitcher this is on the smaller side you can usually find these at target walmart i know that costco has a really good deal on them right now if you get one of these i recommend that you pick up some additional filters as well next up in my meat storage i like to keep drink combinations specially if you’re having to filter your own water it might still taste kind of funky so i obviously recommend some simple alcohol mingles to construct that water experience a little bit better i located this a big age-old thing of a gatorade at costco and this will actually stay good on my shelf for at least one year you could also stock up on some lemonade concoction like these little guys here these actually have a shelf life of two years if they’re unopened and you guys even if you’re not a fan of tang emphatically think about getting some of this as well because it has a lot of vitamin c in it and then finally in my long-term food storage i have a couple of these list 10 cans of liquor mix so this is basically like pulverized kool-aid in here and this sip combination can last up to 10 times also in the drink mix category don’t forget about things like sizzling cocoa i like to keep some of this on hand and of course if you are a fan of tea or coffee you’re likewise going to want to stock up on those next up i have my dinners ready to eat category so these are the types of food that “youve been” require in an emergency because they’re either ready right out of the can or you just have to add water in my short-term storage i like to keep these bags of soup i get these at walmart and they’re typically reasonably inexpensive these come in lots of different spices and one pocket makes about eight helps and they have a shelf life of about one year i too like to keep lots of cans of soup on hand as well now this is one of the items that always sells out if there’s a hurricane pate our highway so i surely like to stock up on these i like the campbells i like the progresso i really like the species that has meat and veggies and these have a really long shelf life extremely of about two years also in this category i have some containers of deluxe mac and cheese and these are really great because they have about a one year shelf life and you don’t have to add any milk or butter the cheese is already ready to go next up on my register i have beans and or rice now i know these ones seem a little self-evident but i’ve actually store them a little bit differently first up let’s talk about the beans now beans are actually a great source of protein and fiber and they last a long long time when it comes to beans i like to stock up on smaller sized cans in all different collections these are great to add into so many different things they have a shelf life of about one to two years so they previous a very long time i also went onward and cool canned some beans of my own recently this was actually a pretty easy process and i’ll is moving forward and association a video down below if you want to learn how to do it yourself and they were able to last for years if unopened and speaking of yours check out these number 10 cans of beans no joke you guys these say that they can last up to 30 years now let’s move on to the rice i have several different kinds of rice now first off in my short term nutrient storage i like to keep some of these nor label rice pouches now this is not something that we generally eat on a regular basis but they do make really good quick emergency food these are perfect to stock up on because they’re too certainly inexpensive i got these ones at sam’s society and they were less than 70 cents per pouch another favorite of mine are these little bags of rice i was able to find these at walmart for just about a dollar a crate they come in lots of different spices and because of the kind of packaging that they’re packaged in they actually have a really long shelf life of up to two years and here’s a tip you guys to keep all these little bags of rice organized and fresh i like to actually kept them in a meat safe five gallon pail i had a nice tighten lid on there to keep everything fresh now just like with the nuts i likewise contributed rice to some mason cups with oxygen absorbers and then i too have some count 10 cans of rice extremely and just like the nuts this rice can last-place up to 30 years next on my roll i have fruits and vegetables now for my returns for my short term supply well have a good stock of frozen fruit now i got these ones at aldi’s so they were actually actually affordable and you guys believe it or not the appointments on these cartons say that they’re good until 2022 of course if you keep them frozen that is another thing i like to keep on hand are dried fruit so things like raisins apricots mangoes we enjoy all of those especially missile lily here and of course if these are unopened they can last anywhere between one to two years as well also in the outcome district i have some smaller cans of fruit and some number ten cans of fruit and these have a shelf life of pretty much the same time about one to two years whether they’re big cans or small-scale cans is pretty much the same i too have lots and lots of smaller cans of veggies but i did just buy the veggies that my teenagers opt so things like carrots and lettuce nuts desegregated veggies corn things like that these can last about one to two years on the shelf and the same thing with “the worlds biggest” number 10 cans and my favorite region to stock up on these types of food items are either aldi or walmart okay chaps next up on my listing is flower bud was one of those things that disappeared off the shelves a couple of months ago first i have a smaller container that i just keep in my pantry now if you’re someone who likes to use a lot of flour think about getting yourself a nutrient position pail like this that way you can get a big old bag of flour from costco and you can keep the entire thing fresh in here and then as far as my long-term flour storage i too have some in numeral 10 cans and these have about a 10 time shelf life-time now after flour i have to talk about other cooking ingredients and i’m going to kind of lump this group together because you really precisely want to store the type of baking ingredients that you like to have i know for a while yeast was really hard to find so i did is moving forward and get several containers on amazon they were a little more expensive than they used to be but this will definitely last me a long time clearly think about adding baking pulverization baking soda and baking desegregates to your arsenal as well these tend to only have about a one year shelf life so i try not to stock up on these too much okay guys next is i think my biggest category which would be pasta and pates because you guys my girls adoration pasta pasta is cheap and it can stay good for a super long time now first up i surely furnished up on the mac and cheese when they were on sale these have a shelf life of about one to two years the same becomes for the ramen noodles these again are super inexpensive and you guys if you take some of this ramen and contributed things like chicken or other veggies it makes a really good dinner another way i accumulate pasta is in these oxo containers these stop things fresh for a super long time i too have several grassland cartons of pasta and then for my super long-term food storage i also have some pasta in numeral 10 cans so these are macaroni pates and then spaghetti burns and spaghetti burns are genuinely merely smaller patches of spaghetti now of course to go with the pasta i likewise have a good supply of sauce of course you could see your own sauce if you just wanted to but these ones from sam’s club are pretty good they have a shelf life of about two years i too have several bottles of alfredo sauce these don’t last-place quite as long just about one year on these guys back here i have some cans of pasta sauce they have a two year shelf life and then if i get to the point where i need to make my own pasta sauce i also got a few figure 10 cans of both tomato sauce and crushed tomatoes so i can do that and speaking of making my own sauce i too recommend that you keep your favorite spices in your menu storage now some spices don’t stand good forever but they certainly do have a reasonably long shelf living and if you buy these receptacles at sam’s team or costco they’re actually pretty inexpensive and you guys don’t forget the salt salt is very important to stock up on you need it in your nutrition and my favorite salt just happens to be this kind that comes from utah next up is the milk category now i know a lot of people like to keep dry milk on hand but frankly i’m not a huge fan of cool milk so instead i started onward and stocked up on these cartons of milk from the dollar tree this is shelf stable milk so it can stay good on the shelf for one year also in the milk category i have some almond milk that can stay good for a year and then i likewise have various cans of evaporated milk and candied compressed milk so that introduces me to the oatmeal category and i have a jolly wide various types of oatmeals in my short term supply i have this big canister full of rolled oats i likewise have lots of oatmeal containers now these don’t stand good as long just about six months to 1 year but these are really great in an emergency because you really only have to add hot water also in the oat milk bureau “ive had” some in mason jars these can last-place several years and then also i have lots of number 10 cans full of oatmeal as well and these can last-place 30 years oh yes and as i’m going through these amount 10 cans of items you’ll notice that some of them have lids on them that doesn’t mean that they’re actually open i just store the eyelids with the can so the lids don’t get lost up next is the meat category now as of right now i don’t actually have a lot of meat in my freezer but i do have lots of canned flesh now i know not everyone’s a fan of canned meat but if it comes down to having canned meat or no flesh i’m gonna go for the canned meat i have things like vienna sausages i have spam lots of spam i likewise have some cans of corned beef hash those are pretty lusciou and then i just have a couple of number 10 cans of freeze dehydrated meats these tend to be quite expensive so i don’t have a lot in my arsenal right now up next is the sweet category so things like carbohydrate or sugar i emphatically like to keep some of both in my accumulation i just have this small container of grey sugar i do have some powdered carbohydrate i would like to go ahead and pick up some brown carbohydrate as well of course sugar can stay good for a long long time peculiarly “if youre having” some in number 10 cans like these and then of course honey also has a really long shelf animation in fact i’ve heard some people say that honey certainly never starts bad like ever i’m not sure if that’s true though now as far as the oil moves i have several different kinds in my arsenal i have olive oil that lasts about a year i have avocado oil that likewise lasts about a year i have coconut oil which has a two time shelf life and then i too have some vegetable oil now when it comes to vinegar i like to keep plenty of white-hot vinegar and apple cider vinegar in my arsenal i actually have various bottles of each of these because i think they are really handy of course apple cider vinegar has lots of health benefits you can also form some yummy salad dressings and the grey vinegar there are so many different things you can do with this you can clean veggies with it make a multi-purpose cleaner and sometimes i even like to add it into my laundry okay chaps we are currently started it to count 19 and this is kind of the potato list one thing that i really like to stock up on are instant potatoes these little cartons here are really inexpensive i find these for less than a dollar a purse at walmart and these are the kinds that you just have to add water so they’re really great in case of an emergency they last about a year on the shelf and they come in lots of different spices extremely also in my stockpile i have some canned potatoes which aren’t my favorite but they do last a long time about two years for these and then i likewise have some amount 10 cans of potato flakes and these too have up to a 30 -year shelf life and that makes me to the peanut butter list now of course if you are allergic to peanuts you can definitely leave this off your roster but peanut butter is an excellent source of protein you can get it somewhat inexpensively at most places and this has a really long shelf life as well for up to a year now you guys i had to a couple of honorable mentions on such lists things like cereal some have a amazingly long shelf life extremely if it doesn’t have any nuts in there or fruit all of these cereals have a one year shelf life next in the honorable mention category is pancake concoction i really like the stock the nature where you just have to add water those are great in emergencies these have about a one to two year shelf animation okay guys i wish to thank you if you’ve made it to the end of this list i feel like i’ve been talking forever but i am looking forward to this gives you some good ideas of where you can start if you are interested in building a meat storage method for their own families now let me know in the comments down below if you have any food storage tips-off because i’m always interested in learning more and i would love to know what you’ve come up with i want to thank you guys so much for watching and i’ll see you in my next video


What foods should I stockpile for prepping?

Preserves and can openers of ready-to-eat meat, fruit and vegetables.
– Protein or fruit bars.
– Dry muesli or muesli.
– Peanut butter.
– Dried fruit.
– Canned juice.
– Non-perishable pasteurized milk.
– Foods with high energy value.

What food do doomsday preppers buy?

Canned and freeze-dried foods are your new favorites. The same goes for whole grains, nuts, dried pasta, corn, and other properly stored dry foods. To further expand your pantry, focus on high-energy options like peanut butter, jelly, granola bars, and trail mixes.

What foods can you store for a long time?

32 non-perishable foods to have in the pantry
-Broth. magnetz2/Getty Images.
– Canned fruits, vegetables and beans. SarapulSar38/Getty Images.
– cornstarch. Photography by Shutterstock/Michelle Lee.
– Dark chocolate.
– Dried beans, lentils and legumes.
– Nuts (raisins, dried cranberries and more)
– Raw pasta.
– Grain.

How do I stock a prepper pantry?

To build a good pantry, start with the basics:
– flour, sugar, salt.
– Pasta, rice, beans.
– edible oils, butter.
– Canned meat, soups, chili, fruits, vegetables.
– Tomato sauce/spaghetti, chicken/beef broth, bouillon cubes.
– Instant potatoes, spicy oatmeal/cereals, soup mixes.
– powdered milk, baking powder/soda, baking powder.

What do most preppers forget?

Legal documents and identity documents. Legal documents and ID cards are important, but they’re also fragile.
– Photos of family members (hard copies) This is important in case one of your family members goes missing.
– Species.
– Extra batteries or a solar charger.
– Toilet paper or towels.
– layers.
– Insect repellent.
– Radio.

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